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10 Home Improvement Tools That Will Last a Lifetime

The cost of tools can quickly add up, so you might as well buy something that will last. These home improvement tools carry lifetime warranties.

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Family Handyman

Kobalt Socket Set

The Kobalt (Lowe’s brand) 93-piece set has 39 sockets and a 3/8-in. drive, 3-in.-long extension bar. Each socket is laser-etched and color-coded to differentiate between fractional and metric. The ratchets are fully polished and include quick-release and lever-reverse features. The ratchet has the largest tooth count (72 teeth), requiring only 5 degrees of movement to engage the next tooth. And the case is the best of the bunch, with draw-bolt latches, metal hinge pins, and socket retainers, which are easy to remove and replace. Plus, the Kobalt warranty goes one step further: for just the cost of shipping and handling, it replaces lost sockets—something that happens far more often than breakage.

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Here are some more DIY-friendly tools we love:

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Craftsman 5-Piece Hammer Setvia

Craftsman 5-Piece Hammer Set

You don’t have to be a hardcore handyman to need a hammer around the house. This five-piece set has just the size you need for every job. Each of these hammers is made in the USA with real hickory handles for a smooth, comfortable grip. Check out these 100 amazing things that are made in the USA. While you’re at it, discover these 18 handy hammer hacks to make your work easier.

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sledge hammervia Fiskars

Fiskars Sledge Hammer

A sledge hammer will come in handy for any number of reasons around the house, so finding one that comes with a lifetime warranty is even better. Fiskars has lifetime warranties on a number of its products, including this sledge hammer.

Check out our Stuff We Love video on why we like the Fiskars Club Hammer too.

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via Amazon

Hitatchi Circular Saw

Hitatchi offers a lifetime warranty on its Lithium Ion tools and a circular saw is one of the first tools any aspiring DIYer picks up. It helps that this one is cordless too.

Doing some research on circular saws? Here are some of our favorites.

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self retracting safety knifeMilwaukee Tool

Safety Knife

A self-retracting safety knife can help reduce cutting errors. This Milwaukee Tool knife comes with a lifetime warranty, two blade positions, and it can store up to five blades.

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via Amazon

Lufkin Tape Measure

Tape measures can sustain a lot of abuse through the course of projects around the house so picking one up with a lifetime warranty like the Lufkin tape measure isn’t such a bad idea.

Check out these brilliant measuring hacks you should learn.

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via Home Depot

Soft Jaw Pliers

Husky’s soft jaw pliers are a great tool for homeowners because inevitably they’ll need a set of soft pliers for plumbing projects. Using a regular set of pliers on things like shower-heads can damage them, so soft pliers can be a valuable asset.

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PliersShutterstock/Sugrit Jiranarak

Tekton Pliers

Pliers are a tool that you’ll find yourself using a lot more when you own a home. Vice grips, channel locks, and needle nose all have very specific uses, and the right tool can take an aggravating job and can make it child’s play. Pick up a few cheap pliers to find out if you use these different variations, and if you use them often enough to wear them out, consider upgrading when you get replacements. (Higher-quality pliers come with a slightly higher price but their extended lifespan usually more than justifies the cost.)

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via Home Depot


From hanging pictures to make sure your TV is sitting straight, you’ll want to have this Johnson level around since it includes a lifetime warranty. By the way, if you’re trying to mount a TV, here’s how to do it the right way.

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via Home Depot

Hex Set

There is a certain level of frustration that comes when you set out to complete a project and find out you need a hex set. Well, nip the potential problem in the bud by picking up this hex set that comes with a lifetime warranty.

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