12 Tools You Won’t Regret Having On the Jobsite at All Times

Updated: Jun. 16, 2021

This collection of tools will change the game for your crew.

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Milwaukee Cut-Off Tool | Construction Pro Tips

Milwaukee Compact Cut Off Tool

Sure, a regular grinder works fine as a cut off tool but now there is a better (and far safer) option. Milwaukee’s M12 FUEL 3” Compact Cut Off Tool is super user-friendly. It has reversible blade rotation and the option to attach a vacuum directly to the tool. It’s optimized for one-handed use and has just a 3-in. head that allows easy access to tight spaces. The cut-off tool can cut through a wide range of materials, including:

  • Light to medium gauge metals
  • Tile
  • Drywall
  • Fiber cement
  • PVC/plastic

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Auto-Off Headlamp From Klein Tools | Construction Pro Tips

Klein Tools Auto-Off Headlamp

Headlamps are a great solution for pros who work in dark or low-light areas and need light but also need both of their hands to operate tools. Like their name suggests, Klein Tool’s Rechargeable Auto-Off Headlamp have a really cool “Auto-off” feature that will save battery and the overall life of the light. If the light sensor in the headlamp detects bright light conditions it automatically turns the light off to conserve battery. Just don’t forget to manually turn it off before storing it away in you toolbox. The headlamp also features a silicon strap that won’t slip off of a hard hat and a bracket system that makes it easy to remove the light for recharging.

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CT Cyclone Dust Extraction Team

Festool CT Cyclone

Festool’s CT Cyclone reduces the rate at which filter bags need to be replaced by separating large object before they hit the dust collector. This decreases the rate at which filter bags need to be changed and leads to longer tool life, and that lowers the cost of ownership. The system also minimizes the amount of dust that hits the filter, resulting in higher suction power.

The CT Cyclone includes:

  • Cyclone Systainer
  • Systainer Pan
  • Collection Container
  • Hose Connector – CT-VA to CT Dust Extractor
  • Disposable Dust Liner

The CT Cyclone attaches and detaches from all CT Dust Extractors as needed.

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10L Pipe Wrench | Construction Pro Tips

Milwaukee 10L Pipe Wrench

The 10L Pipe Wrench has a 17-in. handle that gives users much more leverage than the traditional 10-in. pipe wrench while also allowing access to hard-to-reach spots. Gone are the days of modifying a wrench with a pipe or a piece of conduit— now the leverage and reach is already built in.

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No Break Carbide Tip | Construction Pro Tips

DeWalt No-Break Guarantee

DEWALT’s line of SDS Plus 2 Cutter and SDS Max High Impact Carbide 4 Cutter Bits feature a No-Break Guarantee. That’s right, if any of these masonry drill bits breaks DEWALT will replace it, free of charge. The only caveat is that the wear-mark on the bit needs to be still visible. DEWALT has also increased the durability of theses bits with a redesigned full-carbide head that they claim will double the life and reduce head breakage. They obviously feel confident or they wouldn’t offer to replace them. The wear-mark indicator on these bits also works as a guide for drilling to an ANSI hole diameter specification for mechanical anchors. Bits under the protection of the “No-Break Guarantee” can be replaced in one of three ways:

  • Call 1-800-4DEWALT
  • Visit a DEWALT Service Center
  • Visit a local retailer

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Makita Saw Blades | Construction Pro Tips

Makita 24T Carbide Tipped Max Efficiency Circular Saw Blade

According to Makita these carbide-tipped blades provide up to 70% more cuts per battery charge and up to 70% faster cutting speeds. The carbide tips improve durability and increase blade life, and their special ATAFR (Alternate Top Alternate Face With Raker) design provides smoother, faster cuts. These blades are ideal for framers, offering a full range of wood cutting applications.

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DEWALT Metal Storage Cabinets | Construction Pro Tips

DEWALT Metal Storage Line

DEWALT’s line of Metal Storage Units includes top chests, workbenches and rolling cabinets, ranging from 26 to 52 inches in width and 18 to 21 inches in depth. All of these storage units are made from double-wall steel for increased durability. Embossed drawer liners are now standard so that both the drawers and the tools placed within them are protected from dings and drops.

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Stanley Fatmax 25' | Construction Pro Tips

StanleyFATMAXtape measure

Stanley FATMAX tape measures have been a go-to measuring tool on jobsites for years now. This one features straighter blade standout that can extend up to 13-ft and an impact-resistant case that Stanley claims can survive a 50-ft. drop onto packed soil. And this 25-ft. tape measure actually pulls out to 25-ft. instead of stopping a couple feet short like many other tape measures do. The most interesting change is the case; it has been redesigned with a rounder overall shape simulating a baseball-style grip that fits comfortably into the average hand.

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Irwin Vise Grip | Construction Pro Tips

Irwin One-handed Vise Grip

The first Vise Grip, patented by Bill Petersen in 1924, was a game changer. Over the years, the original design has been tweaked and improved, and Irwin is not done yet. The Next-Gen Fast Release Locking Pliers has a few improvements, but the most notable one is that the span required to operate these locking pliers has been reduced by 20%. That along with the Fast Release feature makes these locking pliers a one-handed affair. And that makes them much more useful, especially if you need to hold something in place while you clamp it down.

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Rockler Drawer Organizing System | Construction Pro Tips

Rockler Drawer Organizing System

Sure, it’s always exciting when you find that long lost widget while rummaging around in your junk drawer, but that really is no excuse for being unorganized. Now even your junk drawers can be organized thanks to Rockler’s Lock-Align Drawer Organizer System. The Lock-Align system combines interlocking tray sections with binds and dividers to create compartments for all the drawer’s contents. The synthetic rubber of the trays provides protection for tools and can easily be cut for customizable sizes.

The  Lock-Align System Starter Kit (56117) includes:

  • Three single-width tray sections
  • Two standard bins
  • Three standard dividers
  • One tray extension

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Weathershield Decking that limits heat | Construction Pro Tips

WeatherShield Decking

When shopping for composite or engineered decking material most people are only concerned with how it looks, what it costs, and how long it will last. Not enough people consider heat. When exposed to full sunlight, engineered and composite decking can get very, very hot. And the darker the color, the hotter it gets.

MoistureShield has addressed this toasty issue with their CoolDeck composite decking that they claim keeps deck boards up to 35% cooler on those blazing hot summer days. CoolDeck reflects much of the heat instead of absorbing it like most other composite decking. In addition to comfort, cooler decking doesn’t expand as much, which makes it less susceptible to deflection that can lead to dips, bows and an all-around wavy deck. Excessive expansion and contraction can also lead to large unsightly gaps.

So if you’re shopping for composite decking, you might want to check out MoistureShield. It would be kind of a disaster if you built a deck that your dog couldn’t take a nap on or your kids couldn’t walk on with bare feet.

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Briggs Q6500 Quiet Power Generator Interior View | Construction Pro Tips

Briggs and Stratton Q6500 Generator

The Briggs and Stratton Q6500 is lot of generator at a great price. Actually, that’s not entirely true, because it only weighs 128 pounds (without fuel). That’s almost HALF the weight of other generators in its class. Briggs’ decision to design it with an easy pull start, and not an electric start, was one of the factors that led to the greatly reduced weight.

This generator has an on-board inverter, which supplies a clean power that won’t damage sensitive electronics. This is a great feature if you lose power at home and want to power up some appliances, most of which (maybe all these days) have electronic controls.  It’s also a great way to keep tools running on the jobsite and still be able to safely charge a phone or tablet.

It runs on a solid 306cc Briggs engine that has 6500k starting watts, 5000k running watts and a 5-gal. tank that provides up to 14 hours of run time. Another great feature of the Q6500 is that it’s not nearly as ear-pounding as other brands, running at only 66db at a 25% load.

The Q6500 has 8-in. wheels to handle rugged terrain. Its collapsible handle and overall compact design is user-friendly and easy to store. The control panel has four 120v, 20 amp (GFCI) power sockets, a single 120v/240v twist lock power outlet, and two USB ports to keep smaller electronics charged. The main panel has LED indicator lights that will let you know how much power you are drawing (50%-75%-100%). There is also a LED indicator light for low oil, and if you’re running your generator at night there are LED lights that illuminate the control panel itself.

Not only did Briggs nail the design of this lightweight, quiet, compact and well thought-out mini power plant, they also made it one of the most affordable generators out there. You can pick up a Q6500 generator for around $1089. Just like its weight, that’s at least HALF the price of comparable machines.

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