12 Ingenious Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Updated: Jun. 28, 2023

When it comes to bedroom furniture, you don't have to play by the rules. Whether you need to save some space, want to repurpose fun finds or utilize furniture that serves more than one purpose, here are 12 ingenious bedroom furniture ideas.

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Nightstands are the must have for bedroom furniture ideas. Perfect for small rooms, the BedShelfie doesn't require any tools and attaches to bed frames with a clamp system. And made from bamboo, it's perfect for keeping your phone, book and cup of tea close by.

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Pallet Bed Frame with Storage

Pallet Bed Frame with Storage

Grab a hammer and your sander and put those old pallets to good use by transforming them into bedroom furniture ideas or a bed frame. And there are several designs online for inspiration, including this one which makes the most of the space underneath with storage drawers. Photo: Courtesy Find the Real Benefit of Wood
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Truck Bed

Truck Bed

One person's junk is another person's treasure. This DIYer took an old truck bed and transformed it into a people bed. Think you're up for such a project? You can see the process for this bedroom furniture idea at apartmenttherapy.com. Photo: Courtesy of Apartment Therapy
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Make Furniture Do Double-Duty

Make Furniture Do Double-Duty

Who says you must have a nightstand? This room uses storage cabinets with drawers to not only store clothing, but when placed parallel with a bed, the cabinets also work as a bedside table. Photo: Courtesy Pampa Tiles
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Bookcase Headboard

For those who like to surround themselves with books, try using a bookcase as a headboard. And his children's room makes the most out of storage space with cabinets and shelves above the beds.
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Loft Beds

Loft Beds

Perfect bedroom furniture ideas for studio apartments or small bedrooms such as college dorms are loft beds. And this is because they open up lots of opportunity for space. So use the space underneath the bed for a workstation or dining area. Photo: Courtesy The Spruce
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Wall-Mounted Lights

Wall-Mounted Lights

No room for a bedside table and lamp? Try a wall-mounted bedroom light. Wall-mounted lights not only work as reading lamps, but can add supplemental light in an otherwise dark room. Photo: Courtesy of Dcicost
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Hang a Shelf Above the Door

If you need more storage space but don't have any room left for a cabinet or shelf unit, try mounting a floating shelf above the bedroom door. And DIY shelves are inexpensive bedroom furniture ideas and are easy to build.
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Bunk Beds with Shelves, Storage Rollouts
Photo: Courtesy of Loversiq Design

Bunk Beds with Shelves, Storage Rollouts

There's a good reason bunk beds are so popular in children's rooms—they save space and they're really fun!
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Bed-Playhouse Combo

A child's bed can work double-duty when it's in a cabin and can also function as a playhouse. What child wouldn't want this in their room?
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Fruit Crate Ottomans

Next time you're out browsing at the resale shops, keep your eye out for old apple or fruit crates for bedroom furniture ideas. With some stain and a few handles or drawer pulls, you can transform those crates into ottomans or benches. And they will double as a place to sit with storage for items such as athletic shoes, sweaters or bags.
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Suitcase Nightstand

There's a good chance you have an old suitcase in your home that is just collecting dust—why not put it to good use as a suitcase case nightstand? Create bedroom furniture ideas with your old suitcases. This DIY bedside table uses an old suitcase attached to table legs to create a nightstand that doubles as a storage unit.