17 Must-Have Camping Gadgets—and They’re All Available on Amazon

Updated: Apr. 15, 2024

Before you set out on an outdoor adventure, make sure your checklist is complete with these camping gadgets.

17 Amazing Camping Gadgets Found On AmazonVIA MERCHANT

When it comes to outdoor adventures, you should pack light without sacrificing the survival gear, comforts and camping gadgets that make your trip comfortable and crisis-free. And we have just the products in mind.

“Whether you have a fun camping trip or a terrible night in the woods comes down to the gear you have. It’s also important that you have durable gear that’s made to stand up to whatever conditions you might face,” says Ryan Van Bibber, Family Handyman’s deputy editor and camping expert. “If you’re new to it, use a camping checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need for whatever kind of trip outdoors you’re planning. And when it’s time to get the gear you need, read the reviews, look for products that experts have tested and take advantage of sales to round out your kit with the stuff that will last for years.”

Prepare to have a memorable journey—in a positive way— with the best camping gadgets that Prime members should take advantage of.

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Powerlix Sleeping Pad Ecomm Img 0708[6] Megan Mowery Family Handyman Mledit

Sleeping Pad

Who says sleeping outdoors is uncomfortable? The ultra-light Powerlix sleeping pad is waterproof and comes with a storage bag, two repair kits and a multi-purpose inflating bag. It doesn’t require an air pump to inflate and, when not in use, the mat packs down tight to fit in your weekend bag.

“This camping sleeping pad packs light, self-inflates in just a few seconds and rolls up into a convenient carrying bag that’s easy to take on the road,” says senior shopping editor, Megan Mowery. “I’ve found it to be quite durable, too—even on gravel-packed tent pads. But in case it ever does spring a leak, it comes with an included patch kit so you’re not left sleeping on the hard ground.”

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Dealbang Led Tent Lights
via merchant

LED Tent Lights

Set up these handy LED lights rather than solely relying on flashlights. These battery-powered lights can be attached inside or outside the camping tent to provide illumination, with three levels of brightness. The small clip hooks keep the lights in place so you always know where they are.

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Legit Camping Hammock
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Available in nine colors, this double parachute hammock is a fun piece of camping furniture to bring along on an outdoor trip. Though lightweight and easy to fold up and store, it can hold up to 400 pounds. Hanging hardware is included for easy setup.

Extremely durable. I’ve had this hammock hung up outside in the ice, rain and sun for the last year and a half and it’s still strong! I love it,” writes Elisa Garcia, a five-star reviewer.

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Trash Can
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Trash Can

Conveniently collect your garbage to keep those campgrounds clean with this spring-loaded reusable trash can. It holds 30-gallon trash bags, offering a practical way to take care of litter. Made of heavy-duty polyethylene with a zipper top, when not in use, it collapses flat to store in your camping gear or garage.

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Lifestraw being held up in front of a pond in the background
Megan Mowery/Family Handyman

Water Filter

If you tend to go on more hardcore camping trips, the LifeStraw is a useful camping gadget. The straw filters up to 1,000 gallons of water, which is a necessity if you’re camping somewhere without access to clean drinking water. It filters up to 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa, which can lead to disease. Pick up this lightweight, easy-to-use accessory for your next adventure.

“I love that they added a feature to the LifeStraw that lets you screw it onto a water bottle and also use it as a straw the traditional way. Versatility is key and this was a great improvement,” writes verified purchaser, Felicia Agosti.

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Gci Campfire Chairs Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Rocking Chair

For outdoor living—even if it’s just for the weekend—you’ll need a comfortable place to sit. Enter: the freestyle rocker. This chair has padded arm rests and a built-in drink holder. It’s available in over a dozen colors, and folds down flat when not in use.

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Spork To Go Set Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Cut down on the amount of items you pack with this three-in-one camping gadget. These sporks, which come with a can opener/bottle opener, combine a spoon, fork and knife into one tool. The reasonably priced set features eight utensils made from bisphenol A (BPA)-free, heat-resistant, food-grade plastic that withstands the test of time. Each reusable tool includes a serrated edge on the fork to help cut food, making the set a campfire cooking essential.

”Bought these for a week-long camping trip. The only cutlery I brought. They were perfect,” says five-star reviewer, Andrew Ursitti. “Ditched the disposables and didn’t have to dig around for the camping cutlery.”

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Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Microfiber Towel

This quick-drying microfiber towel wicks away moisture from your tent or camp kitchen without leaving droplets or streaks in its wake. Not only do you get a reliable camping gadget to dry off after swimming or a shower, but it packs away easier than conventional beach towels, thanks to it’s quick-dry magic. The Rainleaf towel comes in six sizes and eleven color choices to sweeten the deal.

“I always keep a Rainleaf towel in my camping gear kit in case of rainy weather—until a rain-drenched multi-day stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, when I used the microfiber towel so much, I ordered two more as backups.” says Mowery. “The towels are exceptionally effective at drying moisture and can absorb quite a bit of water. They’re useful for drying camp dishes, blotting rain-soaked tents and wiping off after a strenuous hike or trip to the beach. They’re such a useful multi-purpose item, no camping kit should be complete without them.”

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Earth Pak Dry Bag Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Dry Bag

If your camping adventures involve activities like kayaking, canoeing or fishing—or you’re just unsure what Mother Nature has in store for you—this dry bag (along with a phone case) keeps your important items safe. Available in six sizes and eights colors, this bag floats, just in case waters are rough and you need to complete a rescue mission.

“I originally bought this bag because I was kayaking through Lake Powell in Arizona. I, unfortunately, capsized while kayaking and this bag stayed afloat. We were able to retrieve the bag and everything inside was dry, including a $1,000 film camera! Definitely buy!” writes Vinny Chase, a five-star reviewer.

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cooler light
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Cooler Light

Don’t rely on the light of the fire as you fish around for a beverage at night. This cooler light, secured with provided adhesive tape, turns on when someone opens the cooler and turns off when the lid closes. The light has about a 20-second illumination time. Don’t discount how dark it can get—camping lights are a must-have camping gadget.

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Ektos Wool Blanket Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Wool Blanket

Wool is a natural insulator, trapping air inside the fibers, which comes in handy on cold camping trips. This wool blanket, available in eight colors, is made of 90% wool and 10% synthetic fibers, so you’re bound to be a whole lot warmer than you would be without it. Plus, it’s machine washable for easy cleanup once you get home.

Excellent blanket!” writes five-star reviewer, McKenzie Alden, “This is a perfect camping blanket. Kept the floor of my tent warm despite the overnight storm, and subsequent cold ground. Easy to clean and warm!”

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Coleman Tent Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Weatherproof Tent

When you want to start the outdoor family fun as soon as possible, choose this Coleman tent. It sets up in just 60 seconds, thanks to pre-installed poles—just unfold, extend, secure and it’s move-in ready. The spacious interior sleeps six, and the integrated, vented rainfly provides added protection from the elements. When it’s time to head home, the tent comes down as easily as it went up. What’s more, it’s surprisingly light to transport via the expandable carry bag.

Martin Moore, a verified buyer, writes, “The tent is made in great quality, durable and the setup is super easy for beginners, expend and pull, you are good to go. I made my comfortable tent within 10 minutes. Please note that the 6 people size can fit 2 cots.”

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Coleman Rollaway Cooler
via merchant

Rollaway Cooler

To ease the transport of food and beverages that need to be kept cold, this Coleman wheeled cooler is worth considering. It holds 62 quarts, features a leak-resistant drain and doubles as a table with four cup holders. The rugged wheels and telescoping handle make this cooler easy to transport on uneven grounds.

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Dog Pack Saddlebag Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Dog Saddlebag

If you bring your four-legged friend on adventures, this dog backpack will keep their must-haves close by. It’s made of cotton canvas and comes in medium and large sizes. A few zipped pockets store whatever a dog may need on the trails, so choose among the four earthy colors. Your furry best friend is sure to be happy to carry their own treats!

“I am a huge outdoors person and I try to take my dogs everywhere permitted. This backpack has been unbelievably useful to the point that it’s basically a necessity now (if this one ever breaks I will get another one),” says Matthew H., a verified purchaser. “This has been so awesome for camping specifically. My dog carries all of her own stuff, such as her food, her water bowl, her waste bags, a toy, her protective goggles, etc.”

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Telescoping Roasting Sticks
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Roasting Sticks

If you want to put a little pop of color into your camping kitchen, this 10-piece barbecue fork set is a fun camping gadget. While each one folds down to 12 inches, they can extend up to 32 inches for safe hot dog and marshmallow roasting. Made from stainless steel and a heat-resistant wooden handle, each one has a different color so everyone knows which one is their stick. Plus, the set includes a carrying case to keep them together.

“We love having fires in the backyard and roasting marshmallows. These extendable color-coded roasting sticks are perfect. No more mixing up sticks, and there are enough for all the kids and their friends to have a stick. We have even roasted hot dogs on them without issue,” writes five-star reviewer, Courtney Reed.

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Surviveware Body Wipes
via merchant

Body Wipes

You’ll be thankful you have these extra-large body wipes for those times you can’t take an outdoor shower or bathe while camping. Completely biodegradable, these full-body wipes are a generous 8 inches by 12 inches to keep you feeling fresh on the trail. For people with sensitive skin, these wipes are fragrance-free, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic.

“We began purchasing these last year as an alternative to solar showers while camping. They turned out to be the ideal way for us to get clean before bed. I’m 5’6″ and on a light day use three towelettes washes me from head to toe, (bald pate included). Same for my wife, who is 6’1′!” shares Brian Mabin, a five-star reviewer.

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Gosports Cornhole Game
via merchant

Cornhole Game

Bring the competition to your camping setup with a cornhole board. This outdoor game from GoSports, which you can also play in your backyard, comes with two boards and eight bean bags. Safely store all the components in the included carrying case.

“I looked over all the sets on Amazon, and while there were several that looked good and got great reviews, we finally went with this one that has a nice bamboo finish,” writes Helen Bickmore, a verified buyer. “It’s really solid and the carrying case is great for transporting it to the shed after use.”

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