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20 Quirky Gifts for the Gadget Lover on Your List

You’ll get a kick out of giving these gadgets to your techie friends and family.

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Got friend or family member who loves tech? They’ll undoubtedly love one or more of these gadgets.

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August Smart Lock

Upgrade the traditional deadbolt on your door in minutes with the August Smart Lock. Once installed, the smart lock will allow you to lock and unlock the deadbolt from your phone without a key.

You can even set it up to automatically unlock your door right when you get home, or unlock a door for someone when you’re not there. No more leaving the key under the mat!

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Moen Smart Water Detector

The little Moen Smart Water Detector provides a large amount of peace of mind. Plug it in anywhere in your home where there’s a risk of flooding or water damage. The water detector provides 24/7 monitoring of that area and send out notifications if it senses anything wrong.

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Professional Screen Cleaning Kit

Keep your screens squeaky clean with this set of screen cleaning tools. The kit will last you awhile and works on televisions, computer monitors, tablets and phones.

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Fujifilm Smartphone Printer

Who says physical media is dead? This smartphone printer from Fujifilm can turn the images you snap with your phone’s camera into Polaroid-sized photographs in just 12 seconds. The printer connects to your phone via Bluetooth so there are absolutely zero wires involved.

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Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light

Is there a better gift you can give someone than a great night’s sleep? The Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light is clinically proven to help establish healthy sleep and wake-up routines via simulated sunrises and sunsets. It’s also packed with other smart clock features including a phone charging dock, a speaker and (perhaps most essentially) a snooze button.

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Trova Home Smart Safe

The Trova Home Smart Safe is a cutting-edge home security gadget built to protect your valuables and essential documents. The safe can only be opened through Trova’s secure smartphone app, and you’ll be automatically alerted if someone tries to tamper with the safe or move it. It can even be bolted down if you’d rather not rely too heavily on technology.

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Sonos Roam

As its name suggests, the Sonos Roam wireless speaker can be taken anywhere you go. This smart speaker features more than ten hours of battery life, and its waterproof and drop resistant exterior keeps it safe from harm indoors or outside.

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Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags are the perfect gift for any absent-minded tech lover. Once you attach the little low-profile tags to something, you can track its location via an iPhone or an iPad. No more lost car keys and TV remotes!

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USB-C Car Charger Adapter

While this might look like any other car charger adapter, it’s got something that most gadgets like it lack: a USB-C port. USB-C is quickly becoming the go-to port for many devices. If you purchased a new device in the last year, it probably came with a USB-C port for charging. This adapter allows you to quickly and efficiently charge those devices when you’re on the road.

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Back and Neck Massager

Massages hit differently after a long day of DIY projects. Getting this back and neck massager is practically like having a personal masseuse on call. It uses powerful nodes and heating functions to knead and relax your muscles. It can even be kept in the car for road-trip relief.

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iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

Gardeners get bored stuck inside all winter. Give them the gift of green with this hydroponics growing system from iDOO. This miniature indoor garden makes it simple for even beginning gardeners to grow produce at home.

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Pro Series Case Designed for Airpods

Help protect someone’s expensive wireless headphones with this rugged case for Airpods. It’s made from durable and water-resistant silicone and comes with a detachable carabiner.

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Meeting Owl Pro

The Meeting Owl Pro helps take virtual communication to the next level, whether that’s working from home or video chatting with a loved one. It combines a microphone, camera and speaker into one device, simplifying setup and making it easy to hop online and communicate face-to-face.

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Balmuda Electric Kettle

It might look old school on the outside. But on the inside, this electric kettle from Balmuda is packed with tech that heats up water in minutes. Give someone one of these and they’ll never go back to heating water on the stove.

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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast food fans will love this one. This sandwich maker cooks a meat, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich in as little as five minutes. It also comes with a recipe book for alternative takes on the classic breakfast sandwich, including paleo and keto options.

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Huntkey USB Wall Adapter

This nifty little device transforms one AC outlet into four AC outlets and three USB charging ports, all with surge protection. This is a great gift idea for someone who owns a lot of devices. It lets them plug in and charge all their tech in one location without worrying about voltage spikes.

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Temperature Control Smart Mug

Hot coffee is great. Iced coffee is also good. Room temperature coffee is … not ideal. This smart mug from Ember keep drinks at temperatures ranging from 120 to 145 F so yours stays right in the sweet spot. Here are ten other smart kitchen products.

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The Saki Automatic Pot Mixer

Just set up the Saki over a pot, turn it on and walk away. The stirrer will gently stir food at one of two speeds, leaving you free to take care of other tasks in the kitchen or just lounge around on the couch. The stirrer’s arms fit saucepans from six to 10.2 inches in diameter and four to eight inches high.

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Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Stylish shades with superior sound quality — what more could anyone ask for? Bose’s audio sunglasses let you listen to music and answer calls through your phone’s smart assistant without headphones.

The coolest thing? While you enjoy the rich, dynamic sound from the speakers, the people around you won’t hear much of anything.

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Potato Peeler

You might want to give this gift a little early, especially if it’s for someone making an obscene amount of mashed potatoes this holiday season.

Using the Rotato Express could not be much easier. It swiftly slices the skin off various types of produce, not just potatoes.

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