12 Fresh Ideas for Teen Bedrooms

Updated: Sep. 23, 2023

The most important element in the design of teen bedrooms is individuality. If your teen is ready to ditch their childhood style and move on, here are 12 examples of transitional teen bedrooms to your teen will love right through high school.

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teen bedrooms makeover girl

Hello Gorgeous

Teen bedrooms are all about balance. You want enough personality and color to come through without making the room feel childish. And, you don’t want it to feel so “adult” that it’s stuffy. This bedroom takes its cue from the fabulous vinyl decal accent wall and plays with subtle color that is at the same time youthful and grown up.

Photo: Courtesy of Classy Clutter

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Divide and Conquer

If there’s one thing a teen bedroom needs, it’s space to hang out. Simple shelves divide this room into sleeping and living space while maintaining a light and airy look.

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Graffiti You Can Get Behind

Not for the faint of heart, this graffiti wall kicks it up a notch and lends street cred to this teen room. If you’ve got a creative teen who loves the art of tagging, painting the walls with an original creation can boost their confidence and create an awesome space that they are proud of.

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Everard/Ideal Home

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Mod Style

Colorful wallpaper is a bold statement and is a simple DIY project. Paired with glossy laminate furniture in eye-popping colors, this room would make your teenage sylista feel right at home.

Photo: Courtesy of Polly Wreford/Ideal Home

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Modern Boho

For a more carefree vibe, pair light, billowing fabrics with natural materials like seagrass and wicker. A DIY platform bed which allows focus to stay on the fabrics would be the perfect complement to create an eclectic room for your teen.

Photo: Courtesy of Simon Bevan/Ideal Home

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Learn in Style

There will be less complaining about homework with an organized home office space for your teen. The dark wall color draws you in and the white wall decor, chair and desk, along with some well-placed pops of color, make this the perfect environment for studying.

Photo: Courtesy of Brett Symes/Ideal Home

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Understated Sophistication

Teen bedrooms should feel like a well-loved shirt to the teens who call them home. This room is a perfect example of comfort, with its rustic painted furniture and subdued fabrics. A small collection of artwork casually hung on the wall completes this simple, unique space.

Photo: Courtesy of Jeanne Oliver Designs

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Beachy Vibe

Sometimes all you need is surf, sand and a six-string. This room embodies the simple vibe of California cool that is perfect for a budding surfer or musician. The right sized area rug is essential in pulling the room together.

Photo: Courtesy of Little Farmstead

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World Traveler

For those who love a little adventure, there are many ways you can incorporate a globetrotting theme into a teen bedroom. Map art, globes and storage trunks would all make perfect additions to this style.

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Sports Zone

Sports is a huge design element of teen bedrooms, and it can be tricky to get the balance right between sophisticated and overdone. This teen bedroom is a great balance of mature design, with an accent wall that leaves no doubt as to the inhabitant’s passion.

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Floral Pop

The sleek vanity and tufted storage bench in this teen bedroom provide enough elegance to keep the floral motif from being too much. A DIY painted chair is a fun, simple project you can do with your teen.

Photo: Courtesy of Simon Whitmore/Ideal Home

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messy bedroom

Accept the Mess

Provide plenty of kids room storage for teens, but know that it won’t guarantee tidiness. No matter how much planning, or closet organization you do, sometimes you just need to accept the mess in teen rooms that will inevitably occur throughout the teen years—or close the door, so you don’t have to look!

Photo: Melina Gillies