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11 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas to Save Space

Hunting for small bedroom storage ideas? If you're lacking space — but not creativity — check out these brilliant storage solutions.

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Make the Most of Every Space

Even the smallest sleeping quarters can become luxurious bedrooms. It’s all about choosing the right small bedroom storage ideas to make the most of every square inch.

“A bedroom needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to create the perfect space for sleeping, relaxing, and living your everyday life,” shares Amy Studebaker, a designer who specializes in practical living. “To make this possible, smart organization is an absolute must. Keeping clothing, accessories, books, and other needs in a tidy, easy to find, and orderly manner will not only allow for better rest at night, but for an easier to manage day as well.”

Check out some of these brilliant storage ideas for small bedrooms that are sure to help you make the most of your space:

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Spring Loaded Drawer Dividersvia

Drawer Organization

“Placing spring-loaded dividers in large drawers helps to create individual compartments. This makes it easy to organize small accessories,” says Studebaker. “Items like sunglasses, watches, and jewelry are an easy addition to your daily wardrobe when organized and easy to find in their correct compartment!”

Dividers don’t just have to be for large drawers, either. You can also add them to other multitasking furniture pieces you may have like nightstands and decorative tables.

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Storage Headboardvia

Storage Headboards and Beds

Headboards can add a touch of elegance to any room, but in tiny bedrooms, they can also be storage life-savers. Pick up a headboard with built-in storage, which allows you to take advantage of what would otherwise be dead space. Headboards can come with drawers or cubbies that are perfect for storing books, mementos, photo frames, alarm clocks and more. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could always make your own headboard with built-in storage.

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Under Bed Storage Containervia

Under-Bed Storage

Utilizing the space under your bed is one of the quickest ways to get more room for storage in a small bedroom. But don’t just toss things under there — use under-bed storage bins that you can label and organize to best suit your needs. If you prefer breathable storage, you can always opt for flexible organizers that can be compressed. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to measure your under-bed space before buying organizers.

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Foldaway Wall Mounted Desk Shelfvia

Foldaway Furniture

Tiny bedrooms benefit from furniture that disappears. Look for pieces of furniture that fold out from the wall or fold out from themselves so you can get back some extra living space when they’re not in use. Many beds fold out from walls, chests and bookshelves. Some desks built for small spaces fold down directly from walls that allow for additional workspaces.

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Closet Organization Towervia

Closet Organization

“Purge your wardrobe every season and add closet organizers,” says Studebaker. “Eliminating items that you no longer wear, or are worn and old, and keeping only your favorite items will help you.”

It’s easier to keep a small space organized with fewer items. Move out-of-season items to under-bed storage, an attic or garage and focus on keeping only must-wear items in your closet. Try making the most of tight closet corners with a corner closet system that gives you extra shelving space for folded items like tees, sweaters and accessories.

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Floating Wood Shelvesvia

Add More Shelves

Shelves provide another excellent way to take advantage of dead space, giving you room to store miscellaneous items that can otherwise take over a small bedroom. Since you can hang your own shelves, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to their configuration.

An easy, trendy way to make the best use of wooden shelves is to install them a foot below the ceiling around the perimeter of the room. You can use these shelves as a replacement bookshelf or as storage for documents, photo albums and vacation souvenirs. Small bedroom storage ideas like this one also serve as bold design statements.

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Gray Storage Bedvia

Storage Beds

Replace your mattress box springs and wireframes with bedframes that have built-in drawers to store your sheets, blankets, comforters and throw pillows in when they’re not in use. Or store your shoes at the base of your bed, allowing quick and easy access to your favorite pairs.

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Corner Shelf Storagevia

Corner Storage

When most of the wall space is gone and the closets are taken, making the most of corners is one of the brightest small bedroom storage ideas. Corners can make great storage spots if you install these nifty corner shelves. They fit neatly in a corner and can hold any number of items ranging from art to books. Embracing your tiny bedroom’s corners allows you to unlock wonderful storage potential from floor to ceiling.

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Patterned Storage Basket For Bedroomvia

Add Baskets

If you’ve added more shelves, make sure you add additional storage solutions like these eye-catching baskets. You can keep the look monochromatic or color code to indicate the type of items inside. Deep baskets allow you to add a bit more vertical storage and keep things neat and tidy to save time on future clean-ups and organizing.

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Vertical Shoe Storage Shelfvia

Vertical Shoe Storage

If you have more than a few pairs of shoes, you’ll want to invest in an inexpensive shoe rack to up your smart storage ante. Aside from clearing clutter from your bedroom floor, these clever organizers help you better visualize outfits and offer four times the shoe storage at the bottom of your closet.

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Storage Nightstandvia

Storage Nightstands

Skip the tall, tabletop-only style nightstands and opt for narrow versions with shelving or drawers from top to bottom. Picking a smart storage nightstand is one of the best ways to add extra space for books, evening ritual essentials and other items that might otherwise cause clutter on top of a dresser.

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