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The Best Backyard Games You Can Buy

It's time to take family game night outdoors. This summer, whether it's a Friday night with the family or a Sunday afternoon barbecue with friends, try these backyard games that will be a hit with all ages.

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Part ping pong, part volleyball, part four square, SpyderPong blends all of those together into one action-packed game your friends and family will get a huge kick out of whenever they’re hanging out in your backyard. As you get the hang of it, you can open up the rules for a wild game where everything’s in-bounds, as long as it’s over the net. Franklin Sports’ durable table is easy to set up, and works indoors and out. Plus, it comes with paddles to play a regular game of ping pong too.

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BucketBall is a great game for the backyard, pool, beach or campground. It’s played by setting up two sets of six buckets in a triangular formation. Each player on the team tries to throw the ball into the opposing team’s buckets and if a ball goes in, that bucket is removed from the game. The team that gets rid of all of the other team’s buckets first is the winner. The set comes with a tote bag, so it’s easy to transport.

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Haven’t heard of the game Kubb? This Swedish yard game is unique, entertaining and kid friendly. It requires you to toss batons underhand to knock your opponents’ blocks down. It can be played on grass, pavement, sand, dirt and even snow. Build a game day shed that’s perfect for work and play.

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A great backyard game for all ages, BattleChip is a hybrid between golf and cornhole. It’s easy for all skill levels and the game can be assembled in less than a minute and stores in a compact carrying case so you can bring it with you. You’ll need your own golf club. Build a cornhole game with these easy-to-follow plans.

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Spikeball is a fun way to stay active at your next backyard gathering. You just need four people to play and some open space and you can make it as competitive (or not) as you want. It’s easy to learn and you’ll be playing in just 10 minutes. Users say it’s fun for all ages and extremely addictive. Having a barbecue? These are the 17 best cooking gadgets you need for your game-day party.

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Hookey Ring Toss

A fun and safe alternative to darts, this hookey ring toss game will have you trying to rack up points by tossing a hookey ring to various hooks with corresponding point totals. It’s easy to set up and great for kids and adults. ” I bought this mainly for my twin teenagers’ birthdays. But I had a feeling we’d all have fun with it. And I was right… we’ve all been playing with it. Starting with a 6-year-old up to us adults,” said one buyer. Let the games begin with these 12 DIY backyard games and sport courts.

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Lawn Bowling

When it comes to great backyard games, bowling is at the top of the list. This giant lawn bowling set includes all the equipment you need for a day of fun. Just place the pins upright, step back and roll the ball. It includes a mesh bag for easy transport.

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Giant Toppling Tower

Put your knowledge of engineering and physics to the test with this giant toppling tower game. The game starts at 2-1/2 feet and grows to over 5 feet during play. It includes a dry erase board to make your own rules and a carrying case for easy portability.

Build a giant backyard Jenga game for your next party.

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Jumbo 4-to-Score

A giant version of the family favorite, this Jumbo 4-to-Score game will be fun edition to your backyard party. Just try to get four of your color in a row and you win. This indoor hopscotch game will keep kids busy for hours.

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