9 Ideas to Remodel Your Bedroom

From a full renovation to a little redecoration, there are plenty of ways to remodel a bedroom.

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Bedroom Remodel Ideas
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Bedroom Remodel Ideas for Every Home

Remodeling a bedroom is never one-size-fits-all. Some people want a serene retreat from the day, while others prefer an energetic place to get ready for nights out.

Whatever you want from your bedroom, there’s a way to achieve it. These bedroom remodel ideas range in price and commitment so everyone, even renters, can find a way to refresh their space.

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Bedroom Light Fixture
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Statement Bedroom Light Fixture

Most bedrooms come with a simple ceiling fan or flush-mount light fixture. Many don’t have any ceiling lights at all.

If you already have a ceiling light fixture, replacing it with a statement piece is a quick and easy bedroom remodel idea. If you’re installing a ceiling light fixture for the first time and aren’t comfortable with DIY electrical work, call a pro.

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Bedroom Accent Wall
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Bedroom Wall Ideas

Painting is one of the most immediately noticeable bedroom remodel ideas. It can be done in a weekend, and the results last for years. You can also create a one-of-a-kind mural or accent wall.

If you’re not sure which color to choose, consider color theory. In general, cool colors calm while warm colors energize. This blue bedroom paint color makes for a subtle, soothing accent wall.

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Bedroom Window Seat
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Bedroom Sitting Area

One of the top pieces of advice for better sleep is designating the bed as a sleep-only space. That means no bills or homework in bed.

Adding a bedroom seating area, such as the cozy window seat shown here, adds a functional space in the bedroom for reading, late-night tea time, studying and phone calls. Even a chair or two in the corner will do.

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Bedroom Flooring
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Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Wood floors with area rugs ooze luxury in the bedroom. Replace or refinish wood flooring and add a soft rug beneath the bed to protect feet from cold mornings.

This Scandinavian bedroom pairs herringbone flooring with a geometric rug. Fluffy rugs and faux cowhide rugs are also trendy choices. Peel and stick flooring is an affordable and easy DIY way to achieve the herringbone look.

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Bedroom Connected To Other Room
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Space-Making Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Building a home addition is often prohibitively expensive. With the right home setup, it’s easier and more affordable to remove a wall or add a door, like in the photo above.

Adding a door helps if there’s a bathroom next to the bedroom. It creates a primary bedroom suite without removing guest access to the bathroom. It’s not as nice as a private en-suite, but it sure beats going through the hall in the middle of the night.

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Boho Bedroom
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Refresh Bedroom Décor and Furniture

If you’re happy with the size, color and functionality of your bedroom but it still needs a little spruce, consider new bedroom décor and furniture. Some of the best bedroom remodel ideas don’t require tools or a construction permit.

Luxury bedding can make it feel like a whole new room, particularly when paired with a new mattress and bed frame. Pick a design style or color scheme and create your dream sleep space. This boho bedroom leans into warm neutrals, natural fibers and soft textures for a calm, understated space with plenty of personality.

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Bedroom Ceiling Paint
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Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

Don’t overlook the ceiling when remodeling the bedroom. A little paint overhead freshens a room in short order with little financial commitment.

This bedroom brings the ceiling paint down to the top section of the wall for a distinctive modern vibe. If you’re up for a larger project, faux beams are another way to jazz up a bedroom ceiling.

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Bedroom Storage
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Bedroom Remodel Ideas for Storage Space

Inadequate storage space. It’s a common complaint for most rooms in the house, with the bedroom being one of the biggest offenders. Without a walk-in closet or any closet at all, there’s only so much floor space for dressers and wardrobes. That’s where built-in bedroom storage comes in handy.

This cleverly designed bedroom uses every inch of vertical space while leaving room for a bench seat — with built-in drawers, of course. The shelves include two nightstands and overhead lighting. You can build a window seat bookcase in a few weekends.

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Bedroom Vanity
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Bedroom Vanity Space

Homes with limited bathroom space or a high person-to-bathroom ratio will benefit from this bedroom remodel idea. A bedroom vanity provides a space to apply makeup or moisturizer while leaving the bathroom free for more pressing matters.

This minimalist vanity idea takes up next to no room. The simple table and chair setup is inexpensive and versatile. It could even be used for the occasional work-from-home day.

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