10 Inspiring Attic Bedroom Ideas

Updated: Apr. 13, 2022

These attic bedroom ideas from Instagram will help you turn your dark and forgotten space into a magical upstairs retreat.

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Attic Bedroom
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Decorating an Attic Bedroom

An attic can be much more than a dusty storage space. The angled ceilings and often quirky shape of the overall space has endless potential to become a gorgeous and unique bedroom retreat. Here are a few things to keep in mind when decorating your attic bedroom. (Then read on to see beautiful examples of these ideas in action!)

Embrace the Pitch

The signature pitch of an attic room is what makes it such a special space. So highlight the angles of the ceiling with a feature wall. Use wood paneling, a bold paint color or wallpaper to draw attention and show off the unique shape of the room.

Preserve Character

Attic rooms often have features that standard bedrooms do not, like angled sky lights, exposed beams or odd pop-outs. Preserve as many of these idiosyncrasies as you can, keeping the character of the room intact. An attic bedroom is often bursting with personality, so let the room speak for itself.

Consider Layout

In most of the following bedrooms, you’ll notice the bed is placed against one of the non-sloped walls. This gives you the most height above your bed and keeps the space from feeling cramped. Use the sloped walls’ awkward recesses for storage, perhaps a low dresser or shelving unit.

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Layers of Cozy Texture

This attic bedroom by Room Service by Caroline is a cozy retreat thanks to the balanced mixture of textures and patterns. Don’t be afraid to embrace existing architectural details in an attic space, like the beautiful exposed brick shown here. The layers of bedding and plush rug soften the overall look to keep it from feeling too industrial.

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Colorful and Vibrant

You can’t help but smile when you see this attic bedroom by @awholenewbuild. The bright blue wall highlights the unique shape of the ceiling; a signature of an attic room. And a well-chosen mix of bright yellows, blues and modern patterns in the bedding elevates the room into a modern eclectic dream space.

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Soft and Sweet

This sweet space is all about the dramatic pitch of the roof. Suzannah of create/enjoy highlighted the feature by using vertical paneling that draws the eye up. Take note how almost everything in the room is various shades of creamy white, making the blue walls and shape of the room really pop.

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Embrace Attic Quirks

The extremely odd shape of this attic bedroom might feel like an awkward obstacle to work around, but instead, Amy of @behindthebluedoorterrace fully embraced and transformed it with deep navy paint. The rest of the room stays pretty neutral, letting the exposed beams and unique shape of the space take center stage.

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Red Brick Retreat

Nothing adds charm like exposed brick, especially in an attic space. We love how @1930s_semi_charmed_life used the brick’s color as inspiration, carrying it over to another accent wall, as well as a luxe velvet bench at the end of the bed. The room shows the gorgeous results of allowing a space to speak to you before choosing furniture and finishes.

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Glam Attic Bedroom

Plushy fabrics, neutral tones and mirrored furniture turn this attic by @mrsnobleshome into a glamorous escape. Plus, the exposed beam and angled window remind us that this is no ordinary bedroom. To achieve a similar look, shop for tufted furniture in sophisticated colors.

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Nature-Inspired Green

The green accent wall (one of the best interior colors of 2021!) in this magical kid’s bedroom by @thereddoor.villa not only highlights the character of the room’s shape but also brings in the view of nature outside. The oversized light fixture further draws attention up, showing off the unique angles of the ceiling.

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Large Attic Bedroom Oasis

No dark or cramped attic here! This vast attic space by @thishouseof10 is not so much a bedroom, as it is a getaway. The dark blue feature wall draws the eye back, highlighting the generous size of the room. The hanging light fixtures and exposed beams contribute to that trademark attic character.

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Attic Bedroom Feature

Add warmth to any room with a wood plank feature wall like this example from @avarose.interiors. Soft wall lighting and fur textures add to that warm and cozy cocoon feeling. To avoid it looking too rustic, a gold metal bed brings in the perfect touch of glam.

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Bold and Beautiful

We are drooling over the perfect shade of deep plum in this attic bedroom by @lucy5ycul. An attic space is the perfect place to go bold with color and pattern — because it’s already an eccentric room by nature. This room pulls no stops with a velvet teal bed, unconventional bedding and a patterned shag rug; and the risky combination paid off!