10 Storage and Organization Ideas For All of Your Devices

Updated: Oct. 20, 2023

Tidy up while keeping everything you need right where you want it with these innovative solutions for storing and organizing your favorite and most useful tech devices.

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Multi-Device Charging Station Dock & Organizer

Keep your desk nice and tidy while ensuring all your favorite and necessary tech items are within reach with this charging dock and organizer. It keeps all your chargers tidy and in one place! And, you can even power it up if you use an external charging unit. The organizer features a slot for laptop, another for tablets and three for smartphones.

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Electronics Cord Case

If you’d prefer to tuck your cords and small electronics and accessories out of sight, or are looking for a mobile option that can go with you from your home to the office and back, you might like this carrying case. It’s compact and easy to transport, plus, it can neatly store smaller/thin devices and accessories like external battery chargers, smartphones, USB drive, camera, memory cards, passport, earbuds and more!

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Apple 4-in-1 Phone Charging Station

Apple enthusiasts will love that they can finally plug their precious tech devices into one station, instead of using up all the outlets in the house. This charging station is a wireless charger, lightning connector, Apple watch charger and USB outlet in one. You can charge your Apple Watch, iPhone 8/X, Airpods/iPhone 6s and more simultaneously.

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Desk Wire Clips

These clips hold cables neatly in place, preventing them from falling off surfaces and creating clutter. The adhesive tape on the back of the clip allows you to place the holder anywhere—on the wall, a desk, the side of a desk, etc. These clips can even be stuck to furniture legs to control cords!

Here are some really clever ideas for storing your most hard-to-store stuff.

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4-Port USB Desk Charging Station Mount

Charge your devices while keeping cords tidy with this USB station. It’s designed to mount on your desk’s grommet hole, freeing up space on your desk. Safely charge four devices at once. The station features over-heat, over-charging and over-current protection, and it made from ABS material to guard the product from sparks and fire.

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Smart Home Outlet Shelf

As helpful as devices like the Amazon Echo can be, they’re also capable of cluttering up useful space. This nifty invention settles the issue of where to put your Echo while also hiding the unsightly cord. The shelf goes on either side of your outlet, providing better cord control and allowing more clearance for cabinets and countertops. This custom cord holder keeps cords out of view, while the addition of three short cords designed to be used with USB outlets allows you to use the plug for other electronics.

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All-in Wonder Mount

Whether it’s your router, Xbox, DVR player, smart speaker or even a small desktop computer, the Amazon 5-star-rated All-in Wonder Mount is a top clutter controller. Originally designed for use in high-tech environments like hospitals, the mount is made out of the highest strength nylon and holds more than 50 pounds, if anchored in drywall, and 100 pounds, if mounted to a stud. It’s compatible with all components from a circumference of 10 inches up to 31 inches.

Got some wires for which the device is long gone? Here’s what to do with them.

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2-in-1 Kitchen and Office Tablet Holder

Whether you can never find your tablet right when you need it in the office, or you’re sick of getting it dirty in between cooking steps in the kitchen, this tablet holder is for you! Designed to hold tablets between 6 to 8-3/4 inches in width, it features three display modes: tabletop, wall and under cabinet. And, it comes with two easy-mounting stand cradles included. The aluminum body folds compact for easy storage and portability.

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Wood Phone Docking Station

Keep your personal, small tech devices like headphones, a smart watch and a smartphone all in one place—by the front door on an entryway table, in your home office, or on your nightstand—with this organizer. You can even hang your keys from one of the hooks and neatly place your sunglasses in the designated slot.

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Cord Cubby

Power strips aren’t the most attractive addition to your home decor. This cord cubby is a great solution for keeping things organized and tidy. It can hide a six-plug power strip to solve the problem of dusty and dangerous cords on your floor or desk. You plug cords from any device into the strip and then channel them out through openings.

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