Karunabio2   Karuna Eberl

Karuna Eberl

location-pin Boulder, Colorado

School: University of Utah

Expertise: outdoors and camping, landscaping and garden, pets, renovating and remodeling

Karuna Eberl

  • BA in Journalism from the University of Montana.
  • Converted a van and renovated an abandoned home in rural Colorado before moving on to her latest project: a sustainable studio/workshop/home.
  • Multiple awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) and the Florida Outdoor Writers Association (FOWA) for sustainability and environmental reporting, and her documentary, The Guerrero Project.


A writer and indie film producer, Karuna Eberl covers the outdoors and nature side of DIY for Family Handyman, exploring wildlife, green living, travel and gardening. She also writes FH’s Eleven Percent column, about dynamic women in the construction workforce. Karuna and her husband and frequent collaborator, Steve Alberts, spent years renovating an abandoned house in a near-ghost town in rural Colorado before moving on to their latest project: Customizing kit homes and building a workshop and outbuildings on their mountain town property, all with economical, sustainable and environmentally sound features.
When they’re not writing or building, you can find them hiking and traveling the backroads, camping in their self-converted van, and DIYing house projects for family. Some of her other credits include Readers Digest, National Parks, National Geographic Channel, BBC, and Atlas Obscura. Karuna is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA), the Florida Outdoor Writers Association (FOWA), and SATW (Society of American Travel Writers).


University of Montana, BA Journalism, Geology
University of Utah, BS Journalism

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