10 Stunning Black-and-White Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Forget pink and blue. These bedroom ideas for kids use an unexpected palette that's surprisingly perfect when paired with the right room accents.

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One Sheep, Two Sheep

Black and white with just a few hints of pastel give this space a soothing serenity and a decidedly minimalist aesthetic. But it’s the textural elements—a sheepskin rug, chunky knit bedding, felted catchalls—that lend warmth and comfort. Geometric patterns in varying scales add visual interest. No counting sheep necessary here, although the decals are an adorable touch, and one that’s easy to change out without damaging walls.

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Sleep Tight

Grey has become the “it” neutral for interiors, and it’s quickly becoming the nursery color of choice among design-minded moms and dads. Choosing the right shade of gray is key, though. Cool blue undertones are the safest choice. This nursery gets it right with a pale, silvery gray that glows in natural light. It beautifully complements a black-and-white palette, especially when incorporated into patterns. These homeowners opted to use gray-and-white geometric fabric as stretched-canvas art: a high-impact budget trick. These 12 bedroom furniture ideas are ingenious!

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Soft Gray

White furnishings really pop when set against a charcoal background—and the light, delicate pieces chosen for this room are an ideal counterbalance to such a bold wall. Black chalkboard paint is an obvious choice to create a visual effect like this in a nursery, as it transitions perfectly into the toddler years and beyond. Who needs to hang wall decor when you’ve got a budding artist in the house?

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Knot Cluttered

This multi-functional bedroom design—which uses just a few pops of natural wood and greenery to warm up the black-and-white motif—makes an ideal space for school-age kids, and would even work as a dorm room set up. Stark white walls promote tranquility, but what really defines this room are the dramatic, whitewashed hardwood floors. Talk about a blank canvas to showcase your decor! This floor uses an opaque finish, but consider a weathered white that lets the grain show through, too. Just make sure to use a durable finish to protect the floor from stains.

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Into the Woods

Inspire your little woodland creature with his or her very own enchanted forest to sleep in. The faux bois wallpaper used here—which provides a magical backdrop—incorporates animal friends, but you can also duplicate this look with wall decals. Cozy bedding can provide a welcome accent color; here, yellow adds a splash of sunshine. Throw in a textured blanket and area rug and a few throw pillows, and you have a recipe for whimsy. If your room feels a bit cold, here are 15 ways to warm it up.

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Welcome Baby

Pick one accent color and use it in varying shades to punch up your black-and-white room: that’s the principle the designers of this nursery used to keep it modern, refreshing and visually interesting. Banners, garlands, lighting and storage bins all bring cheerful turquoise accents to this baby’s sweet space, while pattern play keeps the primary color palette anything but boring.

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Hushed Tones

Call it “50 Shades of Greige,” because this room utilizes that coveted interior color—a chic cross between gray and beige—in various gradients to achieve a sophisticated lair for a teen. Throw pillows are one of the easiest, most budget-friendly and impactful ways to give a room personality. There are plenty of ways to layer them, but horizontally across the wall helps transform this twin bed into a multi-functional day bed. A boldly striped duvet visually elongates the room. Check out these 12 fresh ideas for teen bedrooms.

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Dot Calm

This designer made the bold decision to leave accent colors out of this black-and-white kids’ room, and it works. Polka dot walls and a mix of geometric patterns keep things interesting, and an assortment of fabrics keep it warm. A tall shelf unit—or, in this case, a ladder-inspired bookcase—take advantage of vertical space for corralling and displaying books and toys. Watch this bedroom closet become a cabinet!

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Orange Pop

What style-obsessed teen would not want to retreat to this whimsical space? It manages to incorporate so many bold statements—brushed black walls, fuchsia furniture accents, plenty of pattern-mixing—but it pulls it off thanks to a primarily black-and-white color scheme. Dimension is important too: pay attention to the use of layering on the windows, floors and bed. These 14 ways to add space to your home won’t break the bank.

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Cactus Wallpaper

Desert Dreams

A black-and-white kids’ room works best when it incorporates a healthy dose of imagination. This one uses a desert motif, with a life-size stuffed cactus setting a playful tone. The cactus pattern is echoed in the wallpaper and knickknacks. Choosing one theme, or one pattern, unifies the room visually and defines its character. Pepper the room with curiosities picked up from local flea markets or road trips. Get kids started in learning their own DIY skills!