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Whether you need to fix a flat tire or repair that chipped paint on the door, Family Handyman has all the automotive tools for fixing up your car.

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    15 Tools You Need in Your Auto Repair Tool Kit

    Having the right tools to perform basic DIY auto repairs and maintenance can save you time and money.

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    You Should Know What the Numbers on Your Tires Mean

    There's more to those numbers than meets the eye. Here's what those numbers on your tires mean—and why knowing them...

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    How to Unlock a Car Door Without Your Keys

    The next time you lock your keys in the car, you’ll want to try these genius tricks.

    Upgrade your wiper blades

    You're probably not replacing your wiper blades often enough.

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    Best Rust Remover Products for Your Car

    Have some ugly rust on your vehicle? With the right product, you can tackle that fix yourself.

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    10 Vintage Trucks That Never Went Out of Style

    These classic trucks are still seen on the road today. Their old age and storied pasts make them all the...

    What to Do if Your Catalytic Converter Is Stolen

    Catalytic converters are an increasingly popular target for thieves looking to make a quick chunk of change. Here's what you...

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    The Best Wiper Blades for Your Car

    These wiper blades will have you seeing clearly in the worst weather conditions.

    Cool Auto Shop Tools You Need

    A garage mechanic's wish list: all the tools you could ever need (and want) in your shop for car maintenance.

    10 Most Common Uses for a Pressure Washer

    Got a pressure washer collecting dust in your garage that you're just not sure what to use for? Here are...

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    20 Bad Auto Habits Your Mechanic Wants You to Stop Doing

    Keep your mechanic happy by not doing these things to your vehicle.

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    Are Snow Chains Right for Your Vehicle?

    If you live where winter brings snow and ice, snow chains on your tires can make driving safer. Here's what...

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    What Oil Does My Car Need in Winter?

    Colder temperatures can change how well motor oil keeps your engine running. You may need to change the oil to...

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    8 Best Car Dog Barriers

    If your dog can't sit still in the car, a dog barrier will ensure they don't end up in your...

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    6 Prime Day Products to Help Us Weather the Winter

    Winter is right around the corner. These Prime Day products will help you prepare for the snow and ice.

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    Deals We Love: Tool Sets

    You're about to be inundated with promo deals from every corner of the internet. Before that happens, check out our...

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    What’s the Big Deal About Liquid Glass Car Polish?

    Liquid Glass has been revered among car enthusiasts for producing a long-lasting paint shine with minimal effort. But is it...

    Deals We Love: Cordless Hand Tools

    Work faster and more efficiently with the added convenience and reliable power of these cordless tools.

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    Best Car Seat and Upholstery Cleaners for 2020

    Got stains on your car's seats or upholstery? Here are eight highly-rated products to help you get those seats and...

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    Best Car Stain Removers for 2020

    Got some ugly stains on your vehicle's carpets or upholstery? Learn all about car stain removers and eight of the...

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    The Best Oil Filter Tools to Change Your Own Oil

    When you change your oil, always replace the oil filter. It's easy when you have the right wrench.

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    Why Isn’t My Car AC Blowing Cold Air?

    You're stuck in traffic on a hot day and warm air is coming from the vents. Not good. Here's why...

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    6 Best Oil Filters for Your Car

    Need to do an oil and filter change on your vehicle? Wondering which oil filter to buy? Learn about six...

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    What Type of Oil Does My Car Need?

    With so many options, choosing the right motor oil can be bewildering. We cut through the confusion to help you...

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    Best Car Scratch Removers and Kits for 2020

    Want to remove scratches from your vehicle's paint? Learn all about six of the best car scratch removers on the...

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    Best Car Polish and Wax Buffers for 2020

    Waxing a car is often seen as a slow, arduous process, but it doesn't have to be. These six great...

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    Best Car Wash Kits for Interior and Exterior Cleaning

    Love a clean car? These DIY car wash kits help you achieve that showroom-like sparkle and shine.

    Retire Your Old Automotive Test Light

    Replace your incandescent test light with a digital LED test light

    Automotive Tool Improvement

    My oil filter removal tool would slide around and not grip the oil filter.

    Car Accessories: DC/AC Inverter

    Cigarette lighter chargers explained