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11 Beautiful Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces You Can Buy on Amazon

Mid-century modern furniture has been a beloved aesthetic for decades and we understand why. With this furniture's clean lines, elegant curvature, and casual sophistication, it makes sense that consumers have remained fans of this timeless look. If you're looking to add a piece to your collection, then start by looking through some of our favorites that you can buy on Amazon.

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Mid-Century Armchair

No mid-century modern living room is complete without a stylish armchair you can sink into while enjoying a cool beverage or listening to some music. This chair combines simple lines with comfort, and it comes in multiple colors to match your living room aesthetic. “It’s exactly what I wanted,” said one reviewer.

Keep your mid-century modern living room organized with these 11 tips.

Increase the storage in your living room with these 12 ideas.

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Modern Book Shelves

Floating book shelves are out and modern cases are in… especially if they look like this. This metal and wood case makes a room feel lighter because of its clean industrial lines. Your favorite books will never looked so good on display.

If you really want a floating shelf, make it yourself!

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TV Stand

Your television deserves a nice place to rest so why not get it a lovely stand? This one has the modern trappings for chords and accessory storage but still has the classic mid-century modern look. IF you are looking to save money and tackle a project yourself, you can build a DIY TV stand in your workshop.

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Leather Sofa

Back in the ’60s, when mid-century modern design was especially popular, the idea of receiving a classy, beautiful couch in the mail would have seemed absurd! How lucky are we that now we can get a timeless leather couch like this one delivered to our door? A sofa for the whole family, one reviewer said: “The leather is high quality and a gorgeous color- exactly what we were looking for, and my children think the couch is really comfortable.”

When someone accidentally spills on your leather sofa, take a deep breath and clean it away with natural products.

When you need to repair the leather, follow these handy hints.

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Space-Saving Desk

Make your home office feel like it has the creative energy and top-tier quality of a 1960s Madison Avenue ad agency with this mid-century modern desk. Plexiglass and other non-wood materials were popular and make a room feel both futuristic and cozy.

Make your life easier with one of these home office storage ideas.

This desk would fit perfectly in a closet transformed into an office.

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Two-Toned Buffet and Bar

If your home design veers closer to a mid-century modern/contemporary combo, and you have a nice collection of wine and wine glasses, then this buffet should be perfect for you. Its sleek design would also work in a bright kitchen. Reviewers “highly recommend” this server even though it takes some time to assemble.

If you have a surplus of wine, then make this additional wine storage rack.

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Table Lamp

Lighting is a key component to completing a mid-century modern home, so add a lamp like this and you will be well on your way. Not only does this lamp have five stars on amazon but its unique design adds a stunning accent while also emitting a “cozy feel” said one reviewer. If you need to repair your table lamps, then follow these tips.

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Two-Tier Coffee Table

Mid-century modern design emphasizes the importance of form and function. This two-tiered coffee table provides a way to store things while also providing some space for a small sculpture, floral arrangement, or one of these centerpiece ideas.

Add functional and cost-effective decor all over the house.

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Dining Table

Enhance the dining experience by gathering friends and family around this mid-century modern table. Dress it up for fine-dining elegance with beautiful tableware and chairs, or it can be dressed down to serve double-duty as work table for the home office.

Have an urge to build your own table? Then try one of these 10 table you can build quickly.

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Media Console

Every mid-century modern home requires a record player, hopefully in an appealing media console. Don’t worry about everything fitting because, as one reviewer said, there’s “plenty space to house my AV Receiver, singing player and audio mixer plus microphones.”

Playing records is on the list of our favorite ways to give your home the “hygge” feel.

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Chic Bar Stools

Make the perfect old-fashioned while your friends sit at the bar in these comfy, luxuriously curved bar stools comfy, luxuriously curved bar stools.

Build a bar that matches these stools by following these tips.

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