5 Best Garden Scissors of 2022

Looking for a tool to trim herbs, open mulch and deadhead flowers? These garden scissors are for you.

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Garden Scissors
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Garden Scissors for Every Garden

Hand shears and loppers have their place, but sometimes all you need is a good pair of scissors.

Garden scissors have many uses and forms. You might need tiny garden scissors for pruning indoor plants, long garden scissors for reaching between leaves, or even a regular pair of kitchen scissors for a quick snip off your window herb garden. Here are five garden scissors to keep on hand when the shears just won’t cut it.

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Bonsai Scissors

These little bonsai scissors are recommended for floral arrangements and bonsai pruning. They’re also good for deadheading and trimming plants and herbs. This is a simple tool with a sturdy metal construction and no unnecessary, breakable parts. It works like standard scissors, without a spring.

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Garden Scissors Kit

If you want a few types of cutting implements, this garden scissors kit is a good choice. It includes anvil pruning shears, pruning snippers, bypass pruning shears and multipurpose clippers. The shears are good for trimming small branches, like those found on a hibiscus bush, while the snippers are good for deadheading spent flowers.

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Sturdy Garden Scissors

Garden scissors come in handy for more than pruning plants. These garden scissors from Fiskars make quick work of seed packets, twine, landscape fabric, mulch bags and more. The tool even has a wire cutter and bottle opener. It’s dishwasher safe, so it cleans up easily after you make a mess in the garden.

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Micro-Tip Garden Snip

Here’s another trusty tool from Fiskars: the micro-tip garden snip. The spring makes this tool open gently after each cut, which lessens the strain on your hand. It has even been recognized by the Arthritis Foundation. Precise garden snips like this are ideal for deadheading and shaping small plants.

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Small Plant Pruning Scissors

These little garden scissors are perfect for really tiny plants. They’re intended for pruning air plants, but they’ll work for pruning herbs or other delicate plants, as well as taking cuttings to propagate. Just two inches long, they take up little room among your garden supplies.

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