Discover the Best Portable Outdoor Camping Kitchens for Travelers

Updated: Apr. 15, 2024

Wondering which camp kitchen to buy? We run down the best pop-up camp kitchens that bring the comforts of home to your outdoor meal-making.

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What Is an Outdoor Camping Kitchen?

Camp kitchens have a lot more to offer than the old cooler-plus-picnic table setup. Today’s standalone camp kitchens provide a version of your home workspace to help you more easily prepare a delicious meal in the wild.

They’re often counter height, making meal prep more comfortable. They come in various configurations to conveniently store food, accessories and more, so you can take the comfort of a well-organized kitchen on the road with you.

When buying a camp kitchen, it’s important that it be:

  • Portable;
  • Lightweight;
  • Compact;
  • Sturdy, with a stable base to avoid tipping;
  • Large enough to support your stove of choice.

Extra features that come in handy include:

  • Side tables and shelves;
  • Covered and/or closed storage;
  • Built-in sinks;
  • Lantern poles.

Read on for a list of camping kitchens that get the best reviews from fellow campers.

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Best Camping Kitchen Plus Pantry

The Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Roll Top Kitchen features two roll-top table stations and two side counters that all fold away into a carry bag that fits at the bottom of the trunk or in the bed of a truck.

The frame, made of light, weather-resistant aluminum, has adjustable legs to steady it on uneven surfaces. It sets up in minutes, so you’ll be ready to cook while your partner is still pitching the tent. The detachable storage compartment keeps kitchen food or essentials out of sight and protected while you’re off adventuring, yet at the ready as soon as it’s mealtime.

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Best Multipurpose Camping Kitchen

The hardworking Goplus Folding Camping Table with Storage functions like a traditional folding table, but with a twist — easy-to-install canvas lockers underneath to store food, dishware and other provisions. Plus, it folds to the size of a suitcase.

The Goplus also lets you add or remove legs to set the table at different heights (21 or 28 inches) to accommodate different uses (or short and tall chefs). It’s a straightforward, multipurpose helper for barbecues, picnics and tailgate parties, too.

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Best Deluxe Camping Kitchen

The Cabela’s Deluxe Camp Kitchen has everything you need to cook in the great outdoors — including the kitchen sink. There’s a spice rack, utensil hooks and a paper towel holder on the flip-up wind-blocking backsplash, plus a removable washbasin with dishrag bar, a bottom wire rack and a fabric pantry that zips shut. Hang your lantern on the built-in hook and your well-outfitted workspace is well lit, too.

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Best Basic Camping Kitchen

The Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table covers the basics — an aluminum tabletop for your stove or grill, plus two side tables for key food staging and prep/serving space. Utensil hooks and a paper towel holder keep necessities ready, just like at home. The strong steel frame quickly folds down to just six inches, which you can tuck away into the included carrying bag. It’s a great standard, versatile campsite setup.

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Best Camping Kitchen/Storage In One

The trunk-style Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table & Organizer has plenty of room to tote and store all your stuff. It comes with four zippered, removable compartments. The blue one is insulated for ice or cold packs, or you could use it as a camp sink. Keep the other compartments packed with utensils, pots, pans and dishes, etc., so you’re always ready to roll.

When you arrive at your destination, just telescope the legs, remove the metal tabletop from the side compartment, set your camp stove on top and you’re ready to cook.

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Best Camping Kitchen for Organized Campers

There’s a spot for seemingly everything on the GCI Slim-Fold Portable Camp Kitchen. Grill top, workspace and storage space, of course, but also special spots for paper towels, grilling utensils, a garbage bag and even the cook’s drink. It folds down easily, and has a built-in carry handle, making takedown a breeze. At just under 19 pounds, this is also the lightest of the bunch.

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Best Camping Kitchen With Plenty of Shelving

The GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen is perfect for outings with family or a group of friends, letting you spread out and cook up a storm. The one-piece, powder-coated steel frame opens to reveal a huge, flat work surface.

Besides the heat-resistant aluminum countertop, it has a lower wire rack and three folding side tables, with — take note, wine lovers — stem glass holders notched in the two bottom ones. Other conveniences include a soft-shell sink with a drain for dishes, and a lantern pole for making meals when the sun goes down.

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Best Camping Kitchen With Plenty of Closed Storage

If keeping things neat and tucked away is your style, the Giantex Folding Camp Kitchen is for you. Twin zippered compartments on either side become mobile cupboards, storing essentials neatly out of view. The windscreen protects your flame, or can be removed if you’d rather use that surface for serving or workspace. It all breaks down into one easy-to-carry bag.

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Best Built-In Van Camping Kitchen

If you’re someone who goes camping frequently, convert your minivan into a fully-outfitted mobile canteen with the Minivan Overland Kitchen.

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