32 Awesome Star Wars Inspired Décor Items You’ll Kill For

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Add some Star Wars decor to your home, and May the 4th be with you this Star Wars Day.

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Star Wars Wall Clock

You won’t have worry about a time long ago with this awesome Death Star wall clock. It is built from a vinyl record so the segment of the population that enjoys Star Wars and listening to vinyl records will surely geek out for this.

Experience the whimsical with some furniture that is fun as well as functional.

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Emperors Cabinet

If you’d rather not invest your time in creating a ridiculously cool bar, this little AT-AT liquor cabinet will do the trick. Called the “Emperors Cabinet” and built with high-density plywood, mahogany with brass trim and glass, it’s a piece of art.

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Death Star

There aren’t many markets or products that haven’t found a way to incorporate some kind of Star Wars themed product. But here is a Death Star fire pit from West Coast Fire Pits. The fire pit uses custom-cut carbon steel and has a gas-insert option. As far as Star Wars products, it’s hard to dispute that this is one of the cooler ones out there.

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Dewback Loveseat

Dewbacks look like they’d be pretty cool to ride and that’s not possible. So the next best thing would be to sit on a sofa that’s built like a Dewback.

Make sure that Dewback doesn’t start dinging up your walls or floor trim with a clever handy hint you’ll appreciate.

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Han Solo Carbonite Coffee Table

Keep Han Solo right where you want him with this incredible coffee table. The catch—the table runs about as much as Solo’s debt to Jabba the Hut. Avoid getting caught in carbonite by check out 14 super cool DIY coffee tables that don’t cost much.

Also, check how you can make furniture pieces with hairpin legs and turn all kinds of ordinary objects into fun, funky furniture.

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Chewbacca Bowcaster Door Handle

Chewbacca’s Bowcaster came in handy more than a time or two through the years and now it can be in your hands. It’s a pretty cool way to show your fandom without going nuts, plus if you’ve got a loose door handle, it’s a good enough excuse to add this.

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Cantina Living Room Furniture Set Concept

Maybe your company isn’t much better than the kind that frequented the Mos Eisley Cantina, so why not make them feel comfortable in such a spot. Or have the spot serve as a gathering place for those binge watching sessions of the Star Wars franchise. See how to fit everyone there so no one’s view is blocked.

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Endor Bunker Themed Desk Concept

Store as much as the Endor Bunker did with this desk inspired by the bunker. If that’s too much for you to handle, check out an incredible IKEA hack, a galaxy far, far away from the world of Star Wars, that makes for a beautiful desk.

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Classic Collector Case Storage Table

Consider this like a grown-up lunch box for your house. This storage table features the iconic artwork of the original movies and will provide a place for you to store your favorite Star Wars trinkets.

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Star Wars Emperor Throne Armchair

If you’re feeling evil, then maybe this throne inspired by Emperor Palpatine’s throne will draw you in. Make sure a throne of a different kind is taken care of in your home, unlike these 100 incredible plumbing goofs.

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Stars Wars Lightsaber Lamp

Keep the Dark Side from penetrating the room with this awesome lamp. Lightsabers will be in reach to ward off any stormtroopers. If a battle does ensue and a bulb gets broken, see the right way to remove it and what you can do to prevent stuck light bulbs.

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Star Wars Tie Fighter Gray Desk

Fly around the office in style with a Tie Fighter desk. You’ll get work done at a light speed pace sitting at this desk and keep other things from flying around.

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Han Solo Bookends

Han Solo put up a lot of walls in his life and a thousand pages could be written about him. This bookend makes quite the scene with Solo at the Cantina. Still have some books that won’t fit on the shelf, find new life for them like as a knife block.

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Diamond Select Toys Star Wars: Boba Fett Neon Sign

Whether you need something for your man cave like this arcade-themed one or just want some Boba Fett paraphernalia for your house, this neon light will illuminate a world of possibilities.

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Death Star Lamp

Next to a Boba Fett neon light, you can place this Death Star lamp that looks like it’s exploding. Yet another awesome man cave or a she shed.

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R2D2 Table

Let R2D2 light up a room as a table.

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Yoda Coat Rack

Yoda gets a hip makeover on this awesome coat rack. The rack was given a distressed wood look and will fit in the home of fans of distressed wood and Star Wars.

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Star Wars Key Holder

Your keys won’t be a galaxy far, far away are with this Star Wars key holder. Keep the search to this planet. Make finding the right key quicker with a self-selecting key and other helpful hints.

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Wampa Rug

It’s not quite a bear skin rug but a Wampa rug will solidify your fandom in a big way. But you might want to store it and other items if you’re trying to sell your house.

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R2D2 Wall Decal

Dress up your walls with this R2D2 decal. If that’s not the droid you’re looking for, check out some other awesome Star Wars decals or other wall accent ideas.

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Darth Vader showerhead

Or if you tend toward the Dark Side, grab a Darth Vader showerhead. It is kind of a nice image to see the water flowing out of his eyes. Keep the water flowing with an amazing mix you can soak a showerhead in.

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Lightsaber Display

Proudly display that lightsaber at home with this stand. It’s made of stainless and painted steel and comes with your choice of red, blue or white LED lights. Find out why there’s such a push for LED lights.

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Millennium Falcon clock

The Millennium Falcon can travel at near-light year speeds but this clock just keeps regular time. Find out why the starburst clock is such a standout of mid-century modern décor.

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Star Wars Space Chase Sham

Deck out the bedroom with Star Wars bedding like this. X-wings and TIE Fighters dot the comforter and pillow cases.

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Droid Storage Containers

Stay stocked up in the kitchen with these incredible droid storage set. Store utensils, food or cooking supplies in a droid container. Discover some of the best kitchen storage solutions to create some space in the kitchen.

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TIE Fighter Posable Desk Lamp

Have a TIE Fighter swoop in to provide light for a desk area. Check out some quick DIY fixes to improve your office.

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Star Wars Area Rug

Keep a picture of the original movie poster of “Episode IV: A New Hope” on the floor with this area rug. It’s perfect for protecting the floor and the galaxy.

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Star Wars Curtains

Keep an eye on the galaxy with these Star Wars curtains. Ever wonder how to clean curtains? See the best tips on how to clean hard-to-wash items.

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Star Wars Resort

In Florida, tourists can stay at a resort home that features some of the coolest Star Wars décor around. Check out the TIE Fighter bunk bed that doubles as a play area. Check out these incredible bunk beds that children love.

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Star Wars Scenes

Move around in the 12-bedroom villa that runs 13,000 square feet to check out different scenes from the “Star Wars” franchise, like Stormtroopers and BB-8.

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Inside the TIE Fighter

Among the scenes in the Florida resort is a painted wall of Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor, which you can see from inside the TIE Fighter.

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Star Wars Cat Bed

The classic landspeeder Luke Skywalker traveled in is reimagined as a cat bed. Your kitty will surely love the luxury. If your feline is a tech fiend, they’ll love this laser toy that automatically rotates.