10 Ways to Add Lighting Without Wires or Cords

Updated: Mar. 20, 2023

Let there be light! These simple ideas for lighting without wires will help you brighten up your space; no plugs, cords or expensive installation required.

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Puck Lights

These battery-operated, dimmable puck lights come with a remote control, plus screws and adhesive tape for mounting options. They give off warm-white light, perfect for under cabinets.

Transform your kitchen into a space you’ll love to be in all the time with this low-profile LED lighting project.

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String Globe Lights

Turn any backyard, patio or indoor room into a festive and cozy space with these string globe lights. They’re powered by AA batteries, so they’ll work anywhere, no outlet required. The handy remote allows you to activate the auto timer and choose different blinking light sequence options.

Here are 15 of the best outdoor string light ideas for your backyard.

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String Fairy Lights

Delicate fairy lights are perfect for cozy dorm rooms, Christmas decor or for any space that needs a touch of whimsy. These LED micro fairy lights feature copper wire and 50 tiny bulbs, they run on AA batteries inside a small power box that’s easy to tuck away, out of sight. If you like these, you’ll love these solar garden fairy lights.

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Flameless Candles

Create glowing, romantic ambiance without worrying about open flames. These battery-operated flameless candles look like the real thing, thanks to their flame simulation technology that makes the faux flames flicker and sway. They would look great in a bathroom, at the dinner table or on a mantle.

If you love DIY, learn how to make beeswax candles in glass yogurt jars.

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Wireless Picture Light

Install a few of these chic wireless picture lights and guests will think you spent thousands on professional lighting. We love the elegant brass and the freedom to adjust the brightness and color temperature. Choose the mode that best highlights your artwork or photos.

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Cordless Table Lamp

This beautiful, Nordic-style table lamp operates on a rechargeable battery, and has hand gesture controls that allow you to control the brightness and color temperature of the light. This lamp would be great for a nightstand because it’s easy to turn off as you drift off to sleep. Or add it to a kid’s room, where little ones will love controlling the lamp with a wave of their hand. Here’s how you can light up a living room with no overhead lighting. Plus, try out this simple hack to add lighting to a room without overhead lights.

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Cordless Vanity Lights

Create the perfect makeup mirror with these cordless vanity lights. The strip of four bulbs can be attached directly to your mirror, creating soft light that is the natural color temperate recommended by professional makeup artists. The light attaches to any mirror using suction cups, which means no sticky residue. A rechargeable battery means no cords. This product proves that even if you don’t have a lot of room or cash, you can still create a unique, fun and functional beauty vanity that you’ll love.

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Wireless Light Bar

This wireless light bar is an affordable, DIY option for under-kitchen-cabinet lighting. Mount these lights under your cabinet with screws or self-stick tape and let them light up your countertop.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, this is how to do it for maximum storage and light.

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Battery-Operated Desk Lamp

Is your favorite work space nowhere near an outlet? No problem! With this battery-operated LED desk lamp you’ve got light wherever you need it for reading, studying or working. Plus, you can turn it on or off and control the brightness with one touch!

Increase your productivity, make yourself comfy and improve your health by upgrading to this sweet home-office setup.

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Bright Little Spotlights

These battery-operated spotlights pack a punch, despite their small size. Features include an automatic timer, customizable brightness levels and a remote that works up to 20 feet away. Use them to illuminate your favorite art piece or light up a dark hallway or closet. If you like more control, perhaps consider looking into smart home lighting.

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