AquaBliss Shower Filter Review: Is It The Best Shower Filter of 2023? (We Tried It!)

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

Prepare to reap the skin and hair benefits of this affordable showerhead, the AquaBliss shower filter.

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Struggling to choose the best shower filter for your showerhead? In a world full of different (yet similar) shower filters, it can be hard to know which filter will work the best without trying it first. That’s where we come in. I tried the AquaHome showerhead filter, and now I’ve tried the new HD revitalizing shower filter from the wildly popular AquaBliss brand, which makes the viral high-output revitalizing shower filter.

The high-output shower filter was our top pick for the best overall shower filter on the market. So, naturally, I was curious to try out the new, sleek HD version from AquaBliss. I tested the new shower filter in my own home to tell you exactly how it performs against other comparable filters. Here’s the full breakdown.

What is the AquaBliss shower filter?

New Aquabliss Shower FilterMary Henn/Family Handyman

The new AquaBliss shower filter has a powerful SF400 cartridge (compared to the high-output shower filter, which has an SF100 cartridge). However, like the high-output one, the HD revitalizing filter infuses water with vitamins and minerals, like zeolite, vitamin C, tourmaline and magnetic energy beads for skin and hair benefits.

The cartridge comes pre-installed, and instillation is as easy as flushing out the filter and screwing it in. In addition to being the second strongest filter in the AquaBliss product lineup, the HD revitalizing filter is also the best looking. In fact the AquaBliss HD multi-stage shower filter (SF500), while more effective when it comes to filtering, doesn’t infuse shower water with vitamins and minerals. So, the HD revitalizing filter is the strongest one with added benefits in the lineup.

But back to it being the best-looking shower filter AquaBliss has to offer: The revitalizing shower filter has a twisted, shiny finish, and there’s no center band that obstructs the sleek look of the filter. I much prefer this filter in terms of looks over other AquaBliss filters and competitor filters.

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AquaBliss Shower Filter Features

The AquaBliss shower filter is a lightweight shower filter available in a sleek, silver finish. It comes with a pre-installed filter cartridge and two changeable sediment pads for filtering hard water and capturing larger particles flowing through your pipes. It also comes with Teflon tape, so you have everything you need for installation.

The HD filter not only filters out unwanted chemicals, metals, toxins and sediments, but it also infuses your water with healthy vitamins and minerals. And it shouldn’t reduce your existing water pressure, either. If it does, it may be an indication that you need more Teflon tape or that you need to screw the filter on a bit tighter.

How We Tested It

New Aquabliss Shower FilterMary Henn/Family Handyman

I tested the AquaBliss shower filter in my own shower to see how it performs against competitor models—and to see if I noticed any improvements in my hair and skin texture.

The installation process for the HD filter was super easy, as the filter cartridge comes pre-installed. There’s no need to open the filter to flush the cartridge—you can just flush the whole system before use. Once that was done, I simply removed the handheld showerhead, twisted the filter onto the shower arm and reattached the showerhead—just as you would with most other showerhead filter models. Note: You’ll want to use Teflon tape and tightly attach the filter and showerhead to prevent leaks.

I showered with the AquaBliss filter for about two weeks, and like my previous experience with similar showerhead filters, I noticed a few differences while showering. As with my other showerhead filter, I noticed less soap scum buildup on my shower floor and walls (a sign of hard water from calcium reacting with soap to form a residue).

To be fair, I’ve been using a shower filter for over six months now, and when I first started using one, I did notice improvement in my hair texture. My hair just seemed softer and bouncier. However, I wasn’t sure that I noticed major skin improvements right away.

Before installing the AquaBliss, I showered without a shower filter for a few weeks in attempt to give the HD revitalizing filter a fair test. While I didn’t notice any major differences in my hair texture or appearance during that time, I did notice a difference in my skin.

I have extremely sensitive skin and keratosis pilaris. Eczema and psoriasis are other skin issues I deal with on and off. While I rarely emerge from a hot shower without looking like a tomato, this shower filter reduced even more post-shower redness and itchiness than my previous one. It also seemed to soften spots on my skin where I don’t always apply lotion, like the back of my shoulders and the tops of my legs and arms. My skin also felt softer and less dry overall after showering.

As I mentioned, I’ve been showering with a showerhead filter for over six months, and I didn’t notice a decline in my hair health and appearance for the few weeks I stopped using a filter. However, the AquaBliss seemed to keep my hair feeling light and frizziness at a minimum.


  • Very effective
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • SF400 cartridge
  • Replaceable sediment filter pads
  • Infuses water with vitamins and minerals
  • Compatible with most shower arms and showerheads
  • Comes with everything needed for instillation


  • Only available in one finish


How long does the AquaBliss filter last?

Shower filters typically last for six months, depending on your chosen filter. AquaBliss filters last about six months (or every 10,000 gallons of water).

What does AquaBliss shower filter remove?

AquaBliss filters remove hard minerals, dirt, toxic chemicals and sediments in your tap water to support pH balance, which may help reduce dandruff and support healthy-looking hair.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Amazon shoppers are sharing their positive experiences with the AquaBliss shower filter. Here’s what they have to say about it.

Verified purchaser, Laura, says its game changer for clogged showers and itchy skin. “I have sensitive, dry skin. Our water is hard and treated with a lot of chemicals, and every spring it is flushed out with chlorine. I itch horribly for weeks to the point of bleeding. Eczema is horrible during this time,” she writes. “My hair (I have curly hair that lacks moisture) became softer over the next week or so, and the itching and eczema disappeared. I could not believe this filter would help that much.”

“So I got this yesterday afternoon and installed it right away. The installation took seconds and they were nice enough to include a whole roll of Teflon tape (30 feet!),” shares Andrew Amrein, a five-star reviewer. “I also bought a new showerhead and I was so excited to shower this morning, and my excitement was definitely warranted—this was the best shower EVER! It is not fully describable how it makes the water feel. It’s soft, silky, smooth—it’s honestly incredible.”

Another five-star reviewer, James, says the filter really does work. “We unknowingly moved into a home with extremely hard water. I thought something was wrong with me because my hair was suddenly plastered to my head and coarse. Happened to read an article mentioning what hard water does to your hair, so [I searched] on Amazon and decided to try this filter. It’s compact, attractive, easy to install (two minutes) and really works!!”

Product Comparison

Wondering how the new HD revitalizing shower filter differs from the viral high-output revitalizing shower filter? Both are from the brand AquaBliss, and both infuse water with vitamins and minerals. However, the HD revitalizing filter has a stronger, more effective filter and includes replacement sediment filter pads for maximum sediment removal. In terms of price, there’s just a $2 difference between the two. (The HD Revitalizing Filter costs a little more.)

Final Verdict

If you’re in the market for a new, easy-to-install shower filter, we recommend the HD revitalizing shower filter. In addition to its effectiveness, we also like the design and finish of the filter.

Where to Buy the AquaBliss Shower Filter

We Tried The New Aquabliss Shower Filter, Here’s How It Workedvia merchant

You can shop the AquaBliss shower filter on Amazon and Walmart for $38. Why take another shower with unfiltered water when you don’t have to?

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