10 Shower Niche Ideas for Your Bathroom

Updated: Feb. 15, 2024

Get inspired by these recessed designs that provide convenient storage without intruding on the shower space.

10 Shower Niche Ideas For Your Bathroom Large Shower Niche Courtesy @tylerinteriorsdesign A COURTESY @TYLERINTERIORSDESIGN

What Is a Shower Niche?

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, including a shower niche is a good idea. What exactly is a shower niche? Basically, a convenient place to put small items.

“A shower niche is a space that is recessed into your shower wall and intended to store such things as shampoo, soap, razors, etc.,” says tile expert James Upton. “It gets those items off the ground and at a height that can be easily reached while showering.”

What are the disadvantages of shower niches?

Most experts and homeowners will agree, they love their shower niche. So is there any reason you shouldn’t install one? Yes: The complications that could arise during installation.

“A recessed shower niche will need to fit in-between the studs in a wall or could require special framing,” Upton says. “Also, pipes and other things can be in the space which narrows down your options for where it can be placed.”

Niches are also fussier to clean than a flat shower wall.

What’s a good size shower niche?

“A good size is relative and depends on how many people are using the shower and how many products they have,” Upton says, “Generally, you want it to be at least 13 inches high so it can accommodate the taller shampoo bottles with a pump on top.

“As far as width is concerned, generally you’ll want it as wide as you can get it so you can place the maximum amount of shower products inside of it. Again, you’ll probably be limited by the framing in the wall.”

Are shower niches prone to leaking?

Yes, if it’s not properly installed.

“Recessed shower niches definitely need to be waterproofed correctly underneath the tile as they would be highly likely to leak otherwise,” says Upton, “Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the bottom sill of the niche slopes slightly towards the shower for drainage. Usually, about 1/8-in. of slope is all that is required.”

Do shower niches get moldy?

Yes. “Generally, mold and mildew accumulate when the ventilation in the bathroom is less than adequate,” Upton says. “With a good exhaust fan that runs during and after a shower, the niche and shower both should remain clean and mold-free.”

About the Expert

James Upton is a tile and remodeling expert and the founder of DIY Tile Guy, where he posts tile installation tips for his readers. He’s also a certified tile installer and serves on the National Tile Contractors Association technical committee.

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10 Shower Niche Ideas For Your Bathroom Long Shower Niche Courtesy @beckmannhouse
Courtesy @beckmannhouse

Long Shower Niche

A longer shower niche like this one from @beckmannhouse offers more room for bottles and other shower supplies.

Notice how the shape of it mimics the horizontal window above to create nice cohesion. Using the same tile on the shower wall and the niche allows a subtle transition, so the niche doesn’t disrupt the beautiful wall of blue.

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10 Shower Niche Ideas For Your Bathroom Double Shower Niche Courtesy @ventura Interiordesign
Courtesy @ventura Interiordesign

Double Shower Niche

With a tub and shower combination, shampoo bottles are often clumsily stored on the bathtub ledge, where they often fall over. This tub and shower from @ventura_interiordesign features two niches at the far end, opposite the shower head.

A lot of math and precision went into making the niches line up perfectly with the penny tile pattern, but the seamless results were well worth the effort!

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10 Shower Niche Ideas For Your Bathroom Arched Shower Niche Courtesy @kimberly.mcgowan.interiors
Courtesy @kimberly.mcgowan.interiors

Arched Shower Niche

We love a green shower moment, and this niche from @kimberly.mcgowan.interiors is stunning. The elegant arched shape on the top of the niche repeats in the wall tile, and the square mosaic tile inside the niche creates contrast.

Using solid stone for the base of the niche and the shelf makes it easier to clean, eliminating grout lines that trap water and soap scum.

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10 Shower Niche Ideas For Your Bathroom Vertical Shower Niche Courtesy @arnalphotography
Courtesy @arnalphotography

Vertical Shower Niche

This tall, vertical layout is a fresh take on the shower niche, designed by @styleitwithjackie and photographed by @arnalphotography.

This is a good choice for a narrow shower with limited wall space. The four shelves provide plenty of storage, and the pops of black hexagonal tile tie in beautifully with the black fixtures.

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10 Shower Niche Ideas For Your Bathroom Prefab Shower Niche
Courtesy @biancareino

Prefab Shower Niche

For DIYers, a prefab shower niche might be the way to go because it doesn’t require intricate tile work.

The black shower niche seen here from @biancareino is a solid stainless steel insert by Rubinet that’s easy to install. Simply slip it in to a pre-framed space in your shower, and add silicone caulk all around the edge. Conveniently, it comes with two adjustable shelves.

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10 Shower Niche Ideas For Your Bathroom Large Shower Niche Courtesy @tylerinteriorsdesign
Courtesy @tylerinteriorsdesign

Large Shower Niche

This shower niche from @tylerinteriorsdesign is large and in charge — almost reaching from floor to ceiling!

Even the most serious bath product fanatic would have plenty of space to hold all their bottles on the three spacious shelves. The marble herringbone tile inside offers a soft contrast, making the niche distinct from the rest of the shower but not too jarring.

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@kriciapalmer333 Great place to hide a shower niche! #bathroomremodel #bathroomdecor #remodeling #remodelingideas ♬ original sound – Kricia Palmer MD, ASID

Hidden Shower Niche

Here’s a great solution if you don’t like the sight of mismatched bottles in your shower.

As you can see in this video from @kriciapalmer333, the shower niche sits behind the short half-wall. So when you walk into the bathroom, you can’t even see it. This strategy gives the space an overall tidy look.

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Lighted Shower Niche

Light your shower niche with LED strip lighting to add soft ambiance to your showering experience.

Installation is simple but needs to be part of the rough-in process, not added on to an existing shower. As explained in the video from @sellingthesuburbs, the LED light requires a special track so it’s flush with the tile, and your niche will need low voltage wiring.

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@rrservicestx This one is for the girls! Ladies, take a look at this amazing built in niche that will make shaving way easier!! Let us know today if you would like this on your next shower remodel 💛🪒 #showerniche #bathroomremodel #shaving #tiling #contracting ♬ The Good Part – AJR

Shaving Niche

The clever design of this shower from @rrservicestx includes four niches arranged vertically.

The small bottom niche helps with shaving. You can use it to store your razor, and it’s the perfect place to balance your foot when showering. And unlike a bench, a niche won’t take up any floor space in your shower layout.

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@athomewith__tanzin #stitch with @Tiffany Krylov A niche is great, but a full width niche is even better! #building #Aussiehomes #aussiebuild #bathroomtips #bathroomdesign #fyp #newbuild #newbuildaustralia ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Full-Length Niche

The niche in this large double shower stretches along the entire length of the wall. According to @athomewith__tanzin, a large niche like this looks better, is easier to install and clean and holds more products.

Stick with the same shower tile when designing a niche of this size. That way it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the tile by visually cutting the shower wall in half.