12 Cool DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Want to make a coffee table? We've collected our favorite homemade coffee table ideas to give you inspiration and encouragement to give it a try.

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FH09MAY_498_52_023 DIY concrete table top
Family Handyman

Polished Concrete Table

Polished concrete can be stamped and sealed to create a surprisingly luxurious, modern coffee table. These creative coffee tables work well in more industrial-style rooms, or out on the patio. Take a look at our complete how-to instructions on how to make one for your home.

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FH00NOV_02140001 infinity table
Family Handyman

Infinity Table

If you really want to dazzle your guests, you can use mirrors and lights to create this unusual infinity table. Here’s everything you need to know to make one for yourself.

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df4_ reclaimed wood coffee table

Hefty Reclaimed Lumber Table

Do you have access to reclaimed lumber? Why not use some to make a rustic homemade wooden coffee table? We like this dark, industrial table, complete with wheels. Learn how to make a sleek reclaimed wood coffee table from pallets.

Photo: Courtesy of HGTV

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Wine Crate Table

Wooden wine creates are popular for many DIY projects, but they make a particularly great starting point for a homemade coffee table. As you can see, each box can face outward to provide extra storage shelves, while the stunning stained wood surface offers a place for drinks and more.

Photo: Courtesy of DIY Vintage Chic

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Nested Coffee Tables

Do you like the idea of nested coffee tables that you can pull apart for extra surfaces at different heights, as needed? You’ll love this plan for simple, elegant nested coffee tables that look great in minimalist or modern rooms.

Photo: Courtesy of Adventures in Creating

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dfh8_i ndustrial coffee table

Industrial Style Table

This homemade coffee table fits in well with a modern decor. Plus, the parts are easy to find, inexpensive and the simple coffee table can be assembled in an afternoon.

Photo: Courtesy of Ana White

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dfh9_birch log table coffee

Birch Log Coffee Table

For a homemade coffee table with an outdoorsy look, check out this birch-log coffee table. You’ll need good-looking birch logs, but the result is a striking table and conversation piece. Adding wheels is a good idea because this wooden table design will be hard to move without them.

Photo: Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

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Window Coffee Table

You can turn a reclaimed window into an attractive homemade coffee table. Plus, the window coffee table doubles as a display case that you can refresh as the seasons change. The window coffee project is as simple as attaching handles and hinges to a reclaimed window, and finding a wooden box to match!

Photo: Courtesy of Oh Glory Vintage

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dfh11_whiskey barrel coffee table

Whiskey Barrel Table

We love this whiskey barrel coffee table that’s ideal for cabins or rooms with rustic/wood accents. Contact local breweries or distilleries that may have empty whiskey or wine barrels you can purchase. If that’s not an option, check eBay. Here is a complete tutorial on how to make a table. Bonus: You can use the inside of the barrel for storage!

Photo: Courtesy of Wine Enthusiast

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Bottle Cap Table

Take a look at this mesmerizing bottle cap project. The fun part of this project is collecting just the right bottle caps. Not fond of bottled drinks? You can create a similar effect with wine corks for cool coffee tables!

Photo: Courtesy of Gwen Boston

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dfh13_build basic coffee table living room

Elegant Angled Wood Table

This is a beautiful homemade wood coffee table that is both traditional and stylish enough to fit perfectly in any living room. Take a look at the plans for this gorgeous angled-leg coffee table. With the right woodworking skills, you can make learn how to make your own storage coffee table in no time!

Photo: Courtesy of Build Basic

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dfh14_pallettable Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

Take a look at this guide to options for pallet tables. When sanded and mounted correctly, pallets can make beautiful homemade coffee tables. If you want some extra storage, stack several pallets and provide a solid base to create natural cubbyholes inside the table for books and more.

Photo: Courtesy of Icon Home Design