7 Bright Ideas For Lighting Under Your Bed

Updated: Jul. 19, 2023

Hot and on-trend, under bed lighting adds a wow factor to your slumber spaces. Whether you're looking for LED or motion-sensing lights, we got you covered.

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Bed Light Remote Control
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Why Install Under Bed Lighting?

Bedrooms are not only for sleeping. They also serve as a sanctuary for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. The use of under bed lighting can bring a measure of calm at the end of a long day, set a color-coded mood or produce a low-level glow to light your way in the dark.

Nurseries and kids’ rooms are also perfect settings for under bed lights. You can tiptoe out of the room safely, without waking anyone.

And it’s safe to say that the focal point of most bedrooms is unquestionably the bed. Up-lighting is a fabulous way to create the illusion that it’s floating, or to showcase elegant linens or an unusual design element.

Here are our top picks for noteworthy under bed LED lighting.

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Best Motion Activated

As soon as your foot touches the floor, the Vansky motion-activated bed light comes on. No more stumbling around the room looking for the light switch; movement triggers the built-in infrared motion sensor.

These flexible motion sensor light strips are easy to install and have an auto shut-off timer that can be adjusted from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. The bed lights come with an activated sensor, power adapter, extension cable and user manual.

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Best Dimmable

For those who prefer bright light for reading and ambient light for chilling, the dimmable Willed Under Bed Light lets you have both. Choose your preferred brightness level using the rotary knob, from a dim 10 percent to a vivid 100 percent. You can also adjust for continuous lighting, lasting between 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

For extra-efficient power savings, the lights can be set to automatically shut off when no movement is detected. If you get up in the middle of the night, the soft, diffused glow won’t wake others. You can take inspiration from these bedroom lighting ideas.

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Best Battery-Operated

A strong option that eliminates messy cords and wires, the GlowRight indoor USB rechargeable lights can be installed almost anywhere. Use the 3M adhesive strips or the built-in magnets to stick these battery-operated lights along the bed frame for lighting that’s adjustable from dim to ultra-bright. The battery life is impressive; each strips lasting up to two months on a single USB charge (cable included).

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Best Smart-Enabled

The easiest way to give smart under bed lighting a try is with the Govee Smart Strip Lights. Why? Installation is child’s play, and it’s Amazon’s choice for under bed lights for more than $30. These lights work with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control to power lights on and off, adjust brightness and change colors. Download the Govee Home App for wireless access to advanced modes and settings.

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Best Color-Changing

The Daybetter Strip Lights with 16 adjustable colors and brightness levels lets you design your bedroom illumination to suit your mood. Using the infrared remote, set these lights to one of six dynamic modes and two speeds. Hit the DIY buttons (a mode that lets you increase or decrease the intensity of the red, green, and blue base colors) to save and remember your color preferences. It’s a light show in a box.

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Best Customizable

The right light placement is the key to creating a warm and inviting bedroom ambiance. Backed with a thin foam tape that’s easy to conceal, My Beauty Strip Lights give you the flexibility to place them as you see fit. You can cut the LED light strips to the desired length and connectors make them linkable. Solving the light-strip-at-corners problem, the self-adhesive mounting clips stick to any clean, dry surface.

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Best Music Syncing

Music Sync Lights by Vilsom are Bluetooth-enabled lights that allow you to choreograph ambient sounds that soothe the mind or stimulate the soul. Turn on the smart music mode to synchronize the lights with the beat of any song playing through your phone or speakers. Create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere using the Vilsom Home app, which is available for download from Google Play or the App Store.

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