Genius Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

Whether it's a child's room, guest room or even a master bedroom, small rooms can be a challenge when it comes to finding the right bed. Here are 10 bed ideas that work for small rooms.

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Ottoman Sleeper Bed

When it comes to bed ideas for small rooms, here’s a genius concept: An ottoman that becomes a bed. When overnight guests arrive, just pull out the bottom area to transform the ottoman into a twin-size bed. Save space with these DIY bed built-ins.

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Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

This loft bed gives you some extra floor space in a small room. You’ll have room for working and studying, plus a few extra storage options. Consider building one of these 11 great DIY bed frames.

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Platform Bed with Storage

Are you lacking space in the master bedroom? This platform bed with storage comes in three sizes—full, queen and king. Use the drawers to store clothing, towels or linens. The headboard also has storage space for sleeping essentials. Bed bugs vs. dust mites: Learn the difference and how to keep these pests at bay.

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Family Handyman

Murphy Bed with Bookcase

You can build a Murphy bed with a bookcase! This design feature pullout nightstand tables on both sides of the bed, along with built in night lights. Here are the complete instructions for this DIY murphy bed with bookcase.

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Murphy Bed with Wardrobe

A good option for a small apartment or second bedroom, this Murphy bed also serves as a wardrobe, small sofa and a desk! Check out these 10 awesome DIY platform bed designs.

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Twin Bed with Futon

A good option for small apartments or those lacking a traditional guest room, this twin bed with futon saves valuable floor space. The futon folds out to the size of a double bed. “I purchased this bed for my 16- and 19-year-old boys who still have to share a room. The full size on the bottom was large enough for my 6’4 son to spread out a little. He can have the bigger size without it and another bed side by side taking up all their room space,” said one buyer. This easy under-bed storage idea turns unused space into extra bedroom storage.

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Double Daybed

Perfect for a small child’s room to help with sleepovers or the unexpected overnight guest, this double daybed has a roll-out trundle bed underneath. The space-saving design is easy to put together. “Bought this for my kids’ hangout room to serve as a couch and bed for sleepovers,” said one buyer, adding, “With some nice sheets covering the mattresses and some pretty pillows it is an attractive yet functional furniture piece.” Save space with these 14 cool bunk beds you can buy.

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Hidden bed behind bookshelf
Photo: Courtesy of Brandon Dempster

Disappearing Bed with Bookshelf

Here’s a bed idea for a small room: Make a disappearing bed with a bookshelf. A Family Handyman reader built this bed that glides into the unfinished attic on the other side of the wall. “While thinking about a Murphy bed, I had a eureka moment: Why not use that wasted space on the other side of the wall?”

Check out this disappearing bed and bookshelf.

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Metal Loft with Desk

This metal loft bed with a desk would create an extra sleeping spot in a small home office or in a child’s room. “I bought two of these beds to give my 10- and 13-year-old daughters their own desk space without cluttering up their small bedroom,” said one buyer. “Now they each have their own space for their things which cuts down on the bickering which is always a plus.”

Check out this Family Handyman reader project: A loft bed (plus more).

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Ceiling Bed

Did you know that some old homes had a bed in the ceiling? It’s called a Sorlien ceiling bed and the bed was lowered from the ceiling via a crank, with hidden weights in the wall that worked to counterbalance the bed. Check out these 19 old house features that are no longer useful.

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