9 Best Mechanic Tools Sets

Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

To do your own car maintenance and repairs, you need the right tools. These are the best mechanic tool sets to choose from.

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15 Best Mechanic Tool Sets Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Buying a Mechanic Tool Set

Having the right automotive hand tools is essential for DIYers who want to maintain and repair their vehicles.

Begin by setting a realistic budget based on the type of repairs and maintenance you plan to do. Will you need metric or standard tools, or both?

If you’re only doing light maintenance such as changing fluids, engine tune-ups and the like, then a few hundred dollars should suffice. However, if you’re planning to replace brake pads and rotors, make cooling, exhaust and suspension system repairs and other vehicle upgrades, the cost will quickly increase.

Tools you probably already have

Every DIYer should have these tools in their home toolbox that can also be used for auto maintenance and repairs:

  • Screwdrivers: Consider a set with soft, ergonomic handles. This provides the greatest turning power with the least amount of effort. They’re a sound investment.
  • Pliers. You need a set that includes a diagonal wire cutter, along with slip-joint, needle-nose and groove or arc-joint pliers.

Tool you’ll need for auto repairs

  • Ratchets and sockets are the most important tools to have in your toolbox. They’re sold individually or in sets, in 1/4-in., 3/8-in. and 1/2-in. drive sizes. Ratchets with 72 teeth or more work better in confined spaces, and “quick-release” models make removing sockets with greasy hands easier.
  • Sockets come in standard (SAE) and metric sizes and different lengths. There are specialty designed sockets for removing and installing spark plugs. Look for sockets with stamped or laser etched markings for easy identification. Consider six-point sockets. In our experience 12-point sockets work great for most household repairs, but car and truck repairs require six-point sockets. They have thicker walls and apply force to the flat shoulder of the hex bolt/nut instead of the corners, reducing the likelihood of rounding off a rusted or overtightened bolthead. Look for sets that include Torx and hex sockets.
  • Socket extensions and flex (universal) sockets help work around obstacles, or reach nuts and bolts in awkward spaces from different angles. For a better grip to help you start fasteners by hand, look for extensions with knurled shafts.
  • Box wrenches in standard or metric and/or combination wrenches speed up any repair. Offset, angled or ratcheting wrenches can easily access nuts and bolts in tough to reach areas.
  • Nut drivers, or an all-in-one nut driver that takes different size hex and Torx bits, are helpful when working on trim or around the dashboard.
  • Accessories included with sets vary, even by the same manufacturer. Review the itemized parts list to know what you’re getting.
  • Mechanic tool set manufacturers often boast about the number of pieces in each set. Keep in mind each individual socket, hex key and bit counts as one piece. Before buying, check the parts listing, usually found on the manufacturer’s website, to know exactly what tools are in the set.

Not all mechanic sets come with all these tools. To complete your set, you may have to purchase specific tools or accessories separately. Quality hand tools can last forever, but look for ones that come with a ‎limited lifetime warranty and meet American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

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Kobalt 129 Piece Standard Sae Tool Set Ecomm Via Lowes
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Best Mechanic Tool Set for Beginners

The Kobalt 81240 (129-Piece) Standard and Metric Combination Mechanic Tool Set packs a lot of tools for a beginner into a nice, small carry case.

Though there’s no 1/2-in. drive ratchet, the 1/4-in. and 3/8-in. drive 90-tooth ratchets are great for working in confined places. The open-end wrenches, hand hex-nut driver and bits make this set a worthwhile purchase for anyone just starting out in basic vehicle maintenance or repairs.

Honorable mention: Although missing a 1/4-in. drive ratchet, the DekoPro ‎8542037480 192-Piece Mechanics Tool Set comes with pliers and screwdrivers. It’s another good value for beginners. DekoPro may not be a familiar brand, but this well-priced set comes in a blow-molded case, with the tools necessary to make minor automotive and DIY home repairs.

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Husky Mechanics Tool Set Ecomm Via Homedepot
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Best Mechanic Tool Set Upgrade

For the DIYer seeking to upgrade their automotive repair tools, the Husky Model H349MTS (349-Piece) Mechanics Tool Set is a great choice. The 72-tooth polished ratchets work well in tight quarters. A vast assortment of six- and 12-point sockets, bits and accessories will quickly make these your go-to tools for serious automotive repairs.

With a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty, and quality that easily compares with top brands used by the pros, this set will become a welcome addition to your prized mechanic toolbox.

Honorable mention: The Gearwrench ‎80972 (243 Piece) Mechanics Three Drawer Tool Set. Its 84-tooth ratchets with flush-fitted directional levers are excellent for working in tight spots. The extensive assortment of heavy-duty 12-point sockets, extensions, adapters, wrenches and accessories help DIY mechanics complete their tool collection.

These meet ASME standards and come with a limited lifetime warranty and three-drawer blow-molded toolbox, justifying the price.

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Crescent 180 Piece Professional Tool Set Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Compact Mechanic Tool Set

The budget-friendly Crescent CTK180-07 (180-Piece) Professional Tool Set has what you need in a compact mechanics tool set. While it lacks a 1/2-in. drive ratchet, this set meets ANSI and ASME specifications and comes with a good variety of tools for most minor vehicle repairs and upgrades.

Weighing 20 pounds with a sleek case, this set is an excellent choice to carry in your trunk or RV on road trip.

Honorable mention: Channellock’s ‎39053 (171-Piece) Mechanics Tool Set includes magnetic bits and a parts tray packaged in a well-organized, compact, durable case. It’s made to ANSI standards. Add a set of Channellock pliers and you’ll have an indispensable DIY mechanic tool set.

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Dewalt Mechanics Tools Kit Socket Set Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Portable Mechanic Tool Set

For the on-the-go at-home mechanic, you can’t beat the DeWalt DWMT73803 (168-Piece) Mechanics Tool Set. It earned 4.8 stars on Amazon with more than 11,000 reviews.

This set includes three 72-tooth ratchets and finely crafted six-point deep and shallow sockets with clearly stamped standard or metric sizes. Socket extensions have knurled non-slip shafts for better fingertip control when removing or installing fasteners. All tools, including a driver set housed in a versatile removable storage box plus 12 combination wrenches, are packed neatly into a sturdy carrying case.

Honorable mention: The Husky Model H194MTS (194-Piece) Mechanics Tool Set comes in a well organized case that holds the tools tightly in place. That makes it easier to work away from home. Sockets are engraved for easy identification, and the angled wrenches can reach bolts you can’t get at with sockets.

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Craftsman 320 Piece Mechanics Tool Set Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Value Mechanic Tool Set

The Craftsman Model 9-99030 (320-Piece) Mechanic’s Tool Set lacks pliers and screwdrivers. But otherwise, it contains tools an experienced DIYer can use on engine, brake, suspension and other more challenging vehicle repairs.

The set includes metric and standard combination wrenches, plus all the ratchets, sockets, bits and drivers you’ll need to work deep in the engine bay. Reasonably priced and backed by Craftsman’s full lifetime warranty, this set is a must-have for any dedicated at-home mechanic.

Honorable mention: The WorkPro ‎W003056A (450-Piece) Mechanics Tool Set comes with three 45-tooth ratchets, a broad assortment of easy-to-identify six- and 12-point sockets, combination wrenches and hex and Torx bit/sockets. They’re all contained in a three-drawer blow-molded case.

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Stanley Mechanics Tools Kit Set Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Multi-Purpose Mechanic Tools Set

For novice and experienced DIYers, the highly-rated Stanley STMT73795 (210-Piece) Mixed Mechanics Tools Set can’t be beat. This set includes the essential tools to handle minor vehicle, motorcycle and small engine mechanical issues, as well as basic house repairs/maintenance. Designed for the DIYer, this set will even impress your mechanic buddies.

Honorable mention: The WorkPro W009037A (322-Piece) Home Repair Hand Tool Set includes a generous assortment of tools for mechanics (sockets/ratchets/wrenches) and home repair DIYers (claw hammer/level/tape measure). Rubberized handles keep you from losing your grip, reducing the possibility of injury. Packed in a durable nylon bag, this versatile set is ideal to keep in your home, trunk or office.

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Craftsman 450 Piece Mechanics Tool Set Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best All Around

The Craftsman ‎981080001 (450-Piece) Mechanics Tool Set comes with a fitted three-drawer hard plastic toolbox and a wide array of ratchets, sockets, wrenches and accessories. Like its smaller cousin reviewed earlier, this sets lacks screwdrivers and pliers, but has just about everything you could want or need for vehicle repairs.

Honorable mention: In the DeWalt DWMT75049 and DWMT74733 (192-Piece) Mechanics Tool Sets, all sockets are six-point and laser-etched for easy identification. These top-notch tool sets include plenty of 3/8-in. and 1/2-in. drive accessories, eight combination box wrenches and a limited lifetime warranty.

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Neiko Drive Master Impact Socket Set Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Impact Socket Set

If you’re working on axles, wheel hubs, suspension systems, farm equipment or older vehicles, or just enjoy using cordless or pneumatic impact drivers or impact guns, treat yourself to the Neiko 02448A 65-piece Impact Socket Set.

The heat-treating process used when manufacturing chrome sockets makes them extremely hard. That’s good for hand tools, but dangerous for impact drivers. Impact sockets absorb the grueling hammering effects of impact drivers. They’re actually softer, thicker, heavier and heat-treated differently than chrome sockets.

This set comes with six-point deep and shallow, metric and standard 3/8-in. and 1/2-in drive sockets, plus accessories you’ll need when working on rusted nuts and bolts.

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