14 Awesome Man Cave Spaces for Watching the Big Game

Updated: Jan. 16, 2023

It doesn't matter what sport you prefer, when you sit down to watch the big game, you want to do it in style. If you're thinking of building your own man cave, here are 15 awesome ideas for inspiration.

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Stadium Man Cave

This sports fan went all out to make it feel like he's in the stadium on game day. To get the man cave look, hang some sports-themed wallpaper.
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Pole Barn Man Cave

Who says you can't turn your pole barn or storage shed into a man cave (and even a barndo)? And you'll have plenty of space to invite all your friends over for the game. You never know what you can find in an old pole barn.
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Unfinished Basement Man Cave

Unfinished Basement Man Cave

If your basement is dry, try moving your man cave there even if the space is unfinished. And this space has everything you need, except a soft floor. Check out these man cave ideas to turn your basement into the ultimate hangout spot. Bonus: Here's how to mount a TV in the perfect place in a man cave. Photo: Courtesy fotocielo.com
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Super Fan Man Cave

Super Fan Man Cave

Are you a super fan? So hang your memorabilia and art, and display your favorite team's logo throughout the space. These sports memorabilia homes will have any sports super fan drooling with envy. Photo: Courtesy Pinterest
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Party Palace Man Cave

Talk about a great spot for a party. Also, this man cave not only features a bar and small gas fireplace, but plenty of space to mingle during halftime. Transform an ordinary storage shed into a man cave shed.
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Sophisticated Man Cave

Sophisticated Man Cave

For a more sophisticated feel, this man cave features a classic bar area with a big-screen television, front and center. Photo: Courtesy tremost.com
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Stadium Seating Man Cave

For ultimate comfort, try stadium seating and make sure the room is soundproof. And this way everyone in the room will have a great view of the game and you won't disturb the non-sports fans in the house.
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Backyard Man Cave

Take the game outside. And if you have a fenced-in yard, try recreating a section of your favorite ballpark or stadium in the backyard. Also during halftime, play a game of touch football to pass the time.
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Kitchen Man Cave

Kitchen Man Cave

People congregate in the kitchen, so if space your available space and budget is large, include a kitchen in your man cave and hang the television there. This way, snacks and beverages will always be readily available. Photo: Courtesy tremost.com
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Slinger's Broad Street Bar/Fan Cave
Photo courtesy of Rick Genslinger

Slinger's Broad Street Bar/Fan Cave

This man cave was named the 2016 Man Cave of the Year. The space features plenty of memorabilia, a bar area and lots of space to watch the game.
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Outdoor Man Cave

Move the game watching outdoors with a giant screen. A backyard pool offers a fun, laid-back atmosphere for game viewing.
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Game Room Man Cave
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Game Room Man Cave

If space allows, add some games to your man cave, such as foosball, pool or pinball. And this will help keep all ages entertained, even when the home team is losing. Games make for awesome man caves.
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Attic Man Cave

Attic Man Cave

Try finishing off the attic for the ultimate man cave. Just add seating, a television and some tables for comfort.
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Ultimate Comfort Man Cave Shed

This man cave has built-in beds for when the game runs late into the night. And recreate the look with one of these bunk bed design plans.