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Five Rental Tools Every Homeowner Should Know About

From small repair projects to major home improvement updates, having the right tools makes it possible to tackle any DIY project, no matter your skill level. When you’re ready to start your next project but aren’t ready to spend money purchasing multiple tools that may only get used once, renting tools could be the answer.

Paint SprayerCourtesy American Rental Association

It’s important to consider a few factors when deciding between tool rental and buying, such as storage, budget and usage. When it comes to renting tools, you have more flexibility to pick the specific tool you need, for less cost, without worrying about it taking up space or collecting dust in your garage or shed.

According to the American Rental Association (ARA), there are hundreds of tools that can be rented for different projects. The ARA has compiled the top five rental tools used by DIYers for home improvement projects and what you should know to get the most out of these popular tools.

1. Paint Sprayer

If you’re looking to dramatically change a space, a fresh coat of paint will do the trick. Renting a paint sprayer can save time while providing a professional-looking finish when adding an accent wall, updating your kitchen cabinets or updating the look of your guest bathroom.

While a paint sprayer may take a little practice, the result is a smooth finish that saves more time than traditional painting. With less effort and time spent to complete your painting project, you’ll be able to paint additional rooms, shutters or any other items needing a fresh coat of paint. Paint sprayers are also ideal for staining a wood deck or fence in less time than a manual application.

With paint sprayers, it’s beneficial to use one that’s best suited for your project and the type of paint you’ll use. Ask a rental professional at your local rental store which paint sprayer you’ll need based on your project. Some paint sprayers have multiple spray patterns and pressures, which may require paint to be thinned first. Your rental partner can help with calculating the amount of paint you’ll need based on the size and surface type of your project. Keep in mind that one gallon of paint will cover around 150 to 200 square feet of wall space when using a paint sprayer.

Pressure WasherCourtesy American Rental Association

2. Pressure Washer

Another popular tool for upping the “Wow” factor of your home is a pressure washer. Pressure washers can be used for many things, including removal of dirt or salt deposits on outdoor surfaces. Pressure washing eliminates time and scrubbing by using a pump to increase the pressure of water going through the hose to clean a variety of exterior surfaces.

Homeowners often use a pressure washer for their driveways and other concrete surfaces to boost overall curb appeal. After pressure washing your concrete patio or deck, try using the tool to clean plastic, vinyl or wood outdoor furniture. Remove dirt, buildup and insect nests by pressure washing your vinyl siding, stucco or brick. You can even use the pressure washer to get grime off your garbage can.

Aside from deciding what to clean, you should also decide whether you want to rent or buy a pressure washer, but how do you know what you should pick? You should consider purchasing a pressure washer if you plan to use it more than several times a year. If you do not need to use the pressure washer that often, it may be more cost-effective to rent one. Between storing, maintaining and maybe even winterizing depending on your location, it might be worth looking into renting to have more room in your garage or shed. Another advantage of renting a pressure washer at your local rental store is that you’ll get a well-serviced pressure washer that you don’t have to worry about storing when you’re done.

Power AugerCourtesy American Rental Association

3. Power Auger

Is adding a deck to your outdoor area or fixing a sagging section of your fence on your to-do list? Avoid trouble of the manual posthole digger and save time by renting a power auger. The spiral-shaped tool is used to drill holes into the ground to create deeper holes for your fence post or deck structure. Augers not only allow for better workflow, but it also helps eliminate back strain. Depending on how large of a hole you may need and the type of soil you have, you can rent a one-person or two-person size. Be sure to inform your local rental consultant about your project so they can help you choose the appropriate auger bits, bit extensions, digging bar and other accessories for your project.

4. Rotary Tiller

Whether you’re replanting your garden from last year or revitalizing your lawn, a rotary tiller is an ideal tool for easy landscaping. Since rotary tillers aren’t used every week like a lawn mower, renting is a good option to keep garage space available for other tools. The best time to rent a rotary tiller is in the spring to loosen soil for planting season or to get your yard prepared for additional seeding. Renting a tiller also saves you time from digging deeper than is possible with a shovel, and by the time fall arrives, you won’t have to worry about where to store the tiller.

5. Aerator

Outdoor DIY project can extend beyond your home’s exterior to include the yard. There are many important tasks, like lawn aeration, that should be done in the off-season to achieve a well-maintained lawn. Lawn aerators remove plugs of soil to allow water, nutrients and air to get deep into the roots of your lawn. Typically, aeration is completed during the late spring or early fall to ensure a healthy, thick lawn.

Aerators are typically used once a year, which is why many homeowners opt to rent one over purchasing. Aside from saving money by renting an aerator, homeowners don’t have to worry about making room in their garage or shed for storing the tool. There are a variety of sizes of lawn aerators. Be sure to ask your rental partner which aerator will be most practical for your lawn.

6. Best Practices for Tool Rental

DIY projects can return great results and save money, but you still want your efforts to be worth your time. Tool rental stores can be the answer to your project needs. Rental stores offer a variety of tools, including tools for the most common DIY home improvement and repair projects to specialty tools. Each rental provider carries different tool and equipment inventory, so be sure to check rental stores in the area to find tools to meet your project needs. Use or get the RentalHQ app to find rental tools in your area. Enter your desired tool and location into the search fields to find local rental stores that can meet the needs of your next DIY project.

  • Josh Nickell Vice President – Equipment Segment, American Rental Association