10 Bathroom Wall Ideas That Will Rejuvenate Your Space

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Bring texture and color to your bathroom with these creative bathroom wall ideas, including paneling, wallpaper, wall tiles and more!

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Geometric Tile In Bathroom
Courtesy @ourhouseedit/Instagram

Geometric Tile

The possibilities are endless with bathroom wall tiles. A colorful, geometric backsplash, like this one from @ourhouseedit, brings pattern and pizzazz to your bathroom in a few square feet of wall space. Not only do these cement tiles look stunning, they’re perfect because they can withstand wet conditions. Here’s a similar tile from a U.S. source.

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Slatted Wood Wall
Courtesy @whitehousemuddyfeet/Instagram

Slatted Wood Wall

With just slats of wood and a nail gun, you can make a gorgeous accent wall in your bathroom just like @whitehousemuddyfeet did here.

Each slat is about 1-1/2-inch wide. Stain the slats, and then cut each on the same length as the wall is wide, using a chop saw. The slats were attached to the wall with a nail gun, with nails shot directly into the wall studs. Be sure to measure the height of the wall, and mark each slat location with a pencil to ensure even spacing.

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Black Wall Planks
Courtesy @lexs_look/Instagram

Black Wall Planks

Transform a blank wall in your bathroom with black wall planks, like this accent wall by @lexs_look. You can purchase wood tongue-and-groove wall planks at The Home Depot that are primed and ready to be painted.

Be sure to avoid medium density fiberboards (MDF), which will swell and warp when wet (not good for a bathroom!). Pine boards are better suited for bathroom use, but should still be painted and sealed for waterproof protection.

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Painted Mural On Bathroom Wall
Courtesy @honeydohoney_home/Instagram

Painted Mural

A small bathroom is a great place to go bold on one of the walls. This hand-painted botanical mural by @honeydohoney_home makes this powder room reach its full potential.

Get creative and go free-hand, or use a stencil if you’re not as comfortable holding a paintbrush. The good news is, if you mess up, it’s easy to paint over it and start again! Here’s what you should before starting mural wall painting.

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Modern Bathroom Wainscoting
Courtesy @our_rosement_home/Instagram

Modern Wainscoting

This vertical slatted wainscoting by @our_rosemont_home highlights the bathtub area with interesting texture and a gorgeous pop of green (painted Bancha by Farrow & Ball).

Though the slats are only installed on the lower section of the wall, the vertical lines help the whole wall feel taller. The dark color is a great choice, making the white freestanding bathtub pop against the rich, green backdrop.

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Floor To Ceiling Bathroom Tile
Courtesy @theburkehome/Instagram

Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

Floor tile in a bathroom is a no-brainer, but why not install floor tile on the walls? This bathroom by @theburkehome has the same tile on the floor and accent wall, making the space feel cohesive.

Extending the wall tile from the vanity to the glass shower provides a seamless transition between the two areas and allows the whole bathroom to breathe.

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Blue Bathroom Wallpaper
Courtesy @atwaterdesigns/Instagram


Covering bathroom walls with big-print wallpaper delivers an instant dose of color and pattern. This blue and white print, used by @atwaterdesigns, creates a fresh and inviting space, and we love how the vanity is painted to match! Plus, it offers a nice alternative to the all white bathroom trend.

Also, take note of the size of the leaves. The oversized pattern tricks the eye and makes the small bathroom feel bigger. If the previous owners installed wood-tone wainscoting, give it new life with a couple of coats of paint.

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Rustic Coastal Paneling In Bathroom
Courtesy @bailey.at.home/Instagram

Rustic Coastal Paneling

Here’s another paneled bathroom wall. This one, by @bailey.at.home, has a rustic twist. The exposed wood grain, sealed with a light stain, brings a coastal vibe that makes you feel like you’re at the spa instead of your bathroom!

Two oversized art pieces and a few plants finish the look. This space proves that, with the right choices, a simple blank wall can bring the whole bathroom to life.

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Panel Feature Wall In Bathroom
Courtesy @itsinsidethatcounts/Instagram

Panel Feature Wall

This dark feature wall by @itsinsidethatcounts draws the eye to the back of the space, giving the tiny bathroom more depth and making it feel bigger.

To create a similar wall, attach boards to the wall with a heavy-duty adhesive (such as Liquid Nails) and use nails for added strength. Caulk in the nail holes and any gaps for a smooth finish, then apply at least two coats of paint.

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Peel And Stick Tile
via roommatesdecor.com

Peel-and-Stick Tile

If you’re not in the mood for a big tile project that requires mortar, grout and a lot of time, opt for a more DIY-friendly wall covering, like this peel-and-stick tile. The elegant aqua scallop pattern elevates the whole look of your bathroom. And installation couldn’t be easier. Simply use a utility knife or scissors to trim to size, peel off the backing and stick to the wall!