13 Outdoor Games to Play with the Whole Family in the Snow

These outdoor games are perfect for winter and cold-weather fun. Grab a coat and get ready to play!

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Outdoor Winter Games
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If you’re into fresh air and good fun, make the most of a snowy yard, driveway or other open space with these fun outdoor games. From classic family games to timeless adult favorites, these winter-ready experiences are the perfect way to keep your eyes on the prize (and off your devices). And they make a perfect family holiday gift!

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Inflatable Snowball Toss game
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Inflatable Snowball Toss

Best for families

This nine-piece inflatable snowball toss set comes with an inflatable vinyl game piece designed to catch well-aimed snowballs. The first to score three in a row wins the game — and maybe some prizes. The game comes with small plastic balls in case there’s not enough snow on the ground, but it’s snow much more fun to use real snowballs.

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Reindeer Ring Toss
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Reindeer Ring Toss

Best-rated cheapie

Whether you give this inflatable reindeer ring toss at Christmas or just want to keep a fun outdoor game on hand, it’s sure to make loads of winter memories. The game is only about $10, making it a total win.

“I bought this as a white elephant gift,” says one verified Amazon purchaser. “We had so much fun! We played group ring toss, all of us grabbing rings as fast as we could, and making ring shots on the two people who were wearing the antlers.

“Rings were flying everywhere — lots of laughter! Definitely livened up our party! It even comes with a little air pump.”

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Flarts Floor And Yard Darts Game
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Flarts Floor and Yard Darts Game

Best for groups

You can play Flarts in all four seasons or even indoors, but it’s especially fun when the weather is crisp and you find yourself working up a sweat trying to win.

This outdoor game set includes a double-sided mat featuring a classic darts graphic on one side and your choice of a monster or unicorn-themed graphic on the other. The darts are inflatable and present just the right amount of safe, challenging fun for everyone in the group.

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Snow Chess game
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Snow Chess

Best for deep thinkers

Snow chess is exactly what it sounds like, except the pieces are huge. Each stands 12 inches tall, and the chessboard is more like a giant picnic blanket laid across a snowy field. Just think of the photo opportunities for next year’s holiday card!

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Winter Connect More game
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Winter Connect-More

Best for couples

Need a little time together? This enormous take on classic Connect 4 offers just the right amount of relaxed fun and laughs to get you through the chilliest days. Pop on some cozy mittens and do your best to win. Keep this game on the patio or deck year-round.

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Giant Checkers And Tic Tac Toe
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Giant Checkers and Tic Tac Toe

Best for all ages

Young and old alike will love playing tic tac toe and checkers on these giant yard-friendly mats. The weather-resistant EVA foam set can be rearranged from a jumbo checkerboard to tic tac toe in minutes. Ten big X and O discs and 24 checkers come with the set, all housed in a convenient carrying bag.

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Light Up Bean Bag Toss
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Light-Up Bean Bag Toss

Best affordable outdoor game

This clever bean bag toss (AKA cornhole) is ideal for all ages and comes in at an affordable price ($25). The best part? While typical bean bags may sink into the snow and vanish, these light up so they’re easy to spot.

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Winter Laser Tag game
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Winter Laser Tag

Best for big kids

Heck, adults will love this laser tag set, too. But really, tweens and teens will have hours of fun playing with this fun set. It comes with four infrared laser guns and four vests. The vests slip over fleeces, jackets and sweatshirts with ease, but they’ll probably work up a sweat playing this on even the chilliest days.

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Velcro Toss And Catch Game
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Velcro Toss & Catch Game

Best game to play with small children

This old-school toss and catch game is still a popular favorite, and it’s just as fun for kids in the snow as it is on the beach.

“The pads have such strong grip that our three and five-year-olds could not unstick the ball from it at first, but they figured it out quickly,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Gregory. “We played all day in the yard and left the toy outside. It rained all night. We thought that’s it, game over. But no, the toy is still in great condition and super sticky.”

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Kan Jam Disc Throwing Game
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Kan Jam Disc Throwing Game

Best for groups of four

Take turns throwing and deflecting the flying disc across the yard, a snowy park or anywhere else with this game. Aim at the goal to get 21 points.

It’s trickier than it looks. It’s great for competitive adults who love cornhole but want to try new outdoor games.

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Roll The Dice game
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Roll the Dice

Best for keeping score

Play dice games or keep score on made-up games of your own with these large 3-1/2-in. red foam dice that won’t sink into the snow. They’re bright red and nearly impossible to lose.

“I’ve seen a lot of these giant dice in wood, but they’re very heavy so foam is a perfect option for me,” writes a happy verified Amazon purchaser. “Comes with a mesh bag that easily fits the six dice, rules and the reusable scoreboard. Dry erase scoreboard has rules and scoring for Farkle and Rollzee [generic Yahtzee] and comes with a marker.”

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Ideal Sno Toys Sno Art Kit
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Ideal Sno Toys Sno-Art Kit

Best for creative play

Make your own outdoor games or challenge each other to a snow art duel with this Sno-Art kit that offers hours of creative play for people of all ages. You’ll color and decorate the snow with special markers designed for the cold fluff. It even includes snow molds to create precise art.

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Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Outdoor Lawn Game
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Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Outdoor Lawn Game

Best easy-to-learn game

If you’re not in the mood to learn complicated new outdoor games, that’s okay. This ladder toss game is great in all four seasons and a cinch to figure out. It’s ideal for two to four players and makes for an especially fun time for adults and teens.

“As usual, Amazon Basics has created a great value ladder ball set,” writes verified Amazon purchaser HoppaGuy. “I got a cheap set and it broke almost immediately with the first play. This set, while not expensive, has thicker PVC tubes and will last longer. It comes with a carrying case. Overall highly recommend for backyard use and tailgating!”

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