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11 Living Room Lighting Ideas We Love

No matter what type of lighting you need, here are some living room lighting ideas to inspire you.

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11 Living Room Lighting Ideas We LoveVIA MERCHANT

More than any other room in your house, the living room probably gets the most foot traffic. It’s a gathering place for family and friends, both day and night. So it’s important to make sure your living room is well lit for entertaining, reading, playing games and relaxing. Finding the right living room lighting fixtures for your space can be challenging, especially if you in a living room with no overhead lighting.

We’ve included several different types of light fixtures below. From floor lamps to table lamps to recessed lights, we’ve found living room light ideas to suit all of your flexible home lighting needs.

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Living Room Floor Lampvia merchant

Living Room Floor Lamp

Aside from its most basic function, good lighting makes a room feel comfortable and welcoming. Floor lamps are great because they’re versatile—just move them around to create the feeling you want. With three light sources pointing upward at different angles, this Kenner Tripod Floor Lamp bathes a cozy lounging corner of any living room with warm light. Here are a few tips for lighting a living room without overhead lights.

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Overhead Living Room Lightingvia merchant

Overhead Living Room Lighting

When it comes to overall overhead lighting, the options are nearly endless. Your overheard light can be used to show off your personality, so go for a contemporary or mid-century pendant or—if you’re feeling dramatic—a chandelier. Try this three-light dimmable drum chandelier from Wayfair. Its cork shade creates a dazzling contrast against the brushed steel hardware. Hanging a new light fixture is an easy DIY project too.

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Task Living Room Lightingvia merchant

Task Living Room Lighting

Task lighting provides increased light for specific tasks such as reading, crafts or crossword puzzles. Table, desk and floor lamps are great, easy options to add a bit of light right where you need it.

When choosing task lighting, try to stick to your decor style. “If you have contemporary or modern decor, you’ll want a contemporary or modern desk lamp,” says Jackie Bowen, a lighting specialist with Lightology. “Do your cabinets and drawers have brushed nickel or rubbed bronze handles? Match (or complement) your desk lamp finish to the other finishes in your space when possible,” according to

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Track Living Room Lightingvia merchant

Track Living Room Lighting

Track lighting can enhance areas of your living room that may need a bit of extra light. Individual track lights can be swiveled and aimed at a piece of art or a dark corner. This six-light swing arm track light kit allows you to direct light into virtually any position.

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overarching acrylic shade floor lampvia merchant

Arc Living Room Lamp

If you don’t have an overheard light, you can have a central light source with an arc lamp. Arc lamps are floor lamps that are raised up high, so you don’t have to worry about bumping your head. The modern look of these lamps work best in contemporary or minimalist settings. Try the overarching acrylic shade floor lamp from West Elm. It plugs into a standard wall outlet.

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Recessed Living Room Lightingvia merchant

Recessed Living Room Lighting

Also known as pot lights or can lights, recessed lighting can provide ambient lighting for the whole room, or work to spotlight a certain area. Recessed lighting generally has two pieces: the housing and the trim. “The trim is the part that you can see from the room below, and comes in a range of finishes, sizes and shapes. The housing is the portion of the light that you do not see—it sits above your ceiling line,” according to, a lighting and decor website. Lowe’s offers a recessed lighting buying guide to help you determine what size recessed lights are best for your living room.

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Accent Living Room Lightingvia merchant

Accent Living Room Lighting

Accent lighting can highlight various focal points of your living room, including artwork or unique architectural features. This type of lighting can include picture and display lights, spotlights and table lights. This easy-to-install 18-inch battery-powered LED picture light comes with a remote. Its light will add a subtle glow to your living room, and it is safe to use on artwork.

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Living Room Sconce Lightingvia merchant

Living Room Sconce Lighting

When it comes to living room lighting ideas, wall sconces can be used to make a statement. This form of accent lighting comes in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern. This mid-century starburst wall sconce can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and doubles as a work of art.

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via merchant

Matching Living Room Lamps

For living room lighting needs, it’s hard to beat matching lamps. Place matching lamps at opposite ends of the sofa so both ends have equal light. These glass twist lamps have an eye-catching green-blue base and are the ideal size for end tables.

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Statement Living Room Lightingvia merchant

Statement Living Room Lighting

If hanging a bunch of art isn’t your style, a stylish central light fixture in a unique design adds artistic flair to a living room. Mount statement lights to the wall, or hang them from the ceiling. If you choose the latter, hang it low enough that it feels like part of the room, but not so low that you worry about bumping into it. This dimmable wagon wheel chandelier will make a statement in any living ro

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Ceiling Fan Light via merchant

Living Room Ceiling Fan Lights

If you have a ceiling fan in your living room, it only makes sense to include a light. This ceiling fan with light has a sleek, modern design and will add plenty of ambient light to your space.

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