10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Switch out your builder-grade mirror with one of these fabulous DIY and store-bought bathroom mirror ideas!

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DIY Arched Bathroom Mirror Courtesy Functional Decor Instagram
Courtesy @Functional_Decor/Instagram

DIY Arched Bathroom Mirror

Give your plain, frameless bathroom mirror a fabulous new look with this clever idea from @functional_decor. Cut an arch shape out of wood, the same width as the mirror, and paint it white. Then glue the arch directly onto the mirror (check out the full how-to here). Be sure to use a heavy-duty construction adhesive that’s safe on mirrors.

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Dog Mural Bathroom Mirror Courtesy Premazzifavoritointeriores Instagram
Courtesy @Premazzifavoritointeriores/Instagram

Dog Mural Bathroom Mirror

A giant dog mural in the bathroom? Why not? Rather than letting the mirrors distract from the playful dog wallpaper, the clever designers from @premazzifavoritointeriores incorporated the mirrors as part of the dog’s face. What a fun surprise for visitors when they go to use the guest bathroom!

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White Mirror With Preserved Moss
Via Merchant

Moss Mirror

In a small bathroom, this 18-inch round mirror with preserved moss and faux plants is a focal point. Plus, the humidity in the bathroom is the perfect environment to keep the moss fluffy and bright green. This mirror has a wooden frame, and a crafty DIYer could recreate this look with a purchased framed mirror and some greenery from a craft store.

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Swivel Bathroom Mirror Courtesy Day True Instagram
Courtesy @Day_True/Instagram

Swivel Bathroom Mirror

Although not the traditional choice, installing the vanity in front of the window allows for optimal natural light (great for applying makeup). But where to put the mirror?

A counter-mounted swivel mirror, like the one used in this bathroom design by @day_true, solves the problem. It doesn’t obscure the window and can be turned as needed to show off your best angles.

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Bathroom Mirror Wall Tile Courtesy Swatigoorhadesigns Instagram
Courtesy @Swatigoorhadesigns/Instagram

Bathroom Mirror Wall Tile

Mirrors reflect light, making a space feel bigger and brighter. That’s the concept behind this bathroom by @swatigoorhadesigns. The LED mirror lights up, and the wall of beveled mirrored tiles reflect the light from the window on the opposite wall. This bathroom might be small, but thanks to the smart mirror choices it will never feel dark or cramped.

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Uttermost Ocean Rectangular Coral Inspired Coastal Style Wall Mirror
Via Merchant

Ruffle Bathroom Mirror

Ocean coral inspires the white ruffle edge of this Uttermost mirror. Hang it in your coastal style bathroom for beachy fun décor that’s still modern and sophisticated. This mirror can be hung horizontal or vertical. Or hang two above a double sink to make an even bigger statement!

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Alqi Bathroom Mirror Cabinet With Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet
Via Merchant

Bathroom Mirror With Storage Cabinet

For small bathrooms, you need to squeeze in storage opportunities wherever you can — including on the mirror. The closed-door cabinet built-in to this contemporary mirror is great for stashing bathroom essentials.

The wood ledge offers further storage opportunity, or a cute spot to place things you don’t mind out on display, like a small succulent or pretty perfume bottles.


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Anzzi Stellar Frameless Rectangular Led Bathroom Mirror With Bluetooth
Via Merchant

Fog-Free Bathroom Mirror

Say goodbye to foggy mirrors after a hot shower! This sleek frameless mirror includes a built-in defogger that keeps the glass clear and free of condensation.

But the high-tech features don’t end there. You can also sync up your mobile device to the built-in Bluetooth speaker, and turn on the back-lit LED light for a warm and flattering glow.

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Uttermost Rolin Round Staggered Nail Head Mirror
Via Merchant

Nailhead Mirror

For that rustic, industrial vibe, check out this nailhead mirror. The staggered design of various metal circles or “nails” creates a beautiful layered look for the frame. This would be great in a powder room where the right mirror can make a big impact on the small space.

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Miranda Capiz Round Mirror
Via Merchant

Capiz Bathroom Mirror

Capiz shell light fixtures are popular in stylish homes, but what about a capiz mirror? Crank up the glamour in your bathroom with this round mirror with a frame made of capiz shells. The naturally iridescent finish glimmers and reflects light, making this a beautiful and shimmery addition to your bathroom décor.

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