11 Incredible Projects Made from Repurposed Materials

Breathing new life into old things is fun, green and endlessly satisfying. We think you'll be surprised by what some super-resourceful DIYers have made with repurposed materials, and maybe you'll be inspired to create your own one-of-a-kind project.

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Piano Bench Garden

Remove the hinged seat from a piano bench, and insert a plastic or metal liner or brush on liquid rubber. Add soil, rocks and plants that have shallow roots, such as succulents. And this repurposed materials bench is perfect for a one of a kind garden. For more on how to apply liquid rubber, check out this One-Day DIY Patio Garden Pond.
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Salvaged Bookends

Salvaged Bookends

What happens to the feet when a clawfoot tub is no longer in service? They come back as bookends and doorstops! Photo: Courtesy of Cottag3
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Baseball Bat Dresser

Give baseball bats a second chance as dresser drawer pulls. Dowels are used as spacers to attached the skinny end of the bats and two bat ends are used as the knobs for the two top drawers. And these repurposed materials can be used for a variety of other projects as well. Just think outside of the box!
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Framed Art Makeover

Framed Art Makeover

Old (and often ghastly) framed art is easy to find and inexpensive at thrift stores and yard sales. By painting the frame and inserting paper that looks like barn wood, these repurposed materials was transformed into this masterpiece. Photo: Courtesy of Snazzy Little Things
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Suitcase Table with Hairpin Legs

A well-traveled suitcase gets a new life as a coffee table with the addition of hairpin legs. Old suitcases with lots of character can be found at antique shops, on Ebay and in your grandparent's attic. These repurposed materials are a great home addition for any travel extraordinaire.
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Bed to Bench Transformation

Here, an old wooden bed headboard and footboard come together as a sturdy bench. Get over the idea that you can't paint over natural wood. You can, and often, you should! After the footboard and headboard were brought together, a seat was added, everything was fastened together and spray painted. Finally, the painted finish was distressed with sandpaper.
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Sewing Table

Sewing Table

This attractive table makes good use of the cast iron legs from an antique sewing machine. When the legs are spray painted white and a tabletop is added, these old legs look thoroughly modern. Photo: Courtesy of Second Charm
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Hexagonal Chair Bench

Here we have a set of six wooden dining chairs combined into one unique bench. This project requires some precise measuring and angle cuts, but it doesn't require any special tools. This bench was built to surround a tree! A great outdoor use for these repurposed materials.
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Book Nightstand
Courtesy Merchant

Book Nightstand

Who doesn't have a stack of books they don't know what to do with? And if you don't, used books are super-cheap at yard sales and library fundraisers. So take that stack of books and turn it into a versatile, mobile nightstand or repurposed end tables!
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Piano Breakfast Bar Island

Used pianos can be hard to get rid of, so if you have one (or know someone who's trying to get rid of one), turn it into a useful breakfast buffet and bar. A flat surface, such as a piece of marble or wood, over the keyboard area, plus an extended flat surface installed over the top provide plenty of space for food and dishes. Add two barstools and your island is complete.
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Rolling Wrapping Paper Organizer

Rolling Wrapping Paper Organizer

A simple wooden step stool (the one shown even had a broken seat!) has a second life as a handy wrapping paper storage station. Trick out the stool with wheels, storage bags and hook-and-loop tabs. And you'll wonder how you ever got through the holidays without this low-cost repurposed materials organizer. Photo: Courtesy of Saddie Seasongoods