Should You Still Be Painting Your Bathroom White?

Updated: Jan. 05, 2023

White bathrooms are all the rage on Pinterest, but did you know they could actually distort your reflection? Here's why.

At first glance, a white bathroom seems to check every box—it’s neutral, bright and trendy and you can add as many colorful accents as you’d like. But have you ever considered the impact that your bathroom wall color has on your reflection? If not, it’s time to reevaluate.

What Does a White Bathroom Do to Your Reflection?

According to Grey, there are a few reasons why you should opt out of painting your bathroom white. “A cool tone can make your space feel very blue and cold, and reflects negatively, especially in an intimate space,” Grey explains. “Your face is not going to look its natural skin tone.”

Here’s his full explanation in his latest video.


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What Other Paint Colors Should I Avoid?

Now that you know why you should steer clear of a white bathroom, let’s discuss some of the other colors to avoid. Grey also mentions black, peach and green as colors to not use in your bathroom.

In an intimate space like your bathroom, Grey believes peach isn’t as inviting as some alternatives. Grey also believes that black isn’t the best option as it absorbs light, making it tacky to apply your makeup accurately. And while green is a popular bathroom color, Grey warns against it as it contracts red on the color spectrum which also alters your skin tone.

Remember, just because these aren’t a perfect match for your bathroom doesn’t mean they won’t look great in other places in your home.

What Paint Color Is Best for the Bathroom?

So, if a white bathroom isn’t the best option and black, peach and green should be avoided as well, what is the ideal hue for a washroom? Taupe, blues and grays are all excellent options. These colors are known for being serene and relaxing, and won’t wash out the color of your skin tone when looking in the mirror.

Again, these are just recommendations based on how color interacts in a space. If you like it, don’t be afraid to make your bathroom your own—just be conscientious of how it can impact how you see yourself in the space.

Bathroom Painting Tips

Ready to begin repainting your bathroom a more reflection-friendly alternative? There’s a lot to learn about best practices for painting your bathroom. For starters, don’t forget to cover windows and doors, set your tape, and remove the fuzz on your roller. You can also check out our complete guide to painting tips, so you’re best prepared to tackle this project. And if you’re considering painting your bathroom tile or cabinets, we can answer any questions you have about those, too.