10 Inspirational Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Updated: Feb. 27, 2023

Ready to wow your next dinner-party guests? These room lighting ideas add ambiance to any space.

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Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Add Brightness and Style

The dining room is one space where you can really get creative. It’s the perfect space for wall décor, decorative vases, accent walls and statement lighting. Chandeliers are expected in dining rooms. Whether you’re looking for a mid-century accent piece or a luxury work of art, these dining room lighting ideas make the expected something unexpected.
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Mid-Century Dining Room Lighting Ideas

This Champignon light is slinky and geometric all in one. Its slightly squashed orbs give this piece a lot of visual interest, as do the brass-and-black arms. This piece would probably do best in Art Deco or mid-century modern dining rooms, but might have a home among the right eclectic pieces, too.

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Uniquely Shaped Dining Room Lighting

George Nelson lights are revered for their clean lines and warm light, plus, they make a big impact without any visual clutter. In this case, you see why the geometric shape plays so well with other mid-century furnishings, but Nelson lights can chameleon into other dining room styles, too. No wonder it has been near the top of the list of dining room lighting ideas for decades.

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Boho Chic Dining Room Lighting Idea

Inventive dining room lighting can often come with sticker shock, but not so with this take. IKEA’s Sinnerlig bamboo pendant light is light, airy and natural. Plus, its weave helps throw a beautiful pattern on the wall. It’s a unique dining room chandelier idea. Bonus: It would also transition well to an indoor-outdoor space, making for a lovely patio or outdoor kitchen light.

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Designer Dining Room Lighting Idea

You may opt for slightly more ambient dining room lighting ideas or a more traditional lighting setup with sconces on your dining room walls. While a traditional candle–style or small-lampshade setup might would work, you could make your dining room into a jewelry box with these Kate Spade stunners.

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Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are anything but cliché. This tiered crystal chandelier calls to mind the Roaring ’20s and will be sure to make a shimmering mark at every dinner. Have a longer or bigger-circumference table than normal? Add some recessed lights for a brighter room. Consider stylish dining room curtain ideas while you’re at it.

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Elegant Chandelier

This is a beautiful, understated take on a highly traditional dining room ceiling light, which means it could top off a terrifically formal dining room or maybe even transition into a cooler-toned, more modern space, with the right dining room furnishings. Either way, it is a forever piece: It will never fall out of style.

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Bubble Sconce

The bubble light is back in a big way. You’ll find them in balloon-shaped clusters, in foyers and stairwells, and geometrically-designed horizontal chandeliers—and also bubble sconces. The frosted glass throws a flattering light—and who doesn’t want that? These wall sconces play well with both modern and traditional or industrial and polished settings, so this is a low-risk, high-reward dining room lighting idea.

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Luxury Dining Room Lighting Idea

Is it a sculpture or a chandelier? The answer to this is: Both. And you’ll pay accordingly—it’s a splurge. This statement light fixture is sure to catch the eye. Gorgeous silver rounds are eye-catching on their own, but they really sparkle when you turn the lights on. Horizontal orientations like this one are great dining room lighting ideas for illuminating longer, more rectangular tables.

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Small Dining Room Lighting Idea

Smaller dining areas can have wow factor too! If you live in a mid-century home or just have a smaller dining area, this three-light milk-glass treat might be just the right dining room lighting idea for you. It has a clean-lined, small footprint, but still makes a big impact with its sculptural, geometric designs.

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Dining Room Lighting with Whimsy

Even traditionalists can interject a bit of whimsy into their dining space with the right dining room lighting ideas. This five-light pineapple delight is not just an adorable motif: Pineapples are considered a symbol of good hospitality and welcoming spaces. This piece could stand up to heavier wood furnishings and bold color, too.

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