Over 15,000 Shoppers Use This Showerhead to Clean Their Showers (and It’s on Sale)

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

We use showerheads to clean ourselves—why not upgrade to a showerhead that also cleans your bathroom?

Is there a chore more tedious than cleaning the bathroom? If there is, I haven’t heard of it. Using sponges and other cleaning essentials helps, but thoroughly rinsing cleaning solutions from my sink and toilet is something I’ve always struggled with. That’s why I’m picking up a Lokby showerhead (and a stone bath mat to rid myself of my soggy terrycloth bath mat once and for all).

What Is the Lokby showerhead?

The Lokby showerhead is a telephone-style showerhead like the editor-tested Moen Attract showerhead. What sets this showerhead apart is the eight available spray settings—including built-in power jets. The power jets, located on the top of the showerhead, blast away soap scum and dirt on your skin—and in your bathtub.

Why do shoppers love the Lokby showerhead?

Not only does this showerhead offer high pressure while still remaining eco-friendly thanks to a built-in flow restrictor, but it includes a whopping 57-inch hose that is capable of reaching clear across the bathroom. It’s possible to use the cleaning jet to power-wash your sink, toilet and tiles—no harsh scrubbing and chemicals required.

If your hair or skin suffers from the quality of your water, pair the Lokby showerhead with this editor-tested showerhead filter and enjoy bouncier hair and a clearer complexion. Filtered showerheads remove harsh chemicals and metals that diminish the effectiveness of your showerhead. The best part is that they’re typically compatible with any type of showerhead, including the Lokby showerhead.

Unlike other showerheads, the Lokby showerhead boasts over 15,000 reviews. Customers comment on the lightweight construction and incredible power of the built-in jets.


Which type of showerhead is best?

The best showerhead is subjective depending on your family’s needs. It’s worth exploring different types, including LED showerheads that offer lighting in dim bathrooms and smart showerheads that pair with Bluetooth for a custom cleaning experience. Spa showerheads also exist, and they offer a relaxing experience for those who prefer to use their shower to unwind.

Will a better showerhead increase water pressure?

Some showerheads have better water pressure than others. Ultimately, for the best water pressure, ensure you clean your showerhead on a regular basis. If your showerhead becomes jammed with debris and mineral buildup, there are plenty of ways to unclog a showerhead.

If all else fails, it’s easy to replace unusable showerheads. Locate some of the best showerheads by looking at reviews and deciding what features are a dealbreaker for your family.

Do all showerheads fit any shower?

Generally, showerheads are a standard size that fit most showers, so it’s pretty simple to change your showerhead. Some specialty showers, like smart showers, may require a special showerhead to function properly. Always check the specs of your new showerhead to ensure it will fit with your shower’s setup.

Where can I buy the Lokby showerhead?

Lokby High Pressure Shower Head With Handheld Ecomm Amazon.comVIA MERCHANT

The Lokby showerhead is available on Amazon for $65. Secure one for only $35 thanks to a generous 45% discount for the eight-setting chrome version. The matte black and brushed nickel colors are also available on sale for 44% off and 43% off, respectively.

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