8 Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Updated: Dec. 15, 2023

Transform your small apartment living room with these space-saving ideas.

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Small Furniture Small Apartment Via Instagram
Courtesy @shoebox.designs/instagram

Smart Furniture Choices

In her 610-sq.-ft. home, @shoebox.designs knew choosing right-sized furniture was essential. This small sofa in the living room is only 62 inches wide, but deep enough so there’s no sacrifice on comfort.

The other elements in the room, including the orange armchair, dark wood accents and stunning gallery wall, prove that even a small living room can be brimming with rich, vintage style. Here are a few tips to decorate a small living room.

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Colorful And Compact Small Apartment Via Instagram
Courtesy @the_flat_that_rosie_built/instagram

Colorful and Compact

Make a big statement in your small apartment living room with plenty of bright colors, like this example from @the_flat_that_rosie_built.

If your rental agreement prohibits painting the walls or changing the flooring, there are still plenty of opportunities to add color with throw pillows, furniture, rugs and artwork. The blanket ladder is a great way to store extra throws without taking up too much space.

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Maximalism Small Apartment Via Instagram
Courtesy @thefrankiedlc/instagram

Embrace Maximalism

It’s tempting to limit the amount of stuff in a small space, but that’s not always necessary. There’s no reason your small apartment shouldn’t match your maximalist style.

This bold living room by @thefrankiedlc features dark walls, neon trim, a bright pink sofa, and even a mini refrigerator. But thanks to the clever layout, the room feels welcoming and cozy instead of cramped.

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Small Apartment Pattern Via Instagram
Courtesy @katelynsailor/instagram

Accent With Pattern

This small-but-chic living room by @katelynsailor is mostly done in white, including the walls, sofa and coffee table. White can make a small space feel bigger and brighter. Bold patterns in the pillows, accessories, rug and artwork create the perfect balance of sophisticated and fun.  No one would ever call this room bland. Even a tiny apartment can be tidy and organized with these creative and renter-friendly storage solutions.

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Minimalism Small Apartment Via Instagram Sq
Courtesy @kate_aubrey_creative/instagram

Minimalist Design

This small apartment living room by @kate_aubrey_creative is all about minimalist design. Limiting the amount of accessories and artwork in a small space makes it feel open and airy.

Allow your room to breathe by selecting furniture with clean lines and solid colors instead of busy patterns. To avoid the room looking too stark, layer textures, add a plant and use a pop of color like the red cabinet and light fixture seen here.

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Neutral Design Small Apartment Via Instagram
Courtesy @katnay_/instagram

Create Calmness With Neutrals

Although there’s nothing wrong with a colorful living room, sometimes decorating with neutrals can help a small space feel calm and relaxing.

This living room by @katnay_ uses wood tones and soft, neutral textiles to create a serene haven to enjoy after a busy day. Hanging baskets on the wall offers an easy and inexpensive way to add interest while staying true to the boho-natural style.

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Extra Small Apartment
Courtesy @mycityapartment/instsgram

Extra Small and Simple

Even an extra-small apartment living room can be beautiful and functional. This lovely space is technically a second bedroom, but @mycityapartment converted it into a living room by adding a simple white sofa and a narrow bench that serves as the TV console. To cut back on clutter, the books under the bench hide the TV cords and cable box.

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Thrift Store Small Apartment Via Instagram
Courtesy @quirinebrouwer/instagram

Thrift Store Finds

Outfitting your small apartment living room on a budget? Take a page from @quirinebrouwer‘s playbook by decorating and furnishing your space with thrift store treasures.

This eclectic living room is full of character and color — a style that she calls “grandmotherly with a hint of fortune-teller circus tent.” Remember, limited square footage does not mean holding back on expressing your personality!