8 Creative Ways for Hiding Cords in Your Home

Updated: Jun. 14, 2024

Goodbye cord clutter! Hide unsightly wires, cables and cords with these clever DIY and store-bought solutions.

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Inside the Baseboard

This lightweight and easy-to-install baseboard molding is designed with a hollow inner cavity to hide electrical cables. If your TV or computer can’t be near the outlet for some reason, this is a great solution. Run the cord along the base of your wall, then snap on these covers.

Of course, if you already have baseboards, you probably don’t want to replace them. Try this hollow quarter round instead, which can be attached to the front of the baseboard.

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Bread Box Hack

A bread box is the perfect size for charging a few devices on the kitchen counter. Use an old bread box you already own, pick one up from a thrift store or buy a new one — just make sure it’s made of wood. Then drill a hole in the back to insert a charging strip cord. Your devices will be put away and the cords nicely concealed inside.

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Charging Drawer

Clear the top of your nightstand and charge your devices inside the drawer for a much cleaner look. That’s the idea behind this solution from @stefanasilber, using a store-bought nightstand with a power strip inside the drawer.

For a more affordable option, purchase a regular nightstand with a drawer (buy one secondhand if you really want to save money!) and create a hole in the back of the nightstand drawer yourself. Then plug in a corded power strip.

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Tuck Cords in a Small Vase

If you’re like most people, the kitchen counter is the main charging spot for your family’s devices. To corral the cords when not in use, here’s a simple idea from @easybreezycreative: Tuck them into a decorative vase below the outlet. It keeps the cords accessible but contained. The best part is, you probably own a vase that will do the trick!

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Cable Management Desk

In the market for a new desk? Make sure to get one with cable management features like this sleek-looking piece from Artifox. Not only does it look good, it’s thoughtfully designed for optimal cord control.

The built-in dock on top is perfectly sized to hold a tablet or phone, and also provides a place for cords to slide through to the metal cable grid on the back. Wires and a power strip can be attached to the grid to keep everything organized and off the floor.

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Vintage Book Electronics Cord Hider

What would you rather have on display, a row of beautiful vintage books or an electronic eyesore? The answer is obviously the books, which is why this creation from the Etsy seller Covogoods is so genius. A row of books has been transformed into a hollow cover, where you can hide charging devices or a jumble of wires near your computer or TV. Simply roll them up neatly and tuck them behind the faux book spines.

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Large Floor Basket

Here’s an cord-hiding idea from @sortsupport that’s so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. She used an open-weave basket to store and hide a router, modem, power strip and all the related cords. The one cord that needs to be plugged in from the power strip fits neatly between the natural basket weave openings. Done!

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Macrame Cord Cover

If you can’t hide your cords, disguise them! This macrame phone charger completely covers the plain white charging cord with boho-chic macrame, which is so cute it doesn’t need to be hidden. If you have any macrame skills, this could be a fun DIY project for your charging cords, lamp cords or even to hide TV wires.

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