Over 18,000 Shoppers Won’t Drive Without This Headlight Cleaning Kit

  Bye-bye, hazy headlights. Reviewers are "stunned by the effectiveness" of this two-step headlight restoration kit that eliminates dirt and oxidation for an entire year.

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Owning a car is a lot like raising a child. It’s a big responsibility—and often costly—to keep an auto in tip-top shape. That’s why we love products that make it easy to stay on top of important maintenance like car repairs—and Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit is one of our favorite recent finds.

When driving at night, it’s imperative to see clearly. This goes doubly so for those living in areas with lots of pedestrians or deer crossings. Over time, oxidation from UV rays causes a foggy coating that limits the effectiveness of headlights. Headlight restoration is often a costly fix when done at a dealership. Headlight restoration kits save money and make headlights look like new in a snap.

What is the Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit?

Cloudy headlights aren’t just unsightly—they’re downright dangerous. Car covers protect headlights and slow down oxidation while the car is parked, but over time, foggy headlights are unavoidable. Luckily, cloudy headlights are a car problem you can fix yourself—without applying toothpaste to your headlights.

The Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit clears headlights and removes built-up gunk and fogginess from UV exposure. Unlike car window cleaner tools, this specialized kit buffs away haze and protects headlights by slowing re-oxidation. Use it once a year for fog-free headlights and never risk another accident due to insufficient lighting at night.

How to Use the Headlight Restoration Kit

With Meguiar’s Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit, clearing hazy headlights is a simple, two-step process. Apply Meguiar’s car cleaning solution to the included cleaning pad, and buff away the haze. Then, simply spray the headlight coating on the headlight to protect against future oxidation. Car detailing has never been easier!

What Shoppers are Saying

Verified Amazon reviewer Chris writes, “I was skeptical at first but after using it, I’m completely in support of this product. If you follow the instructions exactly as stated, the product works fantastically. I managed to secure and prolong the UV damage to the headlights of my 2010 RX8.

It was only just starting to get foggy on the upper portions. I scuffed it up as per instructions with the given pad and applied the spray as instructed. The headlights look brand new! And stay like this as long as you keep with the recommended interval.

After the first application, you follow it up the next year at roughly the same time. No need to scuff things up, just spray as per instructions and the headlights stay the course. Highly recommend!”

Where To Buy the Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit

Fixing cloudy headlights without a dedicated headlight cleaning kit is possible. But it’s something that every car owner should have, especially if regular visits to the dealership are out of your budget. Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit is ultra-affordable since it’s available on Amazon for only $31.

For a limited time, pick one up for $21—that’s a 32% discount!

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