5 Brilliant Ways to Hide Wires in a Room Without Going Into the Walls

Conceal that unsightly wire without hard labor!

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Tuck Speaker/Low-Voltage Wire Between Carpet and Baseboard

Before you invest in any products, if there’s room you can tuck speaker wire between the carpet and the baseboard in a room with wall-to-wall carpet. To do this, you can simply use a ruler or paint stir stick to force the wire out of sight.

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Install Plastic Raceways

If you can’t simply hide low-voltage wire under rugs and behind furniture, try using plastic raceways along the trim. You’ll find them in various shapes and sizes to work with the length and width of your wires. You can paint the raceway to match the wall or trim.

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Invisible Wire Clamps

To conceal wire around a door, DIY your own wire clamps using a clear plastic soda bottle. To do this, simply cut the bottle into 1-1/2 x 1-in. strips, then loosen the trim with a small pry bar, wrap the plastic around the wire, and slide it between the wall and trim.

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Run Ghost Wire Along Wall

Sewell Direct offers “Ghost Wire” that’s a spool of 16 AWG speaker wire, about the width and thickness of duct tape. It has a strong adhesive on one side, so it can be easily run along walls, floors and under carpets. This invisible wire solution is a non-invasive and low-cost alternative to cutting holes in the wall. Check out Sewell Direct’s guide, which covers ghost wire, super flat adhesive speaker wire and a ghost wire terminal block.

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Hide Wires Inside a Shower Curtain Rod Cover

If you’re mounting your TV to the wall and don’t want to install the wires inside the wall, you can hide the clutter with a shower curtain rod cover. You’ll want to lightly sand the cover, then paint it the same color as your wall. Fresh Crush has the DIY how-to steps.

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