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Best-Reviewed Garden Hand Tools on Amazon

Get your hands on these garden tools. They're Amazon reviewer approved!

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Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears

For cutting stems and light branches, Amazon reviewers recommend these shears. The product features a fully-hardened, precision-ground steel blade that maintains its sharpness despite heavy-duty use. Meanwhile, the low-friction coating ensures the blade seamlessly glides through wood. These shears are smaller than loppers but stronger than garden scissors.

“Really nice pruning shears,” says an Amazon reviewer. “I’ve used Fiskars shears for many years and always been pleased with the quality. I needed a replacement set and bought these, expecting them to have the same excellent quality but also the same sometimes-difficult blade lock that my older Fiskars have. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this new pair has a very simple slide-up-and-lock feature to lock the blades. This requires a simple push with the thumb instead of the old balky and difficult to use locking mechanism that had to be forced into place. Nice improvement, Fiskars!”

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2 / 10

Flexrake Classic Flower and Vegetable Tiller

This classic flower and vegetable tiller is heat-treated for strength, has a non-slip grip and has beautiful oak handles and durable carbon steel blades. Amazon reviewers give it high ratings, with one person saying: “This is a super handy tool that’s well-made, tough and gets the job done. Nice size, balance and weight, and given even minimal care, should last a very long time.

“I’ve used mine for weeding, digging up sprinkler heads, transplanting small to medium plants. In a burst of what can only be described as a bit of masochism, I’ve even edged our pool (25’x35′) with it. Great for those jobs where a big shovel is just in the way, but a small hand tool isn’t quite effective.”

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3 / 10

Joshua Roth Japanese Weeding Sickle

Made in Japan, this weeding sickle features a forged high carbon steel blade that has a very sharp edge. Thanks to the forward weight and sharp edge of the blade, it can tackle most weeding tasks quickly and efficiently. Amazon reviewers have been thrilled with the purchase.

“I purchased this sickle after all the modern fancy power tools couldn’t handle my overgrown field,” says an Amazon reviewer. “In an afternoon I cleared everything. This sickle is amazing and this might be the best money I have ever spent in my life. It handled super thick sinewy weeds as easily as the finest grasses and tiny low-lying leaves. I am a small not particularly strong or coordinated woman. No one believes I cleared this myself.” Here’s what you need to know about sharpening garden tools.

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4 / 10

Prohoe Rogue Garden Hoe

Built from recycled agricultural disc blades, this hoe was designed to be an extremely durable garden hand tool. It features a 7-inch wide cut head, sharpened on all three sides for work in wide as well as tight areas. Amazon reviewers find it to be very effective for cutting and moving dirt.

“Excellent quality tool that will last me a lifetime,” says an Amazon reviewer. “I’m just a regular guy with weekend projects and this hoe is built to last. Excellent quality handle but what sets this tool apart from the rest is the blade. It is made from hardened steel and it is sharp. I mean sharp, like knife sharp. I live in San Diego and my yard is clay with granite in it and this hoe cuts through the hardened clay and when I hit a rock, the blade just bounces off it with no damage to the edge.” Check out these 23 yard tool hacks that will make your life easier.

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5 / 10

Asano Japanese Ninja Claw Rake and Cultivator

This small but mighty 5-prong stubby rake is a great addition to your garden hand tools. It breaks up soil in and around plants easily, thanks to the tough Japanese steel with wood handle.

“I love this thing!!! I was weeding very large planters holding dwarf citrus and banana trees. This got the weeds and the very hard to get grass roots out. It’s so easy to get the roots and leave the soil using this,” says an Amazon reviewer. “Since I transferred these pots from the yard to my back deck, after weeding them, I re-potted the trees in fresh soil. Again I was able to get the trees out and rake the soul off without damaging the root of the tree. I’ll be using this again for plants in the yard that have been overtaken by weeds and grass so I can move them to extremely large garden boxes made for me. This cuts down on so much time! I used to sit for hours to get around a few plants and this takes minutes.”

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6 / 10

Edward Tools Bend-Proof Garden Trowel

Add this product to your garden hand tools if you’re looking for an oversized trowel. The heavy-duty tool is made of bend-proof stainless steel and features an ergonomic grip with contoured finger grips and palm rest.

“This is one tough trowel!” says an Amazon reviewer. “I broke my old one and needed a replacement so I started looking at the options on Amazon. This one caught my eye and the price was right so I decided to give it a try. Yes, it is stainless so I don’t have to worry about it rusting like my old one. The handle is cushioned enough that I can use it in really hard soil and still maintain my grip and not hurt my hands. The blade is just the right width. Not too wide – that would make digging in tough soil difficult. Not too narrow, so I can really move a goodly amount of soil with each scoop. This is excellent for all common garden tasks – potting up plants, digging in plants, light cultivating, etc.” Here’s the absolute best way to organize your trowels.

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7 / 10

Tabor Tools Pick Mattock

Another well-reviewed garden hand tool is the Tabor Tools Pick Mattock. The multi-purpose tool is great for onion/carrot harvesting, preparing flower beds and even small archaeological projects! Its 1-pound mini pick/mattock head combo allows you to use the pick’s action to break up and loosen soil, or cultivate vegetable gardens.

“This has to be the most handy dandy tool that I have in my garage or tool shed,” says an Amazon reviewer. “It works perfect on jobs that are not big enough to a large pick. For an example, we are installing a water sprinkler system in our backyard. The dirt is like concrete, hard as it can be. Using a big pick is an overkill, but using this small pick, it is great. I put on my knee pads, run a straight line for the trench and within an hour, I was done. No messing around with a big pick to wear out your back.”

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8 / 10

Flexrake Classic Hand Fork

This garden hand tool features the beauty of quality craftsmanship and details like oak handles and durable carbon steel blades, while also providing you a tool that gets the job done well. Amazon reviewers love this hand fork for light digging.

“This is a great garden tool. The tines are extremely strong and the handle fits the hand well. I find it to be a perfect size for digging up bulbs or turning the soil in small areas,” says an Amazon reviewer. You’ll also love these all-time most useful hand tools for demolition.

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9 / 10

Truly Garden Folding Garden Knife

This razor-sharp garden knife features a sickle-style concave blade that’s great for pruning suckers, harvesting greens and herbs, bud grafting, opening bags and boxes. The nearly 3-inch blade firmly locks in place and is made with stainless steel so it won’t rust.

“This is a handy little knife and not just for grafting,” says an Amazon reviewer. “It opens into a fixed blade so you have to push on the spot on the bottom to release it to close it again which is a very nice safety feature. It’s also very attractive with the wood handle and brass pins. I like how the blade is both wide and curved so I can use it for harvesting, slicing up cardboard boxes for mulch, etc. It fits nicely in my pocket so I can have it handy for all sorts of things.”

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10 / 10

Fitool Straight Weeder

Rip those weeds out effortlessly with this handy garden tool. Rust resistant and extremely durable, it’s perfect for removing deep-rooted weeds thanks to the notched V design that allows roots to be cut off deep underground.

“We have a cobblestone driveway. Weeds often grow in between the cobbles and I can’t pull them out by the root so they keep coming back.I didn’t want to use chemicals because of children and pets. This is great! It can dig down and pull up the weeds roots and all,” says an Amazon reviewer. Take a look at these 12 plants in your yard that may be dangerous.

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