12 High-Quality Hand Tools You Can Actually Buy on Amazon

Find these durable, high-quality hand tools available for time-saving delivery right now on Amazon.com.

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Magnetic Torpedo Level

Built with visibility in mind, the Klein torpedo level, shown here, includes large, easy-to-read vials and its highly visible color prevents you from leaving it behind on the job. An aluminum-body version stands up to rugged use, while magnets and a V-shaped groove help stabilize it on conduit and pipe.

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Groove-Lock Pliers Set

The metal injection molding process used to create these pliers ensures precision and durability. The 8 and 10-in. pliers in this Vise-Grip set include nonslip grips and a fast-adjustment button, which improves upon the traditional channel-lock function. Ratcheting action fine-tunes the grip without the need for pressing the adjustment button.

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Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set

Gearwrench’s chrome-finished, ratcheting combination wrenches are made from steel alloy for maximum strength and a long lifespan. The 72-tooth ratchet needs only 5 degrees of arc to operate, instead of the 30 degrees required by traditional box-end wrenches. Long bolt ends will not impede operation, as is common with socket wells.

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Wire Cutter and Stripper

Cleanly cut and strip wires of different sizes using the 11055 wire cutter/stripper from Klein Tools. A variety of designs provide custom-machined performance for different gauge ranges and for stranded vs. solid wire. A strong-grip nose assists in wire bending, shaping, and pulling. If you need a refresher, here’s everything you need to know about wire strippers.

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Japanese 6-inch Pull Saw

A high-quality Japanese-steel blade comprises the working end of this handsaw from Suizan. Pull-saw teeth face backward from traditional European-style saws, cutting on the pull stroke rather than as you push. This handsaw creates a cleaner cut using less power. Particularly suited for precision cutting, such as dovetails.

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PVC/Oil-Filter Pliers

The familiar channel-lock design of these pliers equates to quick and easy operation for turning oil filters or gripping PVC pipe. As part of the Milwaukee family of tools, you can count on its performance and quality.

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Moisture Meter

Moisture in a building environment spells trouble. Get a quick read on the moisture content of wood and drywall with the General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter. Know exactly when it is safe to apply a coat of stain or if water staining is a recent occurrence.

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Telescoping Basin Wrench

Get into tough-to-reach places behind sink basins of nearly any size with the WRN92003 telescoping basin wrench from Tekton. Its large jaw grabs nuts between 3/4 to 1-7/8 inches in diameter and the shaft extends to 17 inches.

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Manual Impact Screwdriver

A must for removing the anchor screw from rusty brake rotors, the Lisle 29200 3/8-inch Impact Tool Set helps you free screws that have been overtightened or corroded. A reverse switch allows the impact driver to set screws tightly and the tip accepts impact sockets.

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Punch and Chisel Set

The Astro 1600 Punch and Chisel Set contains 5 taper punches, 3 cold chisels, 5 pin punches and 2 center punches. Made from hardened chromium-vanadium steel, these tools feature hex-shaped handles for gaining a solid grip with pliers.

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Offset Sheet Metal Bender

Heavy-duty 3-in, blades make this seamer tong by Midwest a solid choice for auto body or HVAC work. Drop-forged from carbon steel for strength, and marked with convenient 1/4-inch graduations for depth measurement.

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Insulated Screwdriver Set

Certified to protect you from a potential of up to 1,000 volts, this magnetic, Phillips- and Torx-tip screwdriver set from R-Deer features a hardening treatment and each piece is finished with a manganese phosphate surface for durability. With some new tools, it may be useful to know a couple of handy hints for your workshop.

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