10 Awesome TV Installation Ideas

Updated: Feb. 06, 2024

Not too long-ago TVs were large and bulky, severely limiting how they could be installed and displayed. Technology has advanced rapidly in the last few decades, bringing about sleek and lighter weight units that can adapt to almost any space, including outdoors. In a salute to the modern age of electronics, we've rounded up 10 of the most impressive TV installation ideas for the home.

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TV installation behind artwork
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TV Installation Behind Artwork

If your home has traditional decor, you may think it’s difficult to incorporate new technology into an older space, but this hack shows that technology can be beautiful, and easy to hide away when not in use. Bi-fold doors made out of artwork are a great alternative to the typical sliding door unit and they add an air of sophistication to the room.

While you’re at it, check out our list of decorative TV wall ideas that will add an aesthetically pleasing element to your home.

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Map it Out

For those who prefer the rustic or vintage vibe in their home, this easy TV installation idea is a genius way to conceal the electronics—and it looks great too! Install a school-style retractable map above the screen and roll up the map to reveal the hidden TV beneath. Pull down the map when you want to hide the TV.

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Palm Springs bathroom with freestanding bath
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Soak it Up

In a shift to luxurious, spa-like bathrooms, homeowners are putting a lot of effort into making the bathroom a place to relax and unwind. TV installation in a bathroom provides the perfect place to catch up on the news while getting ready or relax with a movie and a bubble bath at the end of a long day. Given the nature of bathrooms, however, you’ll want to ensure the TV cords are hidden in the wall to protect them from moisture. Here’s how to fish cords through a wall.

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Hide and Seek TV Wall Mount with Shelf

A TV hidden in a coffee table is one of the coolest ways to conceal your unit when not in use. You can either build your own unit or refinish a current piece of furniture, like a blanket trunk or cedar chest. This version was custom-made in Canada.

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Frame It

If simple TV installation on the wall is all you want, consider making it a showpiece by framing it. This idea capitalizes on the popular pipe furniture craze and is a rustic and casual way to make a statement.

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Feature Wall with a Purpose

For homes with concrete, brick or lathe and plaster walls, concealing TV cables can be difficult. An easy fix is to create a purpose-built feature wall that allows room in the back to keep those cables out of site. Recycled pallets make the perfect material for both style and function. This is our favorite of all TV wall mount ideas!

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tv hidden in bed frame
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Bedroom Bliss

A TV hidden in a footboard is an ingenious idea for bedroom TV watching. Best of all, it lowers out of sight to create a distraction-free zone when you don’t want screen time.

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kitchen tv
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Heart of the Home

Considering how much time families spend in the kitchen, it makes sense to include a TV. With proper mounting, you can always stay informed and entertained while doing meal-prep, homework or just hanging out. Try adding this awesome tablet stand to keep your recipes within reading range while you bake or cook.

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Covered patio exterior behind new luxury home
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Outdoor Living: Outdoor TV Mounting Ideas

Build your own DIY outdoor living room, and you’ll have the perfect spot to integrate a TV for use on those warm summer nights. Outdoor TV installation makes perfect sense if you have a large gathering of people to watch a special event as there is usually more room to spread out. Within an outdoor kitchen is one of our favorite outdoor TV mounting ideas.

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Tv In Garage Paver Driveway Is 1
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Garage Greatness

From a place to work on your car to a full-fledged man (or woman) cave, a TV in the garage just makes sense. Have a look at our best ways to keep your garage warm in winter, and you’ll have a year-round spot to catch the game.