10 Home Improvement Tools That Will Last a Lifetime

Updated: Dec. 19, 2023

The cost of tools can quickly add up, so you might as well buy something that will last. These home improvement tools carry lifetime warranties.

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5-Piece Hammer Set

You don’t have to be a hardcore handyman to need a hammer around the house. This five-piece set has just the size you need for every job. Each of these hammers feature a comfortable grip to absorb shock and reduce strains.

Discover these 18 handy hammer hacks to make your work easier.

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Fiskars Sledge Hammer

A sledge hammer will come in handy for any number of reasons around the house, so finding one that comes with a lifetime warranty is even better. Fiskars has lifetime warranties on a number of its products, including this sledge hammer.

For more, read this Lowe’s vs. Home Depot breakdown and check out their exceptional variety of all things home improvement.

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Hitatchi Circular Saw

Hitatchi offers a lifetime warranty on its Lithium Ion tools and a circular saw is one of the first tools any aspiring DIYer picks up. It helps that this one is cordless too.

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Safety Knife

A self-retracting safety knife can help reduce cutting errors. This Milwaukee Tool knife comes with a lifetime warranty, two blade positions, and it can store up to five blades.

Everyone should know these eight utility knife hacks.

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Lufkin Tape Measure

Tape measures can sustain a lot of abuse through the course of projects around the house so picking one up with a lifetime warranty like the Lufkin tape measure isn’t such a bad idea.

Check out these brilliant measuring hacks you should learn.

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Soft Jaw Pliers

Husky’s soft jaw pliers are a great tool for homeowners because inevitably they’ll need a set of soft pliers for plumbing projects. Using a regular set of pliers on things like shower-heads can damage them, so soft pliers can be a valuable asset.

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Tekton Pliers

Pliers are a tool that you’ll find yourself using a lot more when you own a home. Vice grips, channel locks, and needle nose all have very specific uses, and the right tool can take an aggravating job and can make it child’s play.

Pick up a few cheap pliers to find out if you use these different variations, and if you use them often enough to wear them out, consider upgrading when you get replacements. (Higher-quality pliers come with a slightly higher price but their extended lifespan usually more than justifies the cost.)

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From hanging pictures to make sure your TV is sitting straight, you’ll want to have this Johnson level around since it includes a lifetime warranty.

By the way, if you’re trying to mount a TV, here’s how to do it the right way.

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Kobalt Socket Set

The 154-Piece Standard (SAE) Tool Set has everything you need to tackle the job and more. It’s designed to be stored and fit almost anywhere, whether it’s a job box, behind the seat of your truck, in a boat, or a trailer.

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Hex Set

There is a certain level of frustration that comes when you set out to complete a project and find out you need a hex set. Well, nip the potential problem in the bud by picking up this hex set that comes with a lifetime warranty.

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