The 10 Best Nightstands for Small Spaces

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

If your bedroom is narrow, you need a small nightstand that won't take up much real estate while providing storage. Here are 10 standouts.

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The 10 Best Nightstands For Small SpacesVIA MERCHANT

Coming from someone who resides in an itty-bitty apartment, the best nightstands for small spaces offer functionality, style and extra storage. While small bedrooms offer only narrow spaces for nightstands to slide into, that doesn’t mean that you can eschew a nightstand altogether. A small nightstand offers a place to rest books, devices and glasses of water for thirsty snoozers, without taking up tons of space.

Small space nightstands come in a variety of styles and sizes, but small nightstands typically fall below 19 inches wide. Since small nightstands can be difficult to come by, some thrifty folks opt to substitute nightstands for other pieces of furniture. According to Cara Newhart, interior designer and DIY influencer at Never Skip Brunch, upcycled children’s dressers will do in a pinch.

“They’re often a perfect width to fully fill the space from the bed to the wall (no wasted six-inch gap collecting dust) and they’re shorter than standard dressers making them easy to reach from bed,” says Newhart. “Kids dressers have spacious drawers to maximize storage which is essential for small rooms. The only modification you might need to make is giving them a fresh coat of paint to cover up a bright color.”

Don’t want to flex those DIY skills? No need to worry—we found the best small nightstands for even the tiniest bedrooms. Shop our top picks below, according to our shopping experts.

The Best Small Nightstands

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Floris End Table
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Best Overall Small Nightstand

Floris End Table

The simple yet striking Floris end table’s biggest strength is its solid wood materials. Sturdy and stylish, this small nightstand arrives fully assembled—that means zero time spent turning screws and piecing together parts. It’s also the ideal size for a small bedroom, measuring up at a petite 18 inches wide. At 26 inches tall, it’s the ideal height for taller modern mattresses, which tend to be relatively thick.


  • Solid wood construction
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Single-drawer storage for personal items
  • Comes in seven shades
  • Surface finished with protective Nitrocellulose coating
  • Slim 18-inch width


  • Distressed look may not work with all decor

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Daniel Three Drawer Nightstand
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Best Small Dresser Nightstand

Daniel Three-Drawer Nightstand

When it comes to dorm rooms or other small spaces, every bit of space-saving counts. This three-drawer nightstand offers plenty of room for socks, undergarments and t-shirts. Apart from a selection of 10 different shades and finishes, the sleek look fits in well with most bedroom furniture.

For extra flair, the drawers use dovetail joints, a carpentry technique that uses interlocking sections that start narrow and fan out for a dramatic look.


  • Uses sturdy dovetail joints
  • Ample storage space
  • Real wood veneers
  • 10 different shades and finishes
  • No assembly required


  • 19-inch width may be too big for some spaces

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Saldana End Table
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Best Small Nightstand with Charging Station

Saldana End Table

In an age where smartphones rule, there simply aren’t enough chargers to go around. That’s why we’re obsessed with this charging station end table. A lift-up compartment with cord cutouts hides away two outlets and two USB chargers, offering ample space to charge and store devices.

It arrives fully assembled and includes bonus storage space via a magazine rack in the back and two cabinet shelves inside. As a bonus, a hidden pull-out shelf keeps drinks far away from devices.


  • Built-in outlets and USB ports
  • Pull-out shelf for drinks and personal items
  • Extremely compact at only 14-inches wide
  • Drawer for storage
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Magazine/book holder on back


  • Pricey

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Atlantic Four Drawer Nightstand
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Best Small Wood Nightstand

Atlantic Four-Drawer Nightstand

The cute and compact Atlantic nightstand from Birch Lane is far smaller than traditional nightstands at only 11 inches wide. The solid mango wood comes in three different finishes that blend well with other bedroom furniture. Brass hardware and a striking round shape make it a pretty focal point for guest rooms or apartments.

Stock up on one of our favorite wood cleaners to keep it gleaming through the years.


  • Unique cylindrical shape
  • Four deep drawers offer ample storage
  • Made from solid mango wood
  • Ultra-slim at only 11-inches wide


  • Lightweight, so it’s easy for children to tip over

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Pottery Barn Adjustable C Nightstand
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Best Small C-Shaped Nightstand

Pottery Barn Adjustable C-Nightstand

The Pottery Barn Adjustable C-Nightstand is extremely narrow to fit in tight spaces, like between your bed and the wall. The adjustable C-shaped table measures 28 inches wide, 16 inches deep and up to 33.5 inches tall. It comes with a kiln-dried engineered hardwood base and a solid wood top finished in black or harvest gray.

Because one side opens, you can swing it toward a low bed for use as a small desk, storage shelf or laptop stand.


  • Fully adjustable at the push of a button
  • Discreet caster wheels
  • Made from steel and solid kiln-dried hardwood
  • Cord cut-out located at the bottom
  • Contract grade construction


  • Limited color options

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Arvester Modern Floating Bedroom Nightstand Ecomm Via
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Best Small Floating Nightstand

Arvester Modern Floating Bedroom Nightstand

These compact nightstands don’t take up floor space because they’re designed to be mounted on your wall. This modern-inspired floating shelf measures just 15 inches wide by nine inches tall. The engineered wood arrives with a smooth, neutral finish that fits with a variety of decor styles.

Simply use the included hardware to affix it directly next to your bed. An open cubby shelf stores devices, while a handle-free pull drawer offers storage for private items. Renting your home? Pick up the editor-reviewed Bed Shelfie instead and avoid drilling any holes in the wall.


  • Mounts directly to the wall
  • Cord hole for cable management
  • Includes an open cubby shelf and drawer
  • Clean, modern look
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Drawer does not have a soft-close mechanism

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Williams Two Drawer Nightstand
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Best Small Modern Nightstand

Williams Two-Drawer Nightstand

With nearly 8,000 positive ratings, it’s hard to overlook this clean and modern two-drawer nightstand. Available in five different finishes, the table itself is easy to set up—just unbox it and voila! Removable hardware means it’s fully customizable for any space, and attractive dovetail joints add another layer of interest.

This mid-century modern piece includes other thoughtful details, like felt-lined top drawers that keep fragile items safe. We also love the inclusion of ball-bearing metal drawer glides that prevent tipping and offer a smooth pull.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Uses dovetail joints
  • Removable cabinet pulls
  • Ball-bearing metal drawer glides
  • Cleans easily with mild soap


  • Acorn color listed on the site is darker in person
8 / 10

Decor Therapy Simplify Pedestal Accent Table
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Best Small Round Nightstand

Decor Therapy Simplify Pedestal Accent Table

Pedestal nightstands are supported by one central leg, and this one is compact enough to use in small bedrooms. The Decor Therapy Simplify Accent Table is available in 13 colors to match any decor. We love the idea of pairing the turquoise color with modern farmhouse decor. It’s truly petite, measuring 15 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall.

The compact footprint is ideal for tucking on either side of your bed, but keep in mind that it won’t be able to hold many items. Supplement this pick with under-bed storage if you’re looking for more space.


  • 11 different shades
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive vintage farmhouse look
  • Small at only 15 inches in diameter


  • No extra storage features

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Avrohom Wood Light Up Nightstand With Outlets
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Best Small Tall Nightstand

Avrohom Wood Light-Up Nightstand with Outlets

Just because a bedroom is small shouldn’t mean that you have to forgo convenience. In addition to four sturdy shelves that store tons of books and tchotchkes, this light-up nightstand comes with a private drawer and see-through cabinet with additional storage for devices.

At just under 17 inches wide and 58 inches tall, there’s plenty of space while still sticking to a narrow profile. Included is a built-in wireless charger, a USB port and a USB-C port for additional charging space. Three-color dimmable LED lights add additional ambiance for bedtime reading.


  • Three sturdy shelves measuring over 58-inches tall
  • Additional drawer and cabinet storage on bottom
  • Three-color dimmable LED lights
  • Wireless, USB and USB-C charging ports
  • Each shelf holds up to 50 pounds


  • Takes about an hour to assemble

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Painswick Basket End Table
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Best Small Drawer Nightstand

Painswick Basket End Table

If you have a lot of items to store in your nightstand, the Painswick Basket End Table helps maximize your small space. Despite its small 15-inch footprint, this table features a top drawer plus three shelves with baskets where you can keep electronics, books, chargers and more.

It arrives fully assembled, meaning it’s ready to display right out of the box.


  • Woven baskets included
  • No assembly required
  • Easy-to-change drawer pulls for customization
  • Ample storage space for small rooms
  • Made from sturdy solid wood


  • Baskets aren’t removable

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What to Look for When Buying Small Nightstands

Buying a nightstand for small spaces means finding something that not only fits the space but also offers additional functionality. Newhart says that there are lots of different nightstand features that folks can consider.

“Nightstands with charging stations eliminate the overwhelm of multiple cords, allowing you to seamlessly charge all your devices with less clutter,” she says. “My favorites are pieces that offer plugs in the top drawer, so tech devices can tuck away at night to charge.”

When hunting for a nightstand, consider your needs. A floating nightstand may offer additional room underneath for storage, but it typically won’t have a lot of room for knick-knacks. On the other hand, a traditional nightstand with drawers can be used as additional storage for socks and T-shirts, but finding one that’s narrow enough to slide into a small space can be challenging.

Whatever your needs, our picks above offer the functionality, versatility and style necessary for small nightstands.

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How We Found the Best Small Nightstands

Finding the perfect nightstand for small spaces isn’t simply a matter of size. The ideal small nightstand offers extra storage, ties a room together or offers bonus features like extra outlets and USB ports. No two bedrooms are alike, which means we dug deep to discover exactly what goes behind decorating a small space. The standard nightstand size falls anywhere between 18 and 24 inches wide, so we opted for picks no bigger than 19 inches.

After digging through our top 20 picks, we carefully read real reviews, ensuring that the small nightstands that make our list are high quality and hit every budget. The result? We found 10 nightstands that are attractive, functional and fit with almost any decor style.


How can I style a small nightstand?

Try to minimize the amount of clutter on small nightstands, opting instead for under-bed storage. Newhart also cautions that excessive decorating may take up too much space. “For small nightstands, opt for one to two pieces of decor, leaving plenty of space for the top to be usable for essentials like a charging phone or glass of water. Use functional elements like lamps, coasters, or trays as decor,” she says.

What is the best size for a nightstand?

“The best size for your nightstand is custom to your space,” says Newhart. She says determining the best size for a nightstand depends on how much room you have between the bed and the wall, and the height of your mattress. Here’s what she recommends:

  • Height: Your nightstand should be easy to reach from your bed, within about six inches of the top of your mattress.
  • Width: Opt for a nightstand that fully fills the space between your bed and for maximum storage.

What is a floating nightstand?

According to Newhart, floating nightstands are mounted to the wall or hung from the ceiling, eliminating furniture, legs and offering additional versatility for small spaces. They’re popular because they provide extra room for storage underneath and give rooms a modern feel.