10 Awesome DIY Platform Bed Designs

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Are you interested in building your own DIY platform bed frame? These platform beds range from ultra-simple to innovative, so check out which one works best for you.

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dfh1_cubbybed diy platform bed

Platform Bed with Built-In Storage

A platform bed sounds even better with storage options for blankets, books and other accessories. Check out this DIY platform bed with storage cubbyholes. This DIY tall platform bed is a fairly complicated project, so note that it will take some time and a circular saw.

Photo: Courtesy of Lowes

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Small Bed for Kids

Looking for a small bed project fit for a toddler or two? These plans show you how to construct simple toddler DIY platform bed frames that are padded with fabric for extra protection and ideal for a small kid’s room. The fabric padding takes a little extra time, but otherwise this is an easy DIY bed frame make.

Photo: Courtesy of Design Mom

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Simple, Sturdy Wood Frame with Legs

Do you want a classic DIY simple wood bed frame platform bed with sturdy legs and traditional slat mattress support? Try out this model, which has easy instructions and leaves plenty of room for choosing the type of wood and wood stain to match your bedroom.

Photo: Courtesy of Shanty-2-Chic

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No-Legs Rustic Platform Bed

Not a fan of bed legs (tired of losing items underneath)? This beautiful platform DIY bed is made out of basic 2×6 lumber—and no bed legs, giving you a seamless look that combines rustic and modern styles.
Photo: Courtesy of Ana White

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Extra-Simple High Rise Platform Bed

Looking for a high-rise DIY platform bed with simple slats that you can make in your yard over the weekend? This project will give you exactly what you are looking for if you want a simple queen bed frame with some extra height (maybe for more storage possibilities). Note that edges may need some extra framing or protection, depending on your setup.

Photo: Courtesy of Instructables

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Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Bed

A DIY platform bed can also be made from reclaimed wood. It’s perfect if you have old floorboards (wider is better) or other boards that you would like to put to good use.

Photo: Courtesy of Mr. Kate

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Sturdy and Affordable Twin Bed

Are you interested in an extra-sturdy DIY platform bed frame that can hold a lot of weight and last for years? Check out these plans: They require bolt-on wooden legs and add extra support around the frame for a DIY bed that will last. Plus, the estimated cost is around $30. Here are some ideas if you want to make a headboard.

Photo: Courtesy of The House of Wood

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Pallet-Based Platform Bed

Crazy about pallets? This two-tiered pallet-based bed is one of 17 different styles in this collection. You may need to do a fair bit of restoration to get especially rough pallets into shape, but this is still one of the easiest projects, and comes with many variations including some with under-bed lights and storage.

Photo: Courtesy of Made 4 Decor

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Farmhouse-Style Wide-Board Bed

This very solid and beautiful bed frame is perfect for a farmhouse-style bedroom. It’s a great project for those who have some woodworking and assembly experience, and want a DIY platform bed frame that looks like it came from an expensive furniture store. That means extra work and materials, but the result is well worth it!

Photo: Courtesy of A City Born Love

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Floating Modern Platform Bed

This floating bed has hidden legs that make the frame look like it’s floating above the floor. It’s an astounding effect, easy to create, and ideal for modern bedrooms. This DIY bed frame also features a unique built-in nightstand/hidden storage cubby.

Photo: Courtesy of My DIY Home