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10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Little bedrooms don't have to feel that way. Try these small bedroom decorating ideas to give yours a bigger, brighter version of beautiful.

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Bedroom accent wallCourtesy of @sprucephilly

Paint a Dark Accent Wall

Painting an entire room a dark color like black or navy will make it feel cramped. But limit the dark color to one wall and surprisingly, the opposite is true. Visually, a dark accent wall feels farther away, giving the room more depth and making it look bigger. This stunning bedroom by @sprucephilly makes perfect use of this optical illusion, plus a pair of space-expanding bedside mirrors.

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Minimalist bedroomCourtesy of @houseofhilchey

Keep It Simple

Minimal decoration, streamlined furniture and plenty of natural light all help to make this bedroom by @houseofhilchey feel bigger than it is. Choose simple artwork and pull back on accessories to help your small bedroom breathe. Also: That slim above-the-bed shelf for the pothos to spread out on is genius!

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Bedroom with shelvesCourtesy of @classiccasualhome

Don’t Skimp on Shelves

Maximize wall-storage potential with floor-to-ceiling shelves, as in this small guest bedroom by @classiccasualhome. Hooks and baskets break up the repetition while providing more sweet spots for bedroom necessities.

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Storage bedCourtesy of @lovehomemadehome

Put Storage to Bed

A bed with built-in storage all but eliminates the need for a dresser, saving precious space in a small bedroom. We love the one found in this sweet bedroom by @lovehomemadehome. The clever wall-mounted nightstand and sconce lighting further free up the floor.

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Bedroom with large nature artCourtesy of @jessica_kaarina

Wow With Art

One big piece or art, instead of several small pieces, helps a small bedroom feel less cluttered. Further the effect by choosing artwork inspired by nature so it acts as a giant window, like the giant woodsy print in this bedroom by @jessica_kaarina.

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Bedroom with large mirrorCourtesy of @life_at_number52

Get Reflective

A big mirror, like the one in this bedroom by @life_at_number52, visually doubles the space with its reflection. Mirrors also help to bounce light around the room, making it feel big and airy. Choose a floor mirror for the maximum size, or hang it up.

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Bedroom with a painted ceilingCourtesy of @rashida.banks

Paint It All

Painting the ceiling, walls and baseboards the same color creates the illusion that the room is bigger. (A white ceiling stops the eye, calling attention to low walls.) We love the all-over soothing color @rashida.banks chose, plus the bright idea to let the window act as a headboard.

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Bunk bedsCourtesy of @mbdesignconcepts

Bunk Up

Bunk beds are an easy way to open floor space while doubling sleeping accommodations. We love the super-streamlined DIY set in this bedroom by @mbdesignconcepts. Although bunk beds are traditionally used in kids’ spaces, they also work great in a guest room. Consider using multiple sets to create a “bunk room,” to maximize sleeping potential in a small space.

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All white bedroomCourtesy of @jgoodtime

Layer White on White

An all-white interior as in this bedroom from @jgoodtime is not only on trend, it makes a small space feel more spacious. Vary the shades, from bright white to creamy ivory, to lend dimension. A slim nightstand and minimalist decor qualify as smart small-space choices as well.

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Circle painted on bedroom wallCourtesy of @tessciarloni

Create a Statement

This high-contrast circle mural from @tessciarloni serves as a diversion, stealing attention from the size of the room. Other smart small-space solutions here include teeny wall-mounted nightstands and a pair of slim, shade-free table lamps.