8 Best Shower Heads of 2024

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Life's too short to have a shower head you don't love. Replacing it is easier than you think. Here's a collection of today's best shower heads.

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Ello&allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System Feature Ecomm
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What To Look For in a Shower Head

We asked master plumber Bret Hepola from All City Plumbing in Minnetrista, Minnesota to tell us the most important features to look for in a shower head. He recommended these four things:

Flow Rate

We all know proper water pressure is essential for a satisfying shower. Rain showers with their larger heads may cover your entire body, but they also tend to have less pressure. You may even prefer filtered water with a filtered shower head.

“Most shower heads now are Watersense Certified, so they are 2.0 gpm (gallons per minute) or less,” Hepola says. “Currently, no shower heads are allowed to produce over 2.5 gpm.”


Think about the height and stream angle before the shower head is installed. Make sure the shower head you choose fits in the space you have.


“Everyone has their own preference,” says Hepola. “A shower head with multiple settings benefits the entire family.” Look for heads with multiple spray patterns.


Be sure the new shower head matches your overall bathroom design and the other fixture finishes. This is particularly important if you have a see-through glass shower door or enclosure.


You can spend from $30 for an adequate shower head to $1,000 and up for a fancy, high-end one.

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Forte Polished Chrome 3 Spray Shower Head 1.75 Gpm via lowes.com

Best Overall Shower Head

Delivering a respectable 1.75 gpm flow rate, the Kohler Forte shower head has an advanced spray engine that shoots three distinct patterns: full coverage, pulsating massage (great for targeting sore, stiff muscles) or silk spray. The latter emits dense droplets that are perfect for rinsing. Just flick the thumb tab back and forth to fine-tune the stream. It creates a spa experience in the shower.

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Lokby High Pressure Handheld Shower Head Ecomm via amazon.com

Best High-Pressure Shower Head

When spitting and sputtering just won’t cut it, turn to the Lokby high-pressure handheld shower head. It drenches you in a strong, steady, high-velocity stream of water that rinses off every trace of shampoo and soap bubbles — even if your home lacks good water pressure.

It’s versatile too. Choose from six spray functions and five patterns. Leave it parked in its cradle or take it in hand. A big bonus: It installs in minutes with one hand-tightening connection.

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High Sierra's All Metal 1.5 Gpm High Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead via amazon.com

Best Low-Pressure Shower Head

Take long showers without worrying about wasting water with the high-efficiency, low-flow High Sierra shower head. Surprisingly powerful, you might not guess that it only uses 1-1/2-gallons of water per minute.

Its patented nozzle delivers a strong, full spray of large drops without eventually clogging from limescale like many low-flow shower heads ultimately do. Made with solid metal in three finishes, the High Sierra is built to last.

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Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head via amazon.com

Best Rain Shower Head

For dedicated fans of rain-style shower heads, there’s the SR Sun Rise wall-mounted overhead. It’s square. It’s large. And it delivers a soothing downpour. The system’s beautiful, 10-layer chrome-plated finish resists corrosion and looks elegant and expensive.

“The rainfall shower is amazing with perfect pressure combined with beauty,” writes a happy Amazon reviewer. “It encourages standing for long, relaxing showers just enjoying the water as it falls over you.”

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Magnetix 6 Spray 6.75 In. Dual Shower Head Ecomm via homedepot.com

Best Dual Shower Head

Several things make the Moen Magnetix dual shower head and adjustable handheld a standout. First, it has two heads — a larger fixed, round one and a six-setting handheld one. Second, it’s easy to snap the removable arm on and off even with your eyes closed, avoiding the dreaded soap suds sting.

Third, its flexibility allows you to engage with the shower head and docked handheld separately or together for maximum coverage. It’s also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Delta 55085 Compel 1.75 Gpm Single Function Hand Shower Ecomm via walmart.com

Best Hand-Held Shower Head

Sometimes a minimalist approach to showering is what you want. Keep your walk-in stall or shower enclosure uncluttered while controlling water volume and direction with the Delta Compel single-function hand shower package.

Install it alone or as a secondary option, coupled with a traditional wall- or ceiling-mounted shower head. The entire package includes the hand shower, holder (parking bracket) and hose.

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Ello&allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System Ecomm via amazon.com

Best Luxury Shower Head

For a stunning showpiece that creates an authentic spa experience at home, the Ello&Allo stainless steel shower panel tower system delivers. This luxury shower panel features a futuristic LED temperature display, overhead rainfall shower head, adjustable high-powered body-massaging jets, a tub spout and a high-efficiency multi-function hand-held shower wand with three settings.

According to the manufacturer, the Ello&Allo provides a relaxing cascade of water that not only cleanses but pampers and rejuvenates.

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Waterpik Cf 201 Flexneck Rain Shower Head via amazon.com

Best Budget Shower Head

Though they’re all the rage these days, you may find many rain showers pricey. The Waterpik FlexNeck rain shower head is not only affordable (right around $30), it’s also simple to install.

It comes in high- and low-flow versions with a 12-inch flexible shower neck, letting you point the head wherever you want it. You can also switch from gentle spray to the “power-wash” setting. The anti-clog nozzles mean you don’t need to clean the shower head as often, if at all. If you do though, here’s how to clean a shower head without removing it.