Electrical System

Everything you need to know about the electrical power systems that run your home.

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GFCI vs. AFCI Outlets: What’s the Difference?

Confused about these important safety devices? An electrician explains the difference.

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How Much Does a Whole House Surge Protector Cost?

Whole house surge protector cost is lower than $1,000. It's a small price to prevent a power surge from destroying...

9 Home Theater Lighting Ideas

Home theater lighting illuminates the space without distracting from the screen. Find out what combination of fixtures will work best...

What To Know About Electrical Box Extenders

These handy little rings make your renovation project so much easier.

How to Replace a Light Fixture

Here is how to replace a ceiling light fixture in an hour or two.

Incandescent vs. LED Lighting: What’s the Difference?

Love the classic incandescent? Embracing the LED? Test your knowledge of these popular lighting types.

How Much Does It Cost to Electrify Your Home Completely?

Is the price tag worth the hassle? Here's what to know if you're thinking about electrifying your home with solar,...

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12 Facts About LED Christmas Lights You Should Know

Have you thought about upgrading your home's holiday light display? Here are some tips and tricks you should know about...

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24 Tips for Wiring Light Switches and Outlets

Play it smart and stay safe when wiring outlets and switches

What Are CFL Bulbs? Everything to Know

How much do you know about compact fluorescent lighting? Our experts are here to help.

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10 Most Common Electrical Mistakes DIYers Make

Wiring problems and mistakes are all too common, and if left uncorrected have the potential to cause short circuits, shocks...

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How To Choose the Right Wire Nuts for Electrical Connections

How important are wire nuts? Extremely! Make sure you're choosing the correct wire nuts every time you join together two...

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We Tried Kasa Smart Switches, and They Seriously Upgraded Our Home Lighting

Looking to add smart home functionality without breaking the bank? The Kasa smart switch is a brilliant solution.

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17 Handy Hints for DIY Electrical Work

Get to know these tricks before you tackle electrical projects at home.

9 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas That Are Functional and Stylish

Check out these designer-approved light fixture ideas to brighten up your kitchen island.

How to Hide TV Wires

Easily hide TV wires without cutting into your drywall.

How to Install Surface-Mounted Wiring and Conduit

Adding a new light or receptacle to your garage or basement is easier than you think.

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Fluorescent Lights: What Are They and How Do They Work?

How much do you know about these workhorses of the lighting industry?

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How Electrical Code Requirements for Kitchen Islands Have Changed

The 2023 National Electrical Code brought changes to rules regarding electrical receptacle outlets on kitchen islands. Learn about them from...

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Wire Gauge Sizes: What You Need To Know

Wire gauge is a measure of wire thickness. Don't let the fact that the gauge number goes up as thickness...

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How To Use Task Lighting Effectively

Task lighting brightens your work and reduces eye strain. Here's how DIYers can make best use of it in the...

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Is Solid-State Electricity the Future of Home Electricity?

One of the largest infrastructures on the planet might be getting an overhaul. Here's how solid-state electricity could impact your...

Do You Need a Home Battery Backup System?

If the power goes out or your electric bill rises, a backup battery system be a lifesaver. Here's how to...

Why Does Hydrogen Come in Different Colors?

Hydrogen is a colorless gas, so why does it come in different colors? Surprisingly, the colors refer to the methods...

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How to Solder Wires

Here's is how to solder wires to achieve a durable and long-lasting connection.

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Homeowner’s Guide to Electrical Grounding and How It Works

You know electrical grounding is important. What does it actually do?

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How To Test GFCI Outlets

GFCIs save lives. Learn how to test your GFCIs two ways, with these instructions.

How to Use a Surge Protector for Electronic Devices

Learn how to use surge protectors for any electronic device, whether it's a digital clock, a computer, a dishwasher or...

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Drawing Your Own Electrical Plans

Electrical plans are a roadmap to project success. And, yes — you can draw your own! Here's what you need...

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What You Need to Know About Romex Wiring

Wondering where to use Romex cable in your home? How about where you can't? We've got the details below.

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What To Know About Electrical Transformer Boxes In Your Yard

Those green metal boxes hiding in plain sight are a lot more important (and interesting!) than you might think.