We Review the Best Filtered Shower Head for 2023-24 – Is it Worth Buying?

Updated: Jan. 19, 2024

A shower filter could improve your skin and hair texture immediately. Let's put this affordable (and popular) option to the test.

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The water pouring out of your showerhead might not be as clean as you think. From heavy metals to unwanted minerals, unfiltered tap water can irritate your skin and hair. A quality shower filter can remove chemicals and odor from water, just like a water filter you would use for drinking. Filtering your shower water can also improve the look of your hair and skin.

Many people find their hair is drier when showering with unfiltered or hard water, and dry hair can be more prone to fizziness and dandruff. A water filter can also be used to treat dry skin. If you have eczema or psoriasis, you might find that a shower filter is just what you need to help relieve dryness.

With more than 11,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, the AquaHome in-line shower head filter is designed to remove harsh chemicals and heavy metals from your tap water. Plus, the filter can be installed in seconds on almost any showerhead without tools.

We tested the popular AquaHome shower head filter to see if it lives up to the hype—scroll on to find out how we tested the AquaHome filter and what we discovered after thoroughly using the product.

What Is the AquaHome Shower Head Filter?

The AquaHome shower head filter helps remove chloramine, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, sediment and pesticides from tap water. It comes in a 15- and 20-stage filter design, which cleans your water and reduces dry skin, hair and nails.

Additionally, the AquaHome connects to virtually any showerhead type, including fixed, rain, handheld and smart showerheads. The installation process is quick and doesn’t require any tools (unless your showerhead is screwed on so tightly that a wrench is needed to unscrew it). Before installing the shower filter, you’ll want to wrap Teflon tape around the thread of the shower arm and shower filter. The filter fits between the shower arm and the shower head.

Why is the AquaHome Shower Head Filter Trending?

The AquaHome is super popular among TikTokers like @haulswithhales because it’s said to help with hair loss, rosacea and keratosis pilaris (those little bumps on the skin sometimes called “chicken skin”). More than anything, users note noticeable improvements in their hair health.

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In addition to adding shine to your hair, a water filter like the AquaHome can relieve itchiness, dandruff and eczema. It can also prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria and mold in your shower area, which can harm your health. Because the AquaHome is affordable and easy to install, people are snatching it up left and right to try it out for themselves.

How We Tested It

I Tried This Viral Shower Head Filter, And It Made My Hair BouncierMary Henn/Family Handyman

We tested the AquaHome shower head filter to see if the claims about improved hair and skin texture are valid.

The installation process was as easy as removing the handheld showerhead, twisting the filter onto the shower arm and reattaching the showerhead. You’ll want to use Teflon tape and tightly attach the filter and showerhead to prevent leaks.

I showered with the AquaHome for about two weeks and noticed a few key differences in my shower experience. Firstly, my shower water smelled and tasted better. (I wasn’t filling up glasses of water from my showerhead, but water inevitably gets into my eyes and mouth during a shower.)

And just like filtered tap water from the kitchen sink, the filtered water from my shower was tangibly cleaner. Beyond a difference in my water’s taste and smell, I also noticed less soap scum buildup on my shower floor and walls (a sign of hard water from calcium reacting with soap to form a residue).

Now, for the part you’ve probably been scrolling for, did I notice improvements in my hair and skin? Yes and no. My hair seemed softer and bouncier after using the AquaHome filter, but the jury’s still out on skin improvements.

For reference, I have straight, coarse hair prone to frizz, which often looks weighed down. Showering with a filter reduced frizz and made my hair feel lighter. I don’t color my hair, so I can’t speak to how it affects color-treated hair, but multiple users noted that the filter helps their hair color stay bright longer.

I also have extremely sensitive skin and keratosis pilaris. Eczema and psoriasis are other skin issues I deal with on and off. While I rarely emerge from a hot shower without looking like a tomato, the AquaHome reduced some of the redness and itchiness I experience post-shower. It also seemed to soften spots on my skin where I don’t always apply lotion, like the back of my shoulders.

I tested the AquaHome shower head filter during extreme winter weather, so I was more proactive about applying lotion after each shower. However, my skin didn’t seem to dry out as much in between showers when using the filter.

The most significant difference I noticed while using the shower filter was in my hair. Perhaps with long-term use, I would see more differences in skin texture and softness. Still, I didn’t notice anything incredibly noteworthy about how the filtered water affected my skin.

AquaHome Shower Head Filter Product Features

The AquaHome is a lightweight shower filter available in five colors to match your existing showerhead. It comes with two filter cartridges that will last six months each, Teflon tape and rubber o-rings so that you have everything you need for installation.

Install the AquaHome filter in either the bathroom or kitchen to clean water wherever you need it most. Worried about the filter affecting the water pressure? Don’t sweat it–the filter won’t reduce existing water pressure, so you don’t have to worry about it changing the shower experience you love.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Available in 5 finishes
  • Compatible with most shower arms and showerheads
  • Comes with everything needed for instillation
  • Includes extra shower filter cartridge


  • Can’t return if opened or used


Do shower filters actually work?

In short, yes, shower filters do work. One of the main reasons for using a shower filter is to remove chlorine, which can negatively affect skin, hair, throats and lungs. While some experts say that shower filters don’t treat all of the water quality issues they claim to, most do well at managing chlorine-related issues, which can specifically affect the hair and skin.

What type of shower filter is the best?

The best shower filter will remove as many impurities as possible that can lead to dry skin and hair concerns. Shower filters that are easy to install, cost-efficient and don’t cause any leaks are ideal. Some filters will infuse vitamins for better hair care—the AquaHome infuses water with vitamin C.

The most effective shower filters use a KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) process to filter the chlorine and other impurities out of water. The AquaHome uses a KFD-55 system, the most common among KFD filters.

Is a shower filter good for hair?

Shower filters are vital in removing excess chlorine from your water, which affects hair. Your hair (and skin) will be dry and damaged if too much chlorine absorbs into the follicles.

How long do shower filters last?

Shower filters typically last for six months, depending on your chosen filter. The AquaHome filter should last the prescribed time of six months. Although some filters can last longer, we recommend regular replacement to ensure effectiveness (like you’d see for a fridge filter).

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

Lakesha Pauling, verified purchaser on Amazon, says, “I love this product. My skin feels amazing, so soft and supple. This is a must buy.”

Dawn Frazier says the AquaHome shower head filter works as promised. “My hair was so smooth, after only one wash with this filter!”

Five-star reviewer, Nina Lombardo says, “I read an article about what you can do to improve the appearance of your hair, and one of the suggestions was to get a filter for your showerhead. I had been wanting to do this for quite some time as I had heard it also was great for skin (I have a teenaged boy). After just a few weeks, I noticed my hair was shinier and it looked SO much better when I air-dried it. I will not be without this product – great value for the money as well!”

Final Verdict

If you have water issues that cause problems for your hair and skin, a water filter is worth it. The benefits of a shower filter include improvements in hair and skin moisture and texture, soap scum buildup and better water taste and smell. I love that there aren’t really any downsides to a shower filter–only benefits. The AquaHome is also super affordable and easy to install, so you’re not wasting significant time or money on a filtered shower head.

Where to Buy the AquaHome Shower Head Filter

Shower Filter For Hard Water With Vitamin C Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

The AquaHome shower head filter retails for less than $40 on Amazon. The price varies depending on whether you go with the 15- or 20-stage filter and the finish you choose: Chrome, matte chrome, bronze, emerald or gold. All in all, the benefits of this affordable bathroom upgrade are well worth the reasonable price tag.

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