10 Genius Small Master Bathroom Ideas that WOW!

Updated: Mar. 19, 2024

Expanding your mirror, going for a longer sink and installing a skylight are just some of the ways you can make a small master bathroom feel bigger.

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door small master bathroom ideas

Install a Sliding Door

When opened, a door on a hinge takes up valuable space. One of our favorite master bathroom storage ideas for a small space is a sliding door on a rail or a pocket door. These doors are parallel with the wall whether they’re closed or open, allowing you to utilize the space that would otherwise be cut off by an open door on a hinge. These budget-conscious bathroom remodeling tips will keep you from flushing away your hard-earned money.

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Use a Large-Scale Pattern

While the square footage will remain untouched, using a large-scale pattern in your small master bathroom can trick the eye into seeing a bigger space. Consider a large floral-patterned wallpaper or large bathroom tiles. Check out this bathroom makeover on a budget.

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Install a Skylight

The more light you have in a space, the more open it will feel. To make your master bathroom feel larger, install a skylight. This is a great small master bathroom idea because it will introduce dispersed natural light instead of direct artificial light. Here’s how to remodel your bathroom without destroying it.

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Try a Long Sink

Another feature to consider for your small master bathroom ideas is a long sink. It’s a great alternative to a double-sink vanity, because the sink and countertop are still all one piece to save space and accommodate two people, but a single long sink gives the illusion of more space. Here’s how to install a vanity sink.

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Float the Vanity

Another great small master bathroom idea is a floating vanity. It will visually help the small master bathroom appear bigger since it doesn’t cut off the floor plan. Mounting the vanity above the floor also frees up space that can be used for storing smaller items in woven baskets. If you’ve been wondering, “Why does my dog follow me into the bathroom?” we’ve got answers.

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Install Under-Cabinet Lights

For your small master bathroom ideas, remember that every amount of surface space counts. Typically, beneath shelves, cabinets or countertops, a shadow is cast that darkens the space below, and this makes the room appear smaller. Solve this problem by installing under-cabinet lights to illuminate otherwise overlooked areas. If you want to enhance the look even more, then follow these double vanity bathroom ideas.

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Expand the Mirror

Add this to your master bathroom ideas, a larger mirror. For small spaces, having a mirror stretch across the entire wall, instead of just over the vanity, results in more reflected light and the illusion of a larger space. Check out these 16 inexpensive bathroom updates with wow factor.

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Extend Floor Tile

Choosing a different material for your shower stall than your bathroom floor cuts off the space. Choose to run floor tile from the bathroom floor straight into the shower stall. It will trick the eye into seeing expanded space. Check out these 13 tile tips for better bathroom tile.

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Choose Fixtures with Storage

Keep clutter to a minimum in a small master bathroom. Skip the extra shelves and storage dressers, opting instead for basic bathroom pieces with dual-purpose. For instance, when choosing a mirror for above the sink, go for one with drawers or shelves. Check out these 20 bathroom storage hacks.

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Consider a Statement Tub

This may seem counterintuitive to your small master bathroom ideas, but having one big statement furnishing, like a deep claw-foot tub, can add a grandiose feel to a modest room.