The 8 Best Floor Lamps to Illuminate Your Space

Choosing a floor lamp is always a bright idea. We found lighting options for every style and budget, with help from an expert.

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Whether you’re looking for new living room lighting ideas or expensive-looking home accents that don’t cost a bundle, floor lamps are a great place to start. The best floor lamps add form and function in one, and buying them online has advantages: Warranties, fuss-free shipping and a wider selection are just a few.

Finding a lamp that compliments your space can change the entire vibe of a room, and designers project that 2024 trends will include big statements. “Bold, large boho-chic lighting fixtures will be dominating the market,” says Camille Colón, an architect specializing in high-end design.

“Living rooms trends call for these large lighting fixtures to be placed in an off-centered corner of a room. Displacing one of the best floor lamps from the middle of the room provides uninterrupted views through this space.”

According to Wendy Pellegrino, Lighting Expert at Lighting New York, there are several basic floor lamp styles, each bringing their own personality to a space.

  • Traditional: These are the regular floor lamps that have a standard shade and point most of the light downward
  • Arc or Spider: These can be positioned for direct light, used behind furniture or in tight spaces. They can have a single or multi-head options all from one base.
  • Task: These are used for reading or performing a task that must have direct light. The heads will often have a swivel option or directional adjustment.
  • Torchiere: These are used in the same traditional sense. However, the light is pointing upward and outward. Often to be used for an ambient light.
  • Tree and Candelabra: These are multi-head floor lamps that can be used in a space in need of more light. They will have light from each branch or arm. They are stylish and often used to compliment the space.
  • Column: These floor lamps with have lighting throughout the pole or column and usually look very stylish. They provide light outward from top to bottom.

Expensive-looking floor lamps can be had at any budget. The affordable picks below are all designer-approved examples of high-end design.

The Best Floor Lamps

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Globe Electric Barden Floor Lamp
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Best Overall Floor Lamp

Globe Electric Barden Floor Lamp

Ranking at top of the heap when it comes to the best floor lamps, this affordable Amazon floor lamp is a shoo-in for consumers looking for a range of custom options. It comes in nine color finishes with a smart-looking shade, so it works in any room.

It’s also compatible with Alexa-enabled smart light bulbs and features a convenient rotary-style switch, making it incredibly flexible for reading and entertaining alike.


  • Comes in nine different finishes
  • Chic, minimalistic design
  • Affordable price
  • Smart bulb compatible
  • Long, five-foot cord


  • At 58-inches high, may be too short for some rooms

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Govee Rgbic Smart Floor Lamp
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Best Smart Floor Lamp

Govee RGBIC Smart Floor Lamp

When the mood is always changing, it pays to invest in a smart floor lamp that changes with it. Using RGBIC (Red, Green, Blue, Indigo, Cyan) technology, the Govee floor lamp is capable of up to 16 million different colors. Just connect it to any smart phone and choose timer settings and colors via a user-friendly app.

Even more impressive is the connectivity—use WiFi to make it change along with music or game audio. Or, set up a custom light show for holiday parties. The possibilities are endless!


  • 16 Million DIY Colors
  • Music sync capabilities
  • Compatible with Alexa voice control
  • Slim, modern design
  • Adjustable height
  • Timer option


  • Must enable Bluetooth and WiFi connection to change colors

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O Bright Dimmable Led Pharmacy Floor Lamp
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Best Dimmable Floor Lamp

O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp

This brass-toned floor lamp borrows vintage appeal with a pharmacy-style design hailing from the early 20th century. It’s decidedly modern, though, offering an adjustable arm from 47-in. to 55-in. high and a smart dimmer switch. Its style and affordable price tag make it one of the best inexpensive decor finds.


  • Easy-to-use dimmer switch
  • Adjustable height
  • Weighted metal base
  • Energy-saving LED lights
  • Includes a swivel head and 360-degree swing arms


  • Cool-toned light may be too harsh for some

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Remote Control Arc Floor Lamp
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Best Arched Floor Lamp

Remote-Control Arc Floor Lamp

Adding a large curved floor lamp to the corner of your living room or bedroom is one of the most modern high-end home décor ideas, because it frees up space while adding rich texture. At 75-inches tall (just over six feet), it draws the eye upward.

The lamp comes in black, gold and silver finishes, and reviewers like the easy-to-use remote control. A 350-degree horizontal and 180-degree vertical adjustable shade sits on the end of the arc, making it ideal for tasks like reading.


  • Remote-operated dimmer and color temperature switch
  • Dimmable foot switch
  • Just over six-feet tall
  • Stylish med-century design
  • Adjustable shade


  • May not provide enough light for large rooms

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Addlon Led Floor Lamp
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Best LED Floor Lamp

Addlon LED Floor Lamp

“The floor lamps that give off the best light would be an LED or ones that can be used with an LED.  The LED allows for the choice of the light output and brightness,” says Pellegrino. This slim, modern LED floor lamp goes with most décor styles and fits well in small spaces. The glass shade offers a vintage-meets-modern design, and the LED bulb honors the most efficient lighting systems.

It’s also Alexa-compatible, and can be turned on and off through a pedal switch as well as hub-connected apps. It’s taller than average (66 inches), making it an excellent option for rooms with high ceilings and vaulted home office spaces. The best part? Choosing from a dozen metal base finishes and colors.


  • Energy-efficient LED Edison bulb
  • Weighted base prevents tipping
  • Compatible with smart bulbs
  • Clean modern-meets-vintage look


  • Glass shade is fragile

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Breault Column Floor Lamp
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Best Floor Lamp With Shelves

Breault Column Floor Lamp

This genius column lamp works great for those who need bookcases for their small spaces. Several utilitarian shelves hold books and tchotchkes, and it comes in seven easy-to-love colors. The pull chain on/off switch is easy to use, and the price can’t be beat.


  • Three shelves for decor or books
  • Simple pull-chain operation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive
  • Seven different shades


  • No dimmable options available

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Mainstays Metal Tripod Floor Lamp
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Best Budget Floor Lamp

Mainstays Metal Tripod Floor Lamp

Black is one of the trendiest colors to incorporate in your home design scheme, and this tripod floor lamp fits the bill. It’s one of the best Walmart furniture finds, thanks to its affordable price and more than 400 five-star reviews on The easy-to-use pull chain switch and included shade make this 58-inch lamp an excellent value.


  • Sturdy metal legs
  • Easy to use pull chain switch
  • Simple assembly
  • Sleek, modern appearance
  • Very inexpensive


  • Bulb not included

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Led End Table Lamp With Charging Station
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Best End Table Floor Lamp

LED End Table Lamp with Charging Station

Effortless mid-century modern style blends with functionality in this floor lamp and side table. It’s brimming with vintage feeling thanks to its woodgrain table and a black iron hairpin arch.

A built-in USB port lets you charge your favorite devices, and it comes with a replaceable energy-saving LED light bulb. It brightens any room while combining two pieces of essential furniture in one, making it ideal for apartments and other small spaces.


  • Built-in charging station
  • Adjustable three-color temperature bulb
  • Three shelves offer ample storage
  • Uses energy-efficient LEDs
  • Easy to assemble


  • Included lamp shade may be too flimsy for some

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What to Look For When Buying Floor Lamps

According to Pellegrino, it’s important to understand the space ahead of purchasing a new lamp. She suggests keeping the following in mind: “Will this be for reading, in addition to other lighting or the main lighting in the space? What is the size of the space to be lit? Where will the item be used in the space? Example, behind a furniture piece or a standalone,” she says.

Pellegrino also notes that bulb type determines the light output and the look of the lamp in space. “Incandescent bulbs will give a warmer feel opposed to an LED that can be warm or a bright light,” she says. “With the technology today the LED options are more energy efficient, greater savings in cost and has the most options available.”

Why You Should Trust Us

Emily Way is an associate shopping editor for Family Handyman with experience researching products and recommending the best designs to consumers. She researched and updated this piece. For this piece, Way consulted Camille M. Colón Conde, Principal at Cube Architect and Wendy Pellegrino, Lighting Expert at Lighting New York.

Camille is an architect with more than 15 years of experience in design, interior design, construction management and project consulting. She obtained her degree in Cornell University and is a LEED Accredited Professional, as well as a licensed architect in Puerto Rico.

Wendy Pellegrino is a Lighting Expert with Lighting New York for 25 years and has dedicated her life to the Lighting and Home Goods industry. Wendy started out as a secretary in the Office and started working in the showrooms just filling in. Doing so Wendy found her passion and love for the business. Wendy became one of the first employees for the ecommerce side of the company.

Over the years with the continuous education and trainings Wendy holds many certifications such as ALA , bulbs and direct manufacturer partnerships. Wendy is driven by the love of helping people.  Wendy works daily with the average retail and professional customers by helping find the perfect light for their home or project.

One of Wendy’s best attributes is that she can match, coordinate items and even find similar items that the clients are looking for in a timely manner. Wendy is totally an asset to the her co-workers and the LNY family by sharing her knowledge, experience and expertise on an every day basis.

How We Found the Best Floor Lamps

Finding a floor lamp that looks great, isn’t too pricey and withstands the test of time isn’t an easy feat. That’s why we first consulted with experts, discovering exactly what it is we should look for in a good floor lamp. After that, we researched the different types of floor lamps, taking into account bulb type, smart compatibility and materials.

Once we had our criteria, we began our search for specific models, combing through user reviews and ensuring that our picks are highly-rated and perform as expected. Finally, we made our list of the best floor lamps, lighting the way so that consumers don’t waste their hard-earned money on duds.


What light temperature is best for floor lamps?

While lighting temperature comes down to preference, both warm and cool lighting offer their own moods. “Incandescent bulbs will give a warmer feel opposed to an LED that can be warm or a bright light,” says Pellegrino. A warmer light works well in communal spaces like a living room, while cool lighting is ideal for tasks like reading and office work.

What kind of lamp is best for a living room?

The best lighting for a living room is determined by its usage, much as it is for an office or bedroom. “For ambient lighting, a warm bulb or glass tone can be used. This will give the space a soothing feel but not much light. For tasks such as reading you would select an item that can be positioned for direct light and has the best crisp light output. For an accent and lighter shade or glass would work best to work with the lighting already in place,” Pellegrino notes.

What type of floor lamp gives the most light?

According to Pellegrino, LED lights are a good option for those looking to maximize light output. Oftentimes, LED lights are adjustable in both light temperature and dimness, making them some of the most flexible options out there for families.

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